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[Sponsored] 5th Customized Vanity Trove! + Customized VT Organizers Part 2!

Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! We are coming to almost the end of January 2014!!! I hope your 2014 is so far so good!! Although I was sick for quite some time.. *cough cough* But I am enjoying 2014 very much!! ^^ I believe that being positive and working hard, then everything will work out like how I wanted!!

2013 was an incredible year for and I want to thank all the companies who gave me a chance to write for them!!! More about that in a separate post! My 2013 started to turn for the better when I let go of what was belittling me in February! The past year was really amazing!!!!!!

Since January is coming to an end, how can I not share with you my dear Vanity Trove and some beauty products I redeemed!! You know something?? I am kind of addicted to Vanity Trove ~~ If you are in Singapore and you still don’t know about Vanity Trove, can you please let me know?? lol lol!! HOW CAN YOU DON’T KNOW!!!!! ~~~ You are missing something really fun and interactive!!!!! Vanity Trove is the facebook beauty platform when you can post photos, hashtag, @friends, add beauty wishlist, share and reviews products you love (or hate)… etc It is SUPER FUN and you may even find your next BFF! Join meeeeeeeeeeeeee! Vanity Trove also expanded to many countries from Singapore, so…. you cannot be left behind!!!!

I also love the Vanity Trove team so much!! I always feel happy when I received Zhijun’s email and update about Vanity Trove progress over the months!!! 😀 Can’t wait to show you everything that Vanity Trove is gonna bring for us!!!!!!!!

Before I receive more details, let’s take a look of my 5th Customized Trove and at the end of the entry….. Ms Kiyora will teach you how to customize and reuse your VT~~ 😛


What’s in my 5th Customized Trove


Batiste Dry Shampoo Tropical – Coconut & Exotic – Travel Sized 50ml

Batiste Dry Shampoo Coconut & Exotic Tropical gives an instant hair refresh, banishes oil & boosts body with a coconut & exotic fragrance.

KIYORA: Sometimes…. I am really exhausted after work that I really don’t have the energy to wash and spent 1 hour plus drying my hair with a dryer. Batiste Dry Shampoo is to my rescue! Instant refresh for my hair and remove oil then give it a nice scent!


Rodial 5 Minute Facial – Travel Sized 10ml

Rodial 5 Minute Facial is an exfoliating and decongesting mask packed with active ingredients to restore a youthful glow. The gently exfoliating formula clarifies and absorbs impurities; reducing pore size to reveal smooth, bright, glowing skin.

KIYORA: Quick recharge for busy girls like me who want to get a smoother and brighter looking skin quickly and easily!


Shu Uemura Gloss Unlimited Lip Gloss – Miniature PK40G

Gloss Unlimited delivers three-dimensional shine in a non-sticky formula to keep lips hydrated and soft. The unique and exclusive shades range from soft and subtle to bold and bright – mix and match to create your own kissable concoction.

Whether you’re after a mirror-shine gloss or a gloss that lasts longer on your lips, this one by shu uemura will give you the best of both worlds. Application is super easy as the formula simply glides on, and it smoothens the lip’s surface while locking in moisture. Available in 24 shades, this gives you the option of using the shade on its own, or mixing and matching the colours to create a completely new statement hue for yourself.

3D shape-memory gel technology provides & maintain super high shine by 3D elastic gel network. Unlimited nuance creation 24 shade variation includes 5 special modulator color for infinite nuances

Skin loving formula
• moisture complex for nourishment & protection
• botanical extract oil for moisture comfort

NEW innovative applicator provides appropriate amount of bulk in one stroke with exceptional comfort & precision.

Reatil price: $33

Where to buy: Available at all shu umeura counters

KIYORA: I passed this to my sister while I am using the red lip gloss redeemed from Vanity Trove too! The red is not the super bright red but a cute kissable glossy red! My lips are kept hydrated and soft when in the office! No stain when I drink my tea too!!


SkinStreet Rejuvenation Mask – Full Size

Inhibits aging of skin cells, moisturize and rejuvenate skin. Keeps skin radiant and velvety-soft by actively supplying nourishment. Increases collagen and elastin level and reduces blotchiness.

Copper Tripeptide-1, Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), Insulin-like Growth Factor-1 (IGF-1), basic Fibroblast Growth Factor (bFGF), Thioredoxin (TRX), Water (Aqua), Glycerin, Butylene Glycol, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Portulaca Oleracea Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel) Water, Hydrolyzed Collagen, Beta-Glucan, Xanthan Gum, Arbutin, Phenoxyethanol, Glycine Soja (Soy bean) Oil, Hydrogenated Lecithin, Panthenol, Sodium Hyaluronate, Polysorbate 80, Disodium EDTA, Fragrance (Parfum)

How To Use:
Apply for 15-20 minutes.

Kiyora: I love love love mask that give you INSTANT result, and even better, lasting result of more than 2 days. AMAZING AMAZING! My skin feels moisturized immediately and radiant and soft even on the second day after use! *5 stars* But I don’t know the pricing nor where to get it!!


Victorinox Swiss Army VICTORIA – Sample

Victoria – the new fragrance from Victorinox Swiss Army

A woman is defined by her fragrance. That’s why she likes to make sure her independence has the right note every day. With Victoria, Victorinox Swiss Army launches a self-confident feminine fragrance that clearly signals: this woman has style!

KIYORA: A strong scent that will definitely leave impression to others! Get this as  your signature scent!


Gatsby Acne Care Foam – Sample Size 50g

Eliminates acne-causing bacteria. Reduces skin’s redness and unsightly marks.

Retail Price: $7.90

Available at:
Watsons, Guardian, NTUC and all other leading supermarkets

KIYORA: WAHAHAH, I chose this not knowing that it is for guys!! I really thought that Gatsby released skincare for ladies! I passed this to my little cousin!! THEN, I got to know that I actually have guy readers here!! HELLO HELLO!!!!! If you guys or girls wanna try anything from Vanity Trove, just let me know!!! I’ll try to get you samples to try!! :))))) I have countless masks at home too!! Email me if you are in Singapore~~~~~


Mystery gift~~ lol, I have so many of this slimming tea but Im not really a fan of the taste. 😛

Mystery gift two from Loreal!!


L’Oréal White Perfect Laser

White Perfect Laser™ Anti-Spot Brightening Essence contains Ellagic Acid: it is a breakthrough active ingredient derived from plants. It effectively combats dark spots by lightening existing dark spots through depigmentation and prevents the formation of new dark spots by stopping the darkening of melanin.

KIYORA: I haven’t tried this since… .I don’t have dark spots. 😛 Mainly because I am tanned I think. hohohhoohh!!


Previously, in my 4th Vanity Trove, I show you how I reused my troves a organizers!!! This time, let me share with you a greatttt idea to recycle the super good quality trove!!!!!!!! I present to you~~~~~~~~ the one and only “Vanity Trove x Kiyora”~~~~~~ LOL LOL LOL LOL!!!


*HAHAHAHHAHA* I specially picked these beauty and good products for my dear aka BBF Angela as her welcome home and Christmas present!!! She is only back in Singapore for 2 weeks. >_<!! I aim to go and find her later part of the year! $_$~~~


1) 5 pieces Sexy Look Black Mask – moisturizing (got from Taipei in Dec 2013)

2) 5 pieces Sexy Look Black Mask – whitening (got from Taipei in Dec 2013)

3) Xiong Bao Bao 熊寶寶 Fragrance for Clothes (got from Taipei in Dec 2013) –  This brand is recommended by Angela few years back! I also love this brand now!! This spray eliminates away the cupboard scent on apparels you hardly wear IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

4) Sephora birthday makeup palette (Courtesy from Irena actually :P)

5) Fernanda Handcream (kekeke, full range available in JRunway!)

6) Majolica Majorca Blusher (got it from Taipei in Aug 2013 and forgot to give her!)

7) Color Combo Eyeliner (She likes this brand! Cute leopard prints packaging from SaSa)

I think I will LOVE to receive this yummy-licious Kiyora trove!!!!! ^_* I think it is a great idea to give beauty products to your girlfriends in the trove!!! Don’t waste the trove since it is of such good sturdy quality!! Hey Hey, Team VT~~ I am such a good marketer for you ya~~~ hahaha!!

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