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CLIV – Cosmeceutical Solution Laboratories for 4th skincare

I was invited to CLIV’s Blogger Event at SaSa Jurong Point!! Love the SaSa at Jurong Point because it is the largest in Singapore and you can find basically everything you need there!!


Cosmeceutical Solution: A compound word for Cosmetic and Pharmaceutical, it means cosmetics that have been scientifically formulated with medically proven benefits.

Laboratories: In addition to peerless world class laboratories for conducting the latest research, this refers to the aim to lead the medical cosmetics field with unceasing research and development combined with professional ethics and the drive to be the best in the field.

4th Skincare: The 4-step skincare program unique to CLIV that systematically addresses and treats all aspects necessary for healthy skin.

CLIV is a special skin care system that addresses the fundamental and unique causes of skin problems in each skin type. It represents the cutting edge of medical aesthetic skin care, created with sophisticated technologies and the latest advances in medicine.

CLIV products are made in Korea! <3


CLIV Stemcell Range


CLIV Premium Gingseng Berry Range


CLIV Ultra Hydrate Range <3


And many many other skincare products from CLIV!! *I WANT THEM ALL*


Even moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee products from CLIV!! XD So many products that made my eyes dizzy!!! I will definitely want to try the mask!!!!


CLIV Overseas Sales Manager, Mr Lee also shared with us his tips for having flawless skin. SERIOUSLY, KOREANS HAVE FLAWLESS SKIN!! I am super jealous!!!! I think it is quite impossible for us in Singapore to have flawless skin unless you stay indoors 24/7 with cooling temperature at home. :/

What we can do is to use product suitable for our skin, hydrate both our face and body, do weekly scrub(s), and sunblock sunblock!!!

We also have the chance to try out all the CLIV testers at the event!







I applied the revitalizing stemcell BB cream at the top part of my hand and you can see how that part looks so much smoother as compared to rest of my hand!


The ampoules has different texture and I like the yellow bottle (white texture)! It got absorbed into my skin super quickly and left my skin feeling cool!!!! So cool!! XD


Also received CLIV products but I haven’t started using them yet!! Most probably will pass the BB Cream to my sister since my skin is oily and not dry~~~ I am scared that it will become oilier if I use it. XD One tip about any skincare/bb cream, choose whichever is suitable for you!! If you are not sure about your skin type, you can visit SaSa and their Beauty Advisers can advise you. 😉

CLIV Premium Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule and Eye Cream

Ginseng Berry Premium System contains the fermented ginseng berry dubbed as the 21st Century elixir and pure plant based material to tighten and purify the dull and saggy skin enhancing the elasticity and complexion!!


CLIV Premium Ginseng Berry Premium Ampoule: Helps strengthen skin energy

With various plant based effective ingredients are combined in skin to hydrate and brighten the skin texture!


The texture is really light and is absorbed quickly into my skin. My skin immediately feels smoother and softer immediately upon application.  You just need a little drop for your whole face and bid dull and saggy skin away. I will recommend this product if you are looking for anti-aging skincare product. But if you are like still young, it may be too rich for your skin. (now i wish i am young lol)



CLIV Premium Ginseng Berry Premium Eye Cream: Nourishes the saggy skin around eyes to become smooth

Eye cream is a super super important skincare product!! I admit that sometimes I skipped this step~~~ >_< But after using the CLIV Premium Gingseng Berry Eye Cream, I become more diligent!! I super love the mild floral scent and it also provides a cooling and relaxing effect on my eyes after applying it. Due to its texture, my eye area also become brighter instantly!!

You can get CLIV  exclusively at SaSa Singapore!

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