Event + Review – Nuxe White for Smooth Transparent Rosy Looking Skin!

I got invited to Nuxe Blogger’s party at Food For Thought!!! ^^ I super super super love Nuxe products!! I’ve written about Nuxe many many times! I am still using the Masque Creme Fraiche de Beaute and Huile Prodigieuse 20th Anniversary Edition till today. LOL!!!! You can read the previous entries to find out more about Nuxe! 😀 What I like about Nuxe is that the products uses botanical ingredients which is gentle to the skin and the light floral scent is just heavenly!!


Nuxe introduces the new range Nuxe White: a ritual inspired by a bouquet and delivering exceptional results!

Exploring the heart of Prodigious flowers, such as White Crocus (exclusive patent), Stargazer Lily, Porcelain Rose (exclusive patent) and Cherry Blossom to identify high- performance molecules which work in synergy with Vitamin C on the three key factors of skin transparency: whiteness, luminosity and hydration.

Nuxe White has been proven to reduce the appearance of dark spots, improve the transparency and clarity of the complexion and the rosy appearance of the skin.

The whiter and more even the skin is, the better it reflects light. For effective action on brightening and optimized action against pigment spots, NUXE has chosen to target ALL STEPS OF MELANOGENESIS using an innovative combination of white flowers and Vitamin C.




  • Stargazer Lily reduces melanocyte activation by blocking the POMC protein, induced by stress and UV radiation


  • White Crocus inhibits tyrosinase activity by blocking the copper ions required for its functioning
  • Stabilized Vitamin C reduces melanin production by inhibiting the oxidation reactions required for its synthesis


  • Stargazer Lily reduces the transfer of melanin in the epidermis, and inhibits the dissemination of melanin in the keratinocytes by reducing the length of dendrites.


  • Stabilized Vitamin C reduces existing dark spots by brightening melanin that is already visible on the skin’s surface.

Accumulated protein waste at the heart of the skin results in a progressive yellowing effect, while a slowdown in the micro-circulation hampers the elimination of this waste. To restore the fresh and rosy luminosity of the skin’s youth, NUXE has chosen Porcelain Rose and filed a patent for its radiance-boosting properties.

A luminosity virtuoso: Porcelain Rose. Native to Asia, this flower, so beautiful it almost looks artificial, is highly concentrated in polyphenols. By activating the skin’s micro-circulation, it promotes the elimination of waste, resulting in an increase in the skin’s pink component and a corresponding decrease in its yellow component.

Obtained using a dynamic and natural oleo-eco extraction process, involving no chemical reaction, designed to preserve all the plant’s active biomolecules and optimize their transport to the dermis, the oleo-active ingredient of Porcelain Rose helps to reveal the skin’s radiance and vitality.
To make the skin as transparent as possible, light needs to pass through a crystalline structure, similar to passing through a diamond. When saturated with water, the cells of the horny layer are more cohesive. The skin is smoother, reflecting light more effectively and appearing more trans- parent. NUXE has chosen Cherry Blossom’s excellent moisturizing and smoothing properties with proven effectiveness.


Before I go into the review of the products, let me show you what I ate at food for thought!! Super love the velvet cake and brownie!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 Thank you Nuxe for pampering not only my face but my stomach too! 😀



On the day itself, I did not just receive the products but also a kirakira silver box!! Inside is a very elegent looking Nuxe organizer!! 😀 I love it and will put it into good use!! Thank you!!P1110579

Last part of this entry is to show you the review of Nuxe White~~~~ Smooth Transparent and Rosy Looking Skin, here I come!!

Similar to the composition of a bouquet, NUXE WHITE products – 6 daily skin care products and 1 perfecting mask – come together to create a ritual in which each flower and function complement and strengthen each other to help the skin achieve the most perfect transparency.

A soft foam, a fresh lotion, a light serum, a silky emulsion, an invisible screen, a delicate BB cream(will share about BB cream and sunscreen in separate entry) and a fresh mask create a series of delightful sensations, carried along on the subtly addictive waves of a fragrance of white flowers.



Step 1: Clean & Purify – BRIGHTENING PURIFYING FOAM $38

Gentle sulfate-free surfactants with high foaming power that do not irritate the skin Derivatives of Coconut, Corn and Sunflower to compensate for the drying effect of cleansing.

At the first use, I can feel that my skin feels softer and looked more supple. After two weeks, my complexion looks clearer, more luminous and fresh looking.


Step 2: Moisturize & Smooth – BBRIGHTENING MOISTURIZING LOTION $55

A very gentle micro-exfoliating effect thanks to Extract of Hibiscus Flower , highly concentrated in pyruvic acid, as effective as AHAs but far less irritating thanks to a high proportion of mucilage. Smoothed and refined skin texture  thanks to a  100% natural Hyaluronic Acid that preserves water at the skin’s surface and avoids dryness.


The lotion is light and penetrates instantly into my skin, without leaving the skin oily or sticky.

At the first application, my skin feels moisturized! After two weeks, my skin feels definitely smoother and complexion is also clear!

PS: I may sometimes leave the cotton wool with the on my cheeks before makeup to give my skin a more supple moisture boost! ^^



A highly concentrated formula of brightening active ingredients. Extract of cherry blossom leaves with strong moisturizing powers.

You know how some serum that claims to be highly moisturize is actually very oily and thick making your skin overloaded. Nuxe White serum is light and has no greasy or sticky feeling on the skin. My skin after two weeks is clearer, smoother and more luminous looking! Even though I do not have obvious dark spots but this serum has moisturizing power so I still use it. It can also prevent dark spots since it has whitening effect!!


Step 4: Diminish darkspots & moisturize – BRIGHTENING MOISTURIZING EMULSION

Rice Powder absorbs excess sebum, matifies without blocking the pores and leaves a very silky finish.

This emulsion is my favourite product in Nuxe White. Even though the 3 products give me the instant smooth and moisturized effect, the emulsion is the product that gave the most obvious effect!!! My skin indeed looks more transparent after using this!! <3  The silky finish is kind of different from the smooth effect. Haha, I don’t know how to say~~~ silky finish is like velvety looking skin? Smooth skin is when you touch you can feel it only.


Step 5: Protect from UV – DAILY UV PROTECTOR SPF 30 PA +++ and/or Protect&Unify-BRIGHTENINGBBCREAMSPF30PA +++

I’ll share about step 5 in another entry!! 😀 Stay tuned beautifuls!!

By the way, this is my face after apply Step 1 to Step of Nuxe White! I can see that my skin looks instantly whiten up and looks fresher! I’ve use Nuxe White for 2 weeks and so far I am loving how moisturize and supple it made my skin looks! I didn’t even use mask for 2 weeks now! I also super love the floral scent. I think I can smell sakura~~ what about you? ^^


Don’t forget to like Nuxe Singapore Facebook!! They are running a campaign giving out Nuxe White sampling kits till 21 April! 😀

Nuxe White is available at all Beauty By Nature stores (VivoCity #01-06/07, Parkway Parade #B1-75/76, ION Orchard #B3-49/50).

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