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Two weeks back, I attended skincode‘s first Bloggers Event at Novotel!!! 😀 Firstly, I must say that skincode is the sweetest company ever!!!!!!!


Taxi voucher!!!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve received this in an event. The venue is not even out of the way. This is SUPER SUPER SWEET. *MUAHS* Thank you Sephanie and everybody in skincode!!!!! You guys are the BEST!!! I feel so special~~~  😀 I spent only $5 when I traveled home in the cab when the bill was $15++ 😀 😀 😀

Back to the event~~~~~~~ before entering the room, there were yummy food and  super cute skincode cupcakes!! 😀



After the refreshments, skincode Global Beauty Consultant Cecilia Weidner who came all the way from Switzerland introduced to us everything about skincode!!


To say the truth, I’ve not heard of skincode before but when I read that it is from SWITZERLAND, I immediately say yes to Sephanie’s email!! I also lined my BFF who is now working in Switzerland to check out skincode, and she ordered  skincode to use!! She actually started using skincode before I went to this event. lol.


What is skincode?

A renowned Swiss-based beauty brand skincode brings the excellence of quality and precision synonymous with Swiss-made products to Singapore.  Founded in 1998, skincode’s comprehensive range of products was developed through a series of rigorous dermaceutical research and technological breakthroughs.

Built on the principle that the skin is a living organ and its genetic “code” must be respected, the collections provide consumers with high-performance, innovative skincare products reflecting the precision, purity and quality that one has come to expect from Switzerland.


One of the Purest Forms of Skincare in the World

Switzerland has a long tradition of cellular therapy, pertaining to cells, with people from all over the world visiting Swiss clinics to receive

rejuvenating and anti-ageing treatments. The land of Switzerland, recognised for its beautiful landscapes and natural resources is where Skincode products originate – from a model of purity, harmony and balance.


With the combination of sophisticated medical and dermatological research, biological ingredients and plant extracts in their purest form, state-of-the-art skincare is within your reach.

With over 150 years of experience in the skin care industry, the company has studied the market to assess what is missing in skincare products these days. They have taken part in a number of studies, conducted dermatological and medical interviews with dermatologists and biochemists to find out what makes skin beautiful.

Based on their research, they found that over 75% of the population of women experience discomfort from skin irritation and skin allergies. The results of these studies have helped them to create a line of products that would eliminate negative ingredients acting on the skin and instead include components that would protect the skin’s natural defense mechanism and provide well documented anti-aging benefits.


You Can Do Better than Average

While the market is already saturated with various skincare brands focusing on their ability to harness organic materials, breakthrough technology or even a touch of magic, Skincode chooses to focus on reaping every possible benefit for your skin’s needs:

• Combating sensitive skin. Skincode products are 100% free from preservatives, artificial fragrances, animal derivatives and artificial colours.

• Incorporating medical-grade ingredient CM-Glucan to stimulate the skin’s immune system, reducing degeneration at the cellular level and accelerating skin’s recovery

• Protecting skin from free radical damage

• Making sure that the structure of the epidermis is intact. The components ensuring this are often called natural moisturising factor (NMF), ingredients that mimic the structure and functions of healthy skin


Two Lines to Suit Your Skin

Skincode offers two lines of products adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive, especially developed to preserve the health and beauty of your skin for a lifetime.


SKINCODE ESSENTIALS – Everything your skin needs and nothing it doesn’t

Skincode Essentials is an advanced dermaceutical skincare line formulated to satisfy the daily skincare needs of both men and women.

The products, dermatologically tested, contain a sophisticated blend of natural extracts and biotech ingredients (some medical-grade), while being 100% free of fragrance, preservatives, colours and animal derivatives, making them suitable for even the most sensitive skin.

Skincode Essentials products contain Skincode’s patented, Medical-grade ingredient, CM-Glucan. Discovered in 1941, CM-Glucan was originally used as a pharmaceutical healing cream. Being known for its multiple benefits, CM-Glucan was subsequently used in the medical world in topical applications and oral prescription. Skincode uses a water soluble formulation to maximize skin absorption. Traditional applications of beta-glucan are found in wound healing and cancer therapy as they are known to stimulate immune competent cells. CM-Glucan helps sensitive skin feel calm, hydrated and protected from the visible signs of premature aging.


We tried a number of products on our hands and one of them is the Purifying mask from ESSENTIALS on the back of our hand for a good 5 minutes and the RESULT wass incredible!!!!!


After 5 minutes…..


The hand without the ring is the result of 5 minute using the Purifying mask. So obvious difference right!!!!! I know you want to find out more about the product!!! 😛

Skincode Purifying Mask 75ml, SGD$49.00

This delightfully refreshing mask clears and calms combination and oily skin prone to breakouts. Botanical ingredients fight bacteria and

normalize the sebaceous secretion. Non-drying, the purifying mask deeply cleanses while significantly reducing the appearance of impurities and absorbing excess sebum. Complexion looks brighter, pure and radiant after application.

Key Ingredients: CM-Glucan, Kaolin, Titanium Dioxide, Laminaria Saccarina Algae, Provitamin B5 (Panthenol), Cinchona (or Peruvian Bark extract), Tea Tree oil, Caprylyl


I had to take a picture with the super friendly and elegant Cecilia! Thank you for your time in Singapore and sharing so much about skincode awesomeness to us! Hope to see you again! 😀 She was flying in many countries giving talks and still look so good!!! skincode and its magic at work~~ <3


Super glad to see Elfaine (founder of SAMPLESTORE.COM) again after 3 years?! Looking prettier and prettier!! Thank you so much for the many chances of reviewing products from SAMPLESTORE.COM! MUAHS!! Scroll down to see something you can get from SAMPLESTORE.COM~ 😀

Check out what skincode generously gave to each of us!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!


Whitening & Brightening Kit Set SGD $128.00

Using the Biowhite Complex , a botanical lightening agent, which efficiently lightens the skin & unifies the complexion by inhibiting tyrosinase activity. UV protective whitening cream spf 12, Cool white Essence & Lightening eye Contour Cream in a pack for you to try out this range from skincode!

I will be incorporating these babies slowly into my skincare regime too!! hohoho!! STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!


Some other samples (how~ I don’t bear to share with anybody!!! lol)and super cute macbook mirror!! Waahahah, i can be an i-diot totally~~ lol.


THEN THEN THEN… being the most awesome and sweetest company, skincode sent me even more AWESOME PRODUCTS!!! *DROOLS* THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I LOVE YOU skincode and Sephanie super much!!!!!!! I will use them very well!!!!

1) Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum 15ml SGD$120.00

2)  Cellular Perfect Skin Capsules* 15.3ml (45pcs) SGD$180.00

3) S.O.S Instant Radiance 30ml SGD$86.00

4) Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen 15ml SGD$79.00

The first product that I want to share with you is Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen from EXCLUSIVE LINE!!



Advanced Cellular Skincare

Skincode Exclusive is a luxury-oriented, revolutionary cellular skincare line designed to address the specific needs of mature skin. The powerful anti-aging treatments speed up the cell renewal process, which slows with age.

The key ingredient, Active Cellular Regenerating Complex Generation 2 (ACR Complex G2) is a truly groundbreaking development in the fight against aging skin.

ACR Complex G2 is a blend of Tripeptide and Tetrapeptide-7 combined withLipobelle Soyaglycone, Bio-stimulants derived from Aloe Vera, vitamins A & E, and Amino acids, to form a truly efficient anti-aging solution. This results in:

– Proven increase in cell renewal

– Instant reduction in lines and wrinkles

– Repairs to photo-damage and protects against free-radicals

– Supplies skin with intensive and long-lasting moisture

– Activates and stimulates the vital functions of the skin

– Non-oily anti-aging texture

To add to that, skincode Exclusive also has a remarkable Moisture Matrix which is a Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), a collection of water-soluble compounds that are only found in the stratum corneum. The NMF components help the outermost layers of the stratum corneum to stay hydrated by not only absorbing water from the atmosphere, but adding their own water content to the layers. The Moisture Matrix gives bounce and plumpness to the skin and contains many components such as:

– Amino acids & ceramides

– Hyaluronic acid & cholesterol

– Fatty acids & triglycerides

– Phospholipids & glycosphingolipids

– Urea & Linoleic acid

– Glycosaminoglycans & glycerine

– Mucopolysaccharide & sodium PCA


Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen 15ml SGD$79.00

The Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen is an instantly cooling and refreshing roll-on serum that hydrates and gently massages away unsightly bags under the eyes. It brightens up the eye area and leaves the eye contour immediately looking rested and more vibrant. Some effects you will see are instant cooling, de-puffing, de-wrinkling, de-toxifying, re-hydrating and refreshing of the skin.

Key Ingredients: ACR Complex G2, Caffeine, Sesam-derived skin tightening complex, Urea, Sodium Hyaluronate, Provitamin B5, Biosaccharide Gum-1.


KIYORA’S TAKE: Oh no… I have been sleeping late the whole of last week again!!!! I don’t even know what I did to the wee hours at night. >_< Sorry by face and my body!!! I will hit the gym over the weekends and sleep till as late as I can. #thisislife! 😛 My dark eye rings…. early in the morning on the left, and on the right~~ after I used Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen!!!!

Thanks to the cooling metal roller ball, the first touch of the product onto my eye area was cold and it woke me up immediately early in the morning!! I rolled the Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen  from inside of the eye area to out about 3 or 4 times. The eye area feels cooling, refreshed, and relaxed instantly!!!!

I must make a note to myself to not take photos of myself when I wake up in the morning……… look 10000000000000 times more horrible. LOL. I am very SORRY for the puffy face and puffy eyes which looks uneven sizes more obviously!! *MEH* However, this is how real and true I want to show you, my readers about the effectiveness of the products I share!! 😀

Anyway, you can see that on the right picture after I used Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen, my dark eye rings become lighter and the eyes got more lifted up which also look more energetic! Even though my eyes are still uneven.

If you are looking for an eye product that gives you instant lifting, get rid of puffy eyes and  dark eye rings,  try Cellular Eye Lift Power Pen! XD


Price range for skincode is from $49 to $220.

skincode is currently available at more than 10 Guardian Pharmacy outlets:

  • Bukit Pangjang Plaza
  • Causeway Point
  • City Square Mall
  • Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya * Full Range Available
  • JEM
  • Jurong Point
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • NEX
  • NUS
  • Paragon* Full Range Available
  • Parkway Parade
  • Suntec City
If you are interested to try out skincode, you can sign up at SAMPLESTORE.COM to redeem the samples!!! 😀 You will not regret it~~~ Try skincode now!
Skincode Extra Gentle Skin Refiner:
Skincode Cellular Anti-aging Cream:
Skincode Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum:

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