Skin Code SOS Instant Radiance and Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Eye Serum

I had shared about skincode previously many months back! OOPS, it was half a year ago!! I wanted to share about skincode all the time but the eye roller took forever to finish. HEHE. This time round, I want to share 2 more products from skincode with you!


skincode Essentials: SOS Instant Radiance


The S.O.S Instant Radiance is a lustrous fluid that brings instant radiance to your skin. It hydrates, smoothes and wipes away signs of fatigue, while imparting long-lasting radiance. This beautifier enhances the luminosity of the Skin’s complexion.

Key Ingredients: CM-Glucan, Provitamin B5 (Panthenol),

Tensing Agent (VP/VA Copolymer), Apple extract (Pyrus Malus),

Photo-Reflective Agents (Mica & Titanium Dioxide).


You can see the white shimmer! haha, I already feel beautiful looking at this!

On the left, the photo is before applying SOS Instant Radiance and on the right you can see a light shimmer on my skin after applying! I love it when my skin looks glowing even without applying anything! I actually finished this long ago because it is so good! hehehe!



skincode Exclusive: Cellular Wrinkle Prohibiting Serum


This incredibly refreshing silky gel-serum visibly reduces the look of fine lines and wrinkles and discourages the appearance of future lines. Puffiness and dark circles are noticeably decreased; your look regains brightness and smoothness. This refreshing serum gives the delicate skin around your eyes the feeling of endless hydration and comfort.

Key Ingredients: ACR Complex G2, Sodium Hyaluronate,

Caffeine, Moisture Matrix, Panthenol, Ash Bark extract, Organic Silicon, Vitamin B3,

Elder Flower extract, photo-reflector.


I think of the reasons being a beauty blogger is that I take photos of my skin all the time so I can know how good a product works!!!! I LOVE EYE SERUM that totally works!!


The photo on the left is before using the eye serum, and the photo on the right is after using the eye serum after 2 weeks. I know the upper eyelid has more lines but it is because I shut my eyes more tightly. lol. ;P

  1. Fine lines at side of eye – *SCREAMS* I actually didn’t know my eyes look so old before….. You can see a few lines at the end!!! But they kind of disappear on the right photo! YAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀
  2. Fine lines under my eyes – ……….. multiple obvious lines (i hope it’s not wrinkles yet!) before using Skincode, and right… they are so much shorter and less obvious!! 😀 The overall skin near my skin also became smoother!! *POPS CHAMPAGNE* YAY!!!!


Price range for skincode is from $49 to $220. skincode is currently available at more than 10 Guardian Pharmacy outlets:

  • Bukit Pangjang Plaza
  • Causeway Point
  • City Square Mall
  • Guardian Plus @ Takashimaya * Full Range Available
  • JEM
  • Jurong Point
  • Marina Bay Sands
  • NEX
  • NUS
  • Paragon* Full Range Available
  • Parkway Parade
  • Suntec City
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