Jill Stuart Blush Blossom

Oh, is this my dreamland or something? heheheh, this is Jill Stuart in Taipei Xin Guang San Yue!

Jill Stuart is only available in Japan (everything from Japan is just… everything from my DREAM LIST), Hong Kong, and Taiwan. *SIGHS* Singapore everything also don’t have. :(((((( x infinity!

Jill Stuart packaging is super princessy, diamond, glitter, everything super girly! Since I have been wanting to get JS products for many years, I am so determined to buy it this time I went Taipei despite the price! I also wanted to get the Christmas edition stuff but out of stock!!!! I was in Taipei during mid November. HUMPF!!!!

Screams!!!!!!! Tell me what other cosmetics product is prettier than this!!!!!!!!!!! I instantly feel like a princess after owning this. LOL! There are two kinds of blushers from Jill Stuart and both comes with a brush, but I chose this because of my weakness for ribbons!!!!!!!!

Even though the packaging is super pretty, I must admit that it is kind of bit messy to use as the loose powder can spill quite a bit. Another thing is that it is pretty bunky to carry out as compared to my Majolica Majorca blusher. 😛 But Blush Blossom will definitely turn heads when you take it out from your makeup pouch! 😛

Left: With Blush Blossom, Right: Without Blush Blossom

Look at how vibrant and natural the color is with just a simple blending~~~ I will say to go easy with applying it since the color is really strong. Other than its super princessy packaging, the blusher is SUPER LONG LASTING too! I applied it from 3pm to 10pm in an outdoor/indoor without air conditional Wedding, and the color stayed on till I reached home. Darns, no chance for me to flaunt it to the rest. LOL.

I THINK EVERY GIRL or WOMAN SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD buy Jill Stuart products! TOO PRETTY AND NO OTHER REASON NOT TO BUY (other than the price)! I heard that you can get it the cheapest in HONG KONG, followed by Taiwan, and then Japan. I got it at around S$56+ in Taiwan, and last April when I was in Japan it is about S$75+ ~~~ >< Japan cost of living is really really really HIGH!!!

I want to go back to Japan and Taiwan this year!!!!!!!!!!!! *crazy* I wanna go to Seoul too!!!!!