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Sponsored – *NEW* Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute from NUXE

So I was at Bellabox’s Bloggers’ Event, and received some products to try thanks to the generosity of respective brands! Thank you very much! 🙂

The first product I want to share with you is from NUXE, the NEW “Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute“! lol, I will call it Masque Creme ok? I think it is like “mask cream” or something… D: Since I will never be able to repeat the name correctly without looking at it so we call it Masque Creme. :PPPPPP

Received these BABIES from NUXE and I love them all so!!!!!! They are AMAZING and gave me results and convenience that other products couldn’t~~

Masque Creme is the NEW BIG PLAYER under NUXE Creme Fraiche de Beaute range. It is an emergency treatment that comforts and enhances your beauty~~~ HEHEHEHEHE! Thank you for saying that I am already a beauty. lol.

24 Moisturising Skincare Range!!!!!


Creme Fraiche was created in 1999, and became a favourite in France and then overseas  among women, their daughters and even their men taking up pharmacists’ shelves and the third of the moisturizing dermocosmetics market!

In 2012, Creme Fraiche De Beaute gave itself a new challenge, to cocoon skin that is thirsty for water and soothing relief. YES!!! MY SKIN NEEDS WATER, LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So that I will not have fine lines, dull skin, and enlarged pores!!!!!

Highly Recommended for Sensitive Skin~~~

Secrets of NEW Creme Fraiche de Beaute 2012:

  • 24hr Moisturizing: a “milkshake” of 8 plant milks and a new STAR active ingredient, Salicornia, to guarantee moisturizing action for up to 24hr
  • 24hr Soothing Action:
    – Exclusive floral complex Almond and Orange White Flowers for soothing and softening the skin
    – Aloe Vera Sap to heal and soothe irritations, and a repairing relief for sensitive skin
    – Allantoin for its anti-inflammatory, softening, and soothing properties
  • Fresh and delicate fragrance of orange blossom to relax the skins
  • Whipped cream texture to arouse the senses

A drop of lactic acid is placed on each side of the nose. As soon as the tingling begins, Creme Fraiche de Beaute 2012 is applied to one side, to show the soothing abilities of Creme Fraiche de Beaute

INSTANTLY – Sensations of discomfort were REDUCED by 40%.

AFTER 24HRS – Tingling and burning sensations were diminished for 87%

Among the range of products from NUXE Fraiche de Beaute, we were given the Masque Creme which is suitable for all skin types!

Masque Creme is an envelope of emergency softness to comfort and enhance all skin types

Masque Creme BENEFITS

  • 24hr moisturizing and soothing action – 10 min of this mask = same results as an effective botanical wrap for refreshing looking skin
  • INSTANT SOOTHING RELIEF for redness, tingling, and burning sensations (i use it on accidental cuts due to shaving my leg)
  • 10min of instant happiness -just 10 min of applying this mask, a gentle face and neck massage will enhance the texture of your skin at any time of the day!
  • Due to its non-oily and soothing soft texture, we can apply makeup immediately
  • Immediate relaxation, and comfort upon application and skin is soothed and refreshed
  • WHAT I LOVE ABOUT THE MASQUE CREME IS THAT, IT IS SUITABLE EVEN FOR EYE CONTOUR AREAS!!!!!! Whattttttttt! This is really great news for lazy (but still want to be pretty) like me!!!!! I can skip one step/product for the eye area and this makes me happy! This also simply means that the product is gentle and will not hurt my skin ~~~ LOVE LOVE LOVE!

Dry and dull old granny looking skin~~~~~~ T_T~~~~~ Applied this little of Masque Creme to show you the aftermath!

You can see how bright and glowing after Masque Creme is easily absorbed in my skin!

The no.1 thing I love about Masque is that it can be applied even to my eyes which most other sleeping mask CAN’T! Then I also like how my skin feels so moisturized and soothed so instantly. I also love the light floral scent which make me feel relaxed using aromatherapy~~~ my skin also not have an oily feeling when I wake up in the morning and this is something only SUPER MOISTURIZED skin care products can do to me.

I also want to say sorry for not taking photos of my face as I was crazily busy recently and when I reached home I will remove makeup, bathe, apply skincare for face, dry my hair, and apply different kinds of products for my body, hands, legs, feet and go to bed ASAP… so I did not take photo to show the results of my face~~~ Let me settle in my new routine first~~ 🙂

Thank you NUXE and Bellabox again for making me a happy, pampered girl!

The Masque Cream is available at $48 for 50ml, and the range of products under Creme Fraiche de Beaute 2012 is $45 – $85.

NUXE is available at all Robinsons, John Little, BHG, Metro, Unity, selected Watsons (I know Clementi Mall has… hurhur!), and Beauty by Nature. Don’t forget to like NUXE facebook and support Bellabox!

Be back with some more reviews or random food/cafe shortly~~~~~~~

*Disclaimer – Product is sponsored and I am not affiliated with NUXE nor its company.  🙂

Just to share you a quote I found online which is super true!!!!!!! I am so great there are no more small people in my life now, and only GREAT amazing people!!~ The best is there is a cute kitten in the quote!! Oh yeah, I want to update about my crazy cat woman lifeeeeeeee….more kitties entering my life!!!!!!!!!

Till then, and enjoy your week ahead!!!!!

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