Too Cool For River Safari + Shop for a Good Cause!


HAPPY!! A surprised gift came to my house last week from the lovely too cool for school! 😀 I’ve shared about the opening at Far East Plaza (Oct 2013) Glam Rock Look for Christmas previously! Thank you lovely Zhi Yun!!!! ^^

If you are following my instagram, you will know what I received!! It is the super hot and sexy Jean George Llong sun block!! *DROOLS* lol~~~ But I don’t really like those muscular men~~


Jean George Llong sun block

  • Triple functions:
    1. Niacinamide for skin-lightening
    2. Adenosine for anti-wrinkle
    3. UV protection up to SPF 50+ PA+++

Jean George Llong sun block is super comfortable for sensitive skin with its 5-free system (Free of Paraben, PABA, Benzophenone, Mineral oil and Talc). It also doubles as a make-up base with its beige colour as well as a primer with its wrinkle cover powder-like cream. This sunblock also claims that it is perfect for the hot and humid weather as it is totally resistant to sweat or sebum! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀


Beige in colour and is very light when applied onto the skin! 😀 It is super important for sunblock to be light for me since Singapore’s weather is soooooo sooooooooo humid and hot!!! Let’s try out  Jean George Llong sun block now~~


This is how little is needed for me to use for my face!! 😀


Remember, sun block or suncare product has to be patted onto the skin and not rubbed into the skin!!


See, my skin brightens up instantly and YES, I brought only this sexy man (on my face) with me to River Safari!!!!!!!!! I didn’t apply more makeup except eyeliner since it’ll be super damn weird to wear full makeup to the Zoo!!! I know I’ll be walking and sweating a lot so a light, heavy sun protection with minimum coverage is the best!!!!!! Glad my face don’t look cakey nor dull at the end of the day!!! *THUMBS UP*


I always love going to the Zoo, Night Safari and now River Safari!! It is a great place to escape from the busy and noisy city life in Singapore! So serene and peaceful (though it was packed with people. lol). I think you should visit River Safari if you haven’t!!! 😀 I think it is pretty fun as you can see lots of interesting and funny animals!!! Let me share with you some photos I took!!


Simply hilarious lookinggggggggggg ah peh (old man) bird!! Sorry but I didn’t take note of the breed. 😛


Any scary animal looks super cute when they are miniature or  a baby!!!!! I think this baby crocodile (please don’t mind me… I don’t know its breed) hidden at the corner was smiling at me!! LOL!


The polar bear looks super big and sorry I can only see his or her butt!!! 🙁


The super puny Squirrel Monkey sitting cutely on the tree with it’s tongue out, WHAT CAN BE CUTER THAN THIS???

OOH WAIT… there is actually an animal who is cuter than the Squirrel Monkey, he is the star of the River Safari~~ *DRUM ROLLS* KaiKai!!!!!!!!!!


HAHAHHAHAHA!!!!! Everyone just started laughing and continue laughing for as long as he chill and sleep at this position! WHY YOU SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And if you think KaiKai is funny and cute enough…. you are so wrong!!!!!!!! I haven’t show you the other star of River Safari, JiaJia girl girl~~~~~~~~~


HAHAHAHHA, WHY YOU SO CUTE JIAJIA~~~~~~ 我也很喜歡妳~ <3 妳真是個可愛的孩子! So so so so cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!! *goes crazy*


You don’t need no approval from us JiaJia, you are a cutie!!!! 😀


A PANDA WITH TONGUE OUT!! I can always take super cute photos of animals thanks to my 12 years old experience taking photos of my cats!! 😛

I also uploaded of JiaJia munching her food on facebook!! It feels SO CALMING to watch her eat her food!!!! XD

And the and then…..  I am in love with the two cute red pandas and I find it very unfair that they do not have names!!!! I should name them 小紅點 (little red dot)and 小不點 (little one)!HAHAHAHA!!



小紅點 and 小不點 were sleeping when I visited the previous time but were sooooo active this time!! THEY EVEN GROOMED EACH OTHER. *DIES OF CUTENESS OVERLOADED* I took a super cute video of the red pandas climbing up the the trunk but facebook doesn’t let me upload after multiple tries….


RED PANDAS ARE SUPER CUTE!!!!!!! One of my dream pets other than cats (duh!), penguin, slow loris, toy poodle and white tiger. HAHA!!!! Most are really in my dreams pets~~~~


I bought some random cute stuff and even the bag is cute!!!!!! JiaJia is like patting my head here!!!!!


There are 2 exciting too cool for school store promotions from now till my birthday ~~ 30th April!!!!!!!!! 😛

1) Spend S$35 & above, including the Jean George Llong Sun Block and you will receive a pack of 7 days worth of Pumpkin Sleeping Mask samples!!!!! 😀

2) Shop for a good cause!!!!!!! Get the super cute Cats Street hand cream at $15 each and 100g cat food will be donated to Mdm Wong Animal Shelter per hand cream sold!!



I am a crazy cat mama so I must buy both!!!!!! If I am richer, I will buy for my cat lovers friends!!! XD One scent is lily and the other is rose!! I love both of them and the illustrations are both sooooo cute!!! I thought there are 3 kinds but the last is still not out~~ Do check them out at too cool for school! 😀

Showcase by my beautiful Princess Kylila!!! ♥


Here’s one hot photo of KingKing and his fantastic body before I end the post!!!!!!! :DDDD

Do check out too cool for school facebook and #toocoolforschoolsg at instagram!! They will share your posts in facebook! ^^

Visit too coo for school at Far East Plaza, Westgate and also Vivo City! 😀

Yes!!! Now I bring Bio-Oil out with me so I can moisturise my hands, nails or elbow whenever I need to! Hohoho!!

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