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Skin Biotics Even+ Whiter from

SCREAM SCREAM SCREAM!!!!!!! Can you spot who liked and commented on my instagram few weeks back!!!!


It’s my goddess (since I was a 9 year old) FANN WONG!!!!! OMG, i was totally out of outer space because of her super sweet compliment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will never ever receive another more precious compliment from others. SHE IS A GODDESS and to be given this compliment by her is like……… striking lottery! 😛 She is still looking so perfect and gorgeous now!! I also always say that the most beautiful woman in Singapore is Fann Wong. I swear I always say this!!!!!


Thank you my goddess Fann Wong!!! Congratulations to her on having her first baby!!! *TOUCHED* Her baby girl or boy will definitely be super pretty or handsome and very cute!! I can’t wait to see her baby!! *beams*

Back to the main objective of this entry, I received two boxes of  Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter from! I was super happy and feeling so lucky as I was really looking around for skin whitening pills few weeks back. Thank you! 😀 I have always been known as the girl with healthy skin colour since young. The only period I was fair was in my polytechnic days when I was CRAZY about being fair. That lasted for about 3 years. haha.

Let me share with you what Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter is all about!! (Actually I was invited to Skinbiotics first launch but I missed it~~~ what’s meant to be will definitely happen)


1. SKINBIOTICS EVEN+WHITER Skin Booster is a breakthrough oral skin lightening formula that helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase antioxidant defense. It contains the novel GSH Tripeptide Complex with Glutathione that has been shown in clinical studies to help lighten skin tone in as early as 4 weeks of consumption. Even+Whiter can be used alone or in conjunction with Reactiv 01, 02 or 03 for enhanced skin regeneration.
2. Contains GSH Tripeptide Complex & Vitamin C 2 of nature’s most powerful whitening anti-oxidants used widely in celebrity-style whitening treatment which are usually administered via injections. With recent science development, these two ingredients can now be orally consumed while producing similar efficacy on skin whitening.


  •  Naturally whiter without injection
  • Helps lighten skin tone, reduce blemishes and increase antioxidant defense
  • Dermatologically tested on 60 Asian Woman and published on the Journal of Dermatology shows that GSH
  • Tripeptide helped reduce melanin and resulted in fairer skin in 4 weeks of consumption.
  • Detoxifies Toxins
  • Increases Immunity
  • Increases Anti Oxidant Protection
  • Reduces Skin Blemishes
  • Increases Skin Radiance


Take 1 Capsule in the morning immediately after food with a full glass of water. For best effect, stay away from direct sunlight whilst on this treatment and consume continuously for at least 4 to 8 weeks

Look at how cute the pills are!! PINK!!  A bright happy pink!!! Which is also my favourite colour!! ^^ So so cute!!! It is really convenient since each pack contains a week’s supply to pop after breakfast. Till this date when I am writing this, I am at the 3rd pack,  so it is about 2 weeks plus since I started. When you are eating supplements, PLEASE stick to the recommended dosage to be safe okay! Remember to drink lots of water for good health and also good clear skin. Usually, the result will be shown only 4 weeks into following the regime diligently.

So did the 2 weeks plus of Skinbiotics Even+ Whiter worked for me?!
I will say, my skin condition indeed improved! I can that my skin feels softer and smoother! Overall, my skin does look brighter and more radiant! As for skin clarity, I will also say YES TO IT!!! I didn’t have any pimples popping out even though I was really working late, staying up late and eating lots of unhealthy food. No pimples pop out even normally some will pop before my monthly female cycle.

Where to buy ? Watsons, Price $89/box of 21 capsules

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