Review – Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask

Hi hi there!!! It’s about time for me to share something that I got recently from Taipei!! Have you heard of FaceQ 絕世愛美肌 before?! It is a skincare brand (mainly masks i think) from Taiwan! Isn’t the girl on the mask super cute?!!! XD


I want to share with you Face Q 絕世愛美肌 Foot Mask!! It is available in 3 types! The first one that caught my eye was Peppermint!! Peppermint products for the leg is super refreshing so I definitely choose this! Then I saw, Rose~ I love love love products with Rose scent!!! BUY!! Then the last type, Milk!!! :DDDDD I must get it of course!! I want to turn my dry feet into baby’s soft feet! lol!!

Let’s take a look at how the foot mask looks like!


Isn’t this like a string ray?????!!!!!!!! lol



Hehehe, you have to separate the mask into left and right for each of your foot!


Ah~ You can see my tired, dry, and ugly feet. >_<~~~ :'(



The mask is actually inside the plastic sheet so that the essence can be kept inside and wrapped your feet nicely without any leakage!


Remove the sticker to secure the mask on each of your feet!


LOL! I tried lifting it up but….. apparently the sticker cannot withstand gravity. 😛

After about 15 minutes……………….. my dry, tired and ugly looking leg transformed!!!!!!!!!!


Can you see how the peeling skin actually become so moisturized and smooth!! 😀 I will need more of these!!! I didn’t see them in the retail stores yet. 🙁 ANYONE, please bring it in if not I gonna pester whoever visits Taiwan to get it for me!!!!!!!!

Or let me know if there is online shop that I can get it okay?! 😀