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Color Bucket Hair Chalk Collection


Hair chalk is like super popular now! You can get all those pretty purple, pink, blue, green without bleaching in a few seconds! You can also change colour 8 times a day if you want! XD Today I want to share with you Color Bucket Hair Chalk from Korea which is available exclusively only in SaSa Singapore!


Color Bucket is endorsed by the very popular Korean girl group A Pink!

To tell you the truth, the korean artists that I know are pretty limited I will say. XD I am proud to say that I know about A Pink before I received Color Bucket! Why? It is because of Gary Pink~~~~~~ kekeke!


Since I am a die-hard supporter of Running Man, I will know the artists who participated in the show. A Pink was in Gary Oppa’s team so all the more I remember the 2 cute girls and the song! Gary Oppa is so cute! lol. Sorry, I can link anything and everything to him now. haha!

And then, this is the official CM of Color Bucket with different styles shown by A Pink! Cuteeeeeee!

HAHAHA, i shouldn’t have shown you their cute photos before mine…. such contrast. T_T~~ I think their average age is …. 19. ……. I…. am almost 10 years older. Nevermind~~ i will still spam my blog with my photos. haha!

Color Bucket is available in 13 colours! It is free from fragrance, paraben, and talc! It is super easy to use and look incredibly rich, dimensional and runway-ready! I’ve received two different colors, Rockin’ Razzmatazz #9 and Lover Lilac #7!




I think Avery reads my mind! I was hoping to receive pink and purple. LOL. I actually wanted to color my hair to purple when my blue fades. My blue is still pretty strong after 2 months!!!! Joanne, you are the best hairdresser ever!!! <3


Super easy to use! Simply sandwich hair between Color Bucket and your hair to add the chalk! Use hair iron, curler or dryer to seal color and extend say. To remove, simply wash hair thoroughly with your shampoo and rinse until water runs clean. XD

I just add Color Bucket randomly on my hair to create this. Rockin’ Razzmatazz #9 is a very vibrant and super  cute color! I think I look good with pink hair!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So nice right, Rockin’ Razzmatazz #9!!!!!!!!!!!


For Lovers Lilac #7, I decided to create a cooler look!P1060092



Recently I want to be the cool and stylish style, so this camo jacket is my favourite outer! XD The steps are the same but this time round, to achieve a cool stylish look, I only applied Color Bucket Lover Lilac #7 to one side of my hair.



What do you think? Cool and stylish or not? XDDDD I match the camo jacket + Lover’s Lilac #7 with Gary Oppa’s LeeSsang cap! COOL~~~~ 😀

Color Bucket Hair Chalk is now available exclusively at all SaSa Singapore stores at $14.90 each!! Join Color Bucket Facebook for more information and updates!

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