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I guess everyone have a general perception – “things in USA are more expensive”. However,  as online shopping is getting common nowadays, smart online shoppers who are always out there looking for best deal will also source for items that are more than 8000 miles away, as long as they are cheaper!

Read on and you will know what I mean!

1) IT products


Direct from X-mini online store: SGD 89


From is only USD 35.72!!!

Cost Direct Singapore Store Purchase from USA

1 X-mini KAI Bluetooth speaker SGD 89

Via 65daigou

USD 35.72 + Shipping cost SGD 17.40 + Agent fee NA SGD 4.30* = SGD $68.10

You save SGD 20.90 if you buy via 65daigou!!!

Ain’t you surprised? X-mini is a Singapore brand, but it is actually cheaper to get it from (from US)!! o_O

2) Fashion


ALDO CLEARANCE SALE! But, when I clicked on the Shopping & Delivery …


ALDO online store does not ship outside of US continent! Also, NO INTERNATIONAL CREDIT  CARD! Alternative? Get a shopping agent to help with the purchase!

For instance, 65daigou helps customers to purchase items from USA (also from China and  Taiwan). Not only that, they help to do simple checks on the items to make sure you get the right colour and size.

Well, if I purchase 3 pairs of shoes (average about USD 40/pair) that weigh about 3kg, how much will I have to pay?

Buying ALDO Heels in Singapore ALDO

Average of SGD 150/pair, 3 pairs will be SGD 450!!

Via 65daigou

3 Pairs of Shoes USD 120 + Shipping cost SGD 33.40 + Agent fee SGD 15.20* = Approx. SGD $204.50

Savings SGD 245.50

Look at that! I can get another 3 pairs of shoes with that savings after shipping and agent fee!!

Engaging a shopping agent is especially helpful when you are getting stuff from different merchants. Imagine, you have to pay 3 times International shipping fee. Basically, 65daigou helps their customers to consolidate parcels from different companies. You can also hold the shipment for 20 days, just in case you think you missed out something from the shopping list and would like to place another order.

Are you tempted to shop from US now? Try 65daigou USA service now!

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