Super Light-weight and Water-Resistant Mousse Bag!

I was window-shopping at Plaza Singapura and shrieked when I passed by the showcase near Starhub! THESE BAGS ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! 😀 😀 <3 <3

These super adorable bags are from Mousse Singapore, which is located at Plaza Singapura (New Wing) #03-K7! I was feeling even more high when I went to the Kiosk to meet Carmen! lol! EVERY bag in the shop is just SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! 😉  Mousse is definitely a pet’s lover paradise! <3 #crazycatladymodeon

P1170338Brand Story:
Mousse is dessert in French.
Mousse is derived from desserts which makes one happy, bidding our boring good bye, and add in fun and colors to our lives!

Even though Mousse is from Hong Kong, its fashionable bags are already popular in Japan and Korea in 2009! With its realistic 3D print, environmental friendly and light material, it is no wonder Mousse Bags is such a big hit!


Mousse’s Wish:
Love is the reason why Mousse is born: Love yourself, love others, love animals, love the nature, to make your life more colorful and make the world more beautiful! Mousse will continue to create more variety of exciting products, so that everyone can bring their favourite mousse bag to visit every place in the world.

As the taste of ladies varies from season to season, mousse is dedicated to design a serious of innovative and stylish products, helping every lady’s dreams come true.

Ranging from those floral prints, vivid color match, and fake prints to sparking styling, mousse has been longing for to design an array of handbags for the happiness and sweetness of everyday life of ladies.


Why is everything just so cute!! There are not just animal bags but also beautiful scenery, places and other unique designs! What I love of Mousse is that the bag is super light-weight and best, WATER-RESISTANT! This is so so important for us in Singapore since we always have sudden rain! No more worries that our important thing will be wet. Maybe we can even use the bag to shed us from the rain. lol! Let me know if you try it next time!P1170333

Kitties and puppies make our world more beautiful!! 😛


I love to keep Husky if I ever keep a dog, they are just so gorgeous!!!!!!


Lolly!!!!!!! Haha~ I don’t know the name of this dog breed but I know it as Lolly~~~ 😛


Winking Cream and round shaped Maltese Bag! <3   (Wait.. who is Cream?)P1170339

Did you notice that the same cat appeared in many of the bags? This adorable cat is called Cream (I mentioned just before) who is very famous from Hong Kong!  P1170344

I got a super cute Cream Large Bag! Rara dressed up as Lady Rara to greet Magician Cream!! ^O^


P1170516 P1170512 P1170514

This bag is actually the biggest size, and really can put in many items. You can see how crazy a cat lady I am, cat long top and the decorations in my house has cats too!! (Did that many years ago. lol!)



Yay! Thank you Mousse for this super adorable Cream Magician bag, that I really love it so much! Been bringing this out with me for many days straights and my friends asked where I got it from!! ^_*  Really super cute and eye-catching!

Mousse bags starts from $69, and price point is around $150! The price is so affordable as it is really super light, super cute and WATER-RESISTANT!

Actually Mousse also does customization for bags. I AM SO TEMPTED TO DO FOR MY CATS NOW!!!! Visit Mousse at Plaza Singapura Level 3 now to check the cute bags out!!! I am sure you will love them if you keep a pet~~ <3

Lastly, don’t forget to join Mousse Singapore Facebook and Instagram now for more new product updates! 😀