♡ Cute Eyelash Extension by Eye Studio Tokyo ♡

Hello! Back as promised about my first eyelash extension done by Kayo-san from Eye Studio Tokyo! ^^  Eye Studio Tokyo is located at Level 3 (next to Kinokuniya) at Liang Court. Other than Eyelash Extension, Eye Studio Tokyo also offers nail services! My gelish is still looking perfect after a week! <3

The lashes and glue used in EYE STUDIO are all manufactured in Japan. The staff are all Japanese with knowledge and skill putting lashes one by one for customers! The whole procedure is entirely safe, hygienic and not painful at all! 😉

I was given this eyelash extension menu, to choose the kind of curl, thickness and design for my new lashes!!


I’ve indicated what I did with the <3 ~ I did eyelash perming 2-3 weeks ago, and Kayo-san said that they normally don’t do extension for permed eyelash. 🙁 This is also the reason why I can only do J-curl! Kayo-san said I can try C-curl next time! 😛

Oh yah, when going through the menu with me, at the design part, Kayo-san looked at me and immediately said “Kawaii”~ LOL! I think I can only be cute… 😛 I want to do SEXY next time~~~ I can be SEXY too~~~~ lol


This is how my original lashes look like~~~ I thought they look quite long and thick already? But Kayo-san can make them look cuter and gives me prettier eyes. 😀 😀


Actually there is only one step for eyelash extension, Kayo-san had to keep adding fake lashes! 😛 Thank you Kayo-san for taking photos for me! I just have to lay down there and I think I fell asleep very soon. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

This is about halfway through and you can see the difference already!!! I think I cannot show my original lashes anymore already!! LOL

60 lashes done on the left~~~ :DDDD and I continue to snooze while Kayo-san continues her magic!! 😀


After some time, my new kawaii lashes are done! Check out the difference between my original and new lashes!!!!


So natural looking and beautiful eyelashes!! Thank you Kayo-san and Nakamura-san!!! <3 Will definitely go back again~~~


What I did for my eyelash extension:
J Curl, 0.15mm, Cute, 60 lashes <3

Special Set: 5 times x $350

60 lashes $60

80 lashes  $70

100 lashes $80

120 lashes $90

140 lashes $100

Lower lashes $20 ~ $40

Since I have kawaii long lashes now, I’ve been going for the natural no eyeliner look the whole week! lol.


LOL, I can now have natural gentle “cute” looking eyes~~

By the way, let me share some sneak peeks I took using Lippy Girl lipsticks!!! I am using SNOG ME here!! Will share about Lippy Girl vegocentric lipstick soon with a mini giveaway because I <3 them so much!!! 😀


Here, I am also not using eyeliner but with only Sephora Colourful Mono Eyeshadow No. 36 Love Song for the eyes. Not to forget, Lippy Girl Limited Edition Rosie Posie vegocentric lipstick <3


So now even with my eyes closed, my eyelashes look amazingly pretty, long and natural! <3 Using Lippy Girl Son of a Brick here!! 😀 Can’t wait to share with you LIPPY GIRL and the giveaway!!!!!!!!


Eye Studio Tokyo is located at Liang Court Level 3 (next to Kinokuniya). If you are interested to learn JAPANESE eyelash extensions from JAPANESE without the need to fly to Japan, I want to share with you the seminar available at Eye Studio Tokyo!!!

From June 2014, you can attend the eyelash extension seminar at $1000 for 5 times. Each session will be 90min long. You’ll also need a starter kit for $150. The price may not be cheap but HEY, think about the air ticket, hotel, traveling expenses, and money you’ll need if you go to Japan to learn!!!!

Do call Eye Studio Tokyo at TEL:9298-6774 / 6883-1077 for more information about the seminar, eyelash extensions and nail services! <3

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