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gulsha – a thousand roses in a bottle


I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE skincare with rose scent!!! I joined Gulsha Singapore Facebook and was one of the winners to receive this 30ml gulsha! 😀 The scent is really soothing and perfect to act as aromatherapy to help me relax after a day of working hard!

A unique elixir from nature, Gulsha rose water is the beauty secret used by women for centuries.

What is so different of gulsha rosa damascena distillate is that it contains 99.9% natural rose, undiluted with water, and free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colorings and fragrances.

Rosa Damascena is also known as Queen of Flowers for luxurious skin hydration and toning.

Used throughout history for its curative and beautifying attributes, rosa damascena blossoms under the specific climatic and geographical conditions of southern Turkey’s Isparta region, only during mid-May to mid-June.

A limited quantity could be distilled every year, thus the value is extremely precious! Rosa Damascena could truly be labelled “liquid gold”.

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Very light texture and penetrates quickly into my skin!

A Multifunctional Product suitable for all skin types: Cleanse, Tone and Nourish skin in one simple step

  1. Deeply Hydrates – Nourishes and deeply hydrates layers, increasing the skin’s oxygen content and elasticity to help makeup stay fresh longer
  2. Effectively Brightens – Vitamin C that brightens and whitens skin, lightens spots, and balance uneven skin tones to revitalizes tired skin to glowing complexion
  3. Rejuvenates Skin Cells – Active ingredients to promote cell regeneration, soothe skin and shrinks pores

There are also many different uses for gulsha!!!!

#1 Apply directly to face as a balancer after cleansing


Upon application,  gulsha is quickly absorbed by my skin leaving my skin feeling moisturized and looking brighter. There is no sticky feeling of course. I normally use refat carat after balancer so that my skin can absorb whatever skincare goodie I am going to feed it. 😛

#2 As a hydrating face mask
Soak facial mask with rose water and leave on face for 10-20minutes for skin hydration and radiance.

You will have to get those paper mask in a tablet form to use gulsha as a mask! I think it is too luxurious to use gulsha this way!! lol, what about you?! It’ll be great for your skin if you want instant revitalizing though. But I will feel heartpain! 😛

#3 Brightening rejuvenation eye mask
Add rose water to cotton pads and place eyes for around 15 minutes to improve dark eye circles


Dark eye ring improved immediately after only 15min!! 😀

#4 Convenient face mist
Pour into misting bottle to use while on the move, which is also suitable for use at work in dry air-conditioned environment. Refresh your skin any time you want!!! ^^

#5 For aromatheraphy



Been feeling really stressed and tired lately, so I apply gulsha to the back of my neck and wrist like how i apply fragrance to sleep. I really really love the rose scent of gulsha and it indeed helps me feel more relax and sleep better. ^^


Wooohoo!! Thank you Gulsha Singapore Facebook for this lovely sample!! I love it!!!!!

Don’t forget to join Gulsha Singapore Facebook now for more information and promotions!!!!! I think you can PM Gulsha Singapore Facebook if you are interested to buy it! :)))))


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