Nail Parlor: InnisFree and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Spot who is behind the two nail polishes I want to share about…. wow, its fantastic KingKing. lol. I should bombard an entry with his photos soon! Meanwhile, I do update his instagram and facebook daily! 😛 He is just too hilarioussssssssssss and crazy.

Secne Vite! I don’t understand WHY my nail polishes ALWAYS ALWAYS SMUDGE no matter if I DIY or went for a manicure. 🙁 It might be hours after my nails got painted but they are still not dry and there will be marks on my fresh manicure. Then the great day came when I was invited to a facebook group for Singapore Beauty Bloggers by drop dead gorgeous Clara aka Dblchin! SO SUPER SWEET of her to invite me into the group~~~

Then then then, I posted a question on what Top Coat will the ladies recommend as I ALWAYS smudge my nails and my dearest friends and other ladies all recommended Secne Vite! WOOHOO. Then I immediately surf G-market, found the cheapest and most reliable seller, and ordered mine immediately!!

YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Applied 1 layer after my nail polish and it dries up almost immediately!!!! SO SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! I should have asked earlier!!! Thank you ladies!!!! *muah muah muah*

Another nail polish color I want to share with you is Innis Free! Did you already gasped when you saw the sweet baby pink base + baby blue + baby pink glitter???

What other nail polish can be cuter than this?? CUTE!!!!!

My deardear gave this to me when she went to Korea last year, she brought 3 for us to choose and I ended up choose PINK base over the blue base as I guess blue is more difficult to match with my clothes. IT IS A GOOD CHOICE. lol. Very very very cute!!!!!!!!! Not sure if the brand came into Singapore already but yeahhh… I spent only 5min to complete this set including base and top coat. Satisfied.

Thank you everyone for the recommendation and deardear for the cutie!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!!! Gonna be a crazy one for me again… I need to clean up my room (as always. tsk)