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Etude House Shopping Haul

It was great to meet up with my ex-colleague during a weekday for tea at Orchard Road! lol. Great catching up since I had not met her since June 2012. ^^

We went to Etude House as my friend wants to get some pastel color nail polishes! I ended up buying nail polishes as they are irresistible!!!!!

Received samples too!!! 😀 This is what I love about Korean cosmetics stores!!
The three new babies that got me hooked!!!!! BUY BUY BUY!

Not sure if what the sales person said is true but once the nail polishes you see got sold out in the store, the warehouse will not replenish from Korea anymore! Especially for the glitters nail polishes! HAHAHAHAHA. But we were already holding onto the nail polishes so she actually  no need to say so much right? 😛

Dear My Party Nails in Evening Dress at $6.90.

Just look at how “gao” (thick) the glitters are that comes in all sort of shapes and sizes!! *kira kira*

So awesome or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have the most outstanding nail with this!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

Next is another glitter that I badly want to get since 2 years again when OPI released it!!!

Dear My Party Nails in Firework for $6.90!
Super cuteeeeeeeee and colorful!!!!!!! Makes me cheery just looking at it!!
Cuteness overload level = infinity!!
Nail Remover #2 at $4.90

Omg, why you want to remove my nail instead of my nail polish??? lol.

If you visit Etude house, you will know that they have different kinds of nail polishes. #1 is for normal nail polish $3.90, #2 (which I bought) $4.90 is to remove glitter faster! I highly appreciate and recommend this to remove glitter nails! Removing glitter nails can be a bitch!!!! We have to use countless cotton wool and nail polish remover and rub and rub and rub and rub… D:

Now we do not have to with #2!!! Another great thing is, the nail polish smells like raspberry or something!!! No pungent smell!! YEAH!!!!! The price is so cheap also!!!!!!!!!

One, just one cotton wool with suitable amount of #2~~~~~~~ the magic begins….

YEAH!! No more whining when I remove glitter nail polishes anymore. #2 You SAVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Shop at ETUDE HOUSE now~~~~~~~ hope you can get the nail polishes you want! 😛

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