Haruhada Horse Oil Treatment Cream

My legs are super super dry recently that I thought I touched a dried snake’s skin… ::>_<:: I know the Snake Year is coming but no dry skin for me please!!!! Snake has super smooth skin as I carried a few before for photo taking… lol

So I was complaining to mom, and then I remembered that I have this Haruhada Treatment Horse Oil Treatment Cream that can be applied on your face, body, or anywhere that is horrifying dry! Tried it once and it already works better than my body lotion!!!! I can only smell Lavender scent so it is relaxing for the mind and also relieve my poor legs. Gonna apply it daily till I get my smooth skin back~~~~~~

Oh yeah, to tell you the truth… I have no idea if they really get the oil of the horse or….. sounds brutal and yucky…. :S but I first heard of “horse oil” last May when my friend’s friend asked her to buy from Japan when we were there. My face is like D: “what the heck” when I saw it…… This Haruhada cream is quite expensive but tell you secretly… you can find the S$2 version face moisturizer and hand cream from Daiso. As for the result…. i guess there will be a difference.

Haruhada Horse Oil Treatment Cream Contains 100% High Quality Natural Hokkaido Horse Oil which has nourishing power 3 times more concentrated than Squalane; the result is outstanding.It penetrates deeply into skin and nourish skin instantly. And it stimulates metabolism and reduces muscle fatigue. Also, it is anti-flammatory and helps to heal wound and balance sebum secretion. Skin restores its resilience and natural beauty throughout the body.

how to use it
Apply morning and evening on face and body, or apply on specific dry area(s).


100% High Quality Natural Horse Oil
Moisturize skin, improve eczema, adjust physiological function of skin,help damaged skin natural recovery
Lavender Essential OilRelaxing & help soothing tension


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