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Event – Vanity Trove Get, Snap, Blingo Project Launch!! + Sixth Customized Vanity Trove!!

I attended Vanity Trove‘s Get, Snap, Blingo Project Launch at Zouk a few weeks back! 😀 Had fun taking photos together with Jones! But we didn’t take photo together. LOL!! By the way, this Zhijun huh~~ invited me to the event but she was at PARIS during the event!! I went because I want to see her~~~~ kekeke!!! 😛

Check out some photos I managed to snap for the event!! Mountain people, mountain sea~~ all there for Vanity Trove!!!! 😀 If you still don’t know what is Vanity Trove (i bet this is the first time you visit here. WELCOME!!), click on the link and sign up now! You are losing a lot of fun at this beauty platform!!!! You can hashtag everything you want there and following brands and share products reviews!!! The best thing is, Vanity Trove has its own mobile app!! Go download it and have fun with me and all of usssssssss! 😀



I believe that every girl should own at least one benefit product!!!!! Who can resist???


SKIN INC also gave one Repair Pycnogenol Serum in each goodie bag!! SO SO GENEROUS!! Go follow SKIN INC on Vanity Trove NOW NOW NOW!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


Other than beauty products, there are also EMI Cakes desserts for us!!!!!!!


I’ve been wanting to try the “push n pop” because it looks so cute but is kinda pricey~~!!! SEE, THEY WERE ALL GONE!!!!!!!!!! Oh my 天!!!!D: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~


HAHAHAHA!!!! SOR-RY~~~~~ ACTUALLY I WAS THE ONE WHO TOOK THE LAST ONE!!! #NOSHAMEATALL ~~ This “push n pop” is D24 durian!!!!!! DURIAN IS DA BOMB!!!!! I need some Mao Shan Wang ice cream from udders now!!!!!! *_*


Next up, L’Oréal Professionnel was so generous!!!! They gave each of us a bottle of LISS ULTIME Oil Incell when we follow their instagram @lorealprofsg!! Go follow them now!!! 😀


One of the fun things for #gsb was to take designated photos given by Vanity Trove!!


#1 Selfie with Selfie with Loreal steampod. lol!!!
You can see how clear my photo is becaused of my beloved LUMIX GF6!!!! Blog post soon about it okay?!!


#2 BEAUTIFUL Unicorn balloon!!!

This is the #gsb version I uploaded at Vanity Trove and it was featured in their newsletter and stuff. lol lol!


#3 Selfie with blowup beautiful plants!


#4 Catch the fluffy fleeing bunny!! The person under the costume was so friendly, can still do twist!! haha~


One selfie of myself to end the GSB coverage!!!! Used brown fake lashes without eyeliner for a more tone down and gentle look!! lol~~ a bit fail but it’s okay!! I’ll try again!!!

Looking forward to other Vanity Trove event!!! I wanna see ZhiJun~~~ 😛 😛 😛 😛 😛


Times flies and this is my 6th customized Trove!!!!! I still have ideas of what to do with  my troves but I’ll show you again next time. LOL!!!!!!!!!


*SUPER THUMBS UP* I received my Trove as it was like this!! The packer is super neat and professional!! Thank you!!! 😀


Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair
Introducing New Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair that gives you 4x fairer skin from the first application. Now with a brand new formulation for body lotion; Natural Micro Reflectors that gives you instant fairer skin from the outside in, and Vitamin B3 that nourish your skin from the inside out.

Vaseline Healthy White Insta Fair. 4x times instantly fairer skin. Prove it now!

KIYORA’S TAKE: Been using it for weeks when I received it!! Light texture with leaves no sticky feeling with a light sweet scent. THE PRODUCT IS PINK. Anything that is pink deserves full marks or more!! Makes my skin smoother instantly upon applicable and  the micro reflectors instantly gives my skin a slight glow to make it look fairer!!!!!!


Skinfood Gold Kiwi Sample Set

Det of GoldKiwi Toner (Whitening effect) and GoldKiwi Emulsion (Whitening effect).

The GoldKiwi Toner (Whitening effect) is highly moisturizing skin-whitening. It restores your sun damaged skin back to a healthy and clearer tone.

How To Use:
Wash your face, put a portion of the toner on your palm and then rub it gently into your face, or put a small amount on a cosmetic cotton pad and smoothly apply outward along facial textures.

The Goldkiwi Emulsion (Whitening effect) is a Moisture-rich skin-whitening emulsion. It restores and renews your skin from deep under, using a substance found in goldkiwis.

How To Use:
After using the toner or the serum, put a portion of the emulsion onto your palm and rub it around gently into your face.


sOmang ecoclinic multi therapy Hair Treatment Oil

A 100% organic hair care range. EcoClinic range contains Argan Oil which is rich in Vitamin E that has moisturizing and healing properties, neutralizing free radicals and is ideal for regenerating and nourishing dry or oily hair. It also prevents hair loss and goes easy on our scalp.

• Paraben-Free, it does not contain preservatives which are widely used in Cosmetics.
• Colorant-Free, no artificial coloring and no artificial fragrance.
• Mineral Oils-Free so your hair pores will not be clogged.
• Benzophenone-Free, chemical that will cause cancer.

KIYORA’S TAKE: I am very conscious when it comes to haircare products and you’ll be shocked at the amount of hair products I have!!! I tried this before reading the ingredients and it really works well to make my hair feels softer and neater immediately. Then the scent is really really very botanical and makes me feels superrrr relaxed. No wonder~~ it contains the current trendy ingredient for hair, argan oil!!! I’ve used argan oil hair product since last year and I swear by it too!! LOVE THIS!! Will consider buying the retail size when I am going low on my hair care supplies. 😛


sOmang ONL Midnight Regenerating Hydro Intense Sleeping Cream



CHEONSOO HD Snail Essence Mask

KIYORA’S TAKE: Snail essence indeed works well and I’ve yet to try a snail mask that doesn’t gives an instant moisturized, supple and hydrated skin. MASK IS MY LIFE.


EHEHEHHE. Additional gifts again!! Thank you Vanity Trove!!!!!!! I will share my favourite use of Vanity Trove in next related post okay?! ^^

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