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Hi hi!! If you are my friend, you will know that I seldom shop online in Singapore Blog Shops! The reason is very simple, I CAN’T FIT THE TINY CLOTHES. *ARGGGGGGHHHHHH* My bust is a 36 inch and most of the Blog Shop only carry sizes up to M which is like 30-34 inch… why so…. slim?!!!!!! 30 inches..i think my waist about there!! lol lol. :’)

So I am very happy that I managed to find many clothing from Style Bliss that can fit me!
Is this a Dress or a Romper?! 😛 Great for both work and casual!


 This dress fits so well on me!!!!! The PTP Across: 17.5″ so I have plenty of space to breathe!!! The material of the dress is thick (slightly thinner than that of a blazer), and the design of the open flap makes it looks like  a romper! So the dress looks both smart and cute! Perfect for both work or casual!


Also, not to forget the cute trimmings at the ends!! Totally add cute points to you! 😀


I wore the dress to THEFACESHOP event and it looks cute with my pink cardigan! XD


Style 2

This dress is actually something that I’ll never buy due to its thick material and is shapeless. However, I thought that the design is really unique! Love the front belt design and side trim. To my surprise, the dress actually makes my figure better!! 😀 Check it out!! (Although I am still not slim like other bloggers! 😛 )


One good point is also that the dress doesn’t hug my hips tightly and rested nicely so that I can still show off my womanly curves. 😀 😀 😀


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