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Buck Tile St. Cafe at Clementi

Woohoo!! HAPPY FABULOUS 2015 MY GORGEOUS PEOPLE!!!! <3 The first post that I want to share with you is not about beauty nor fashion but FOOD! HEHEHE!!!! THIS YEAR I HOPE TO SHARE MORE ABOUT FOOD with you guys! 😛

My friend and I went to Buck Tile St. Cafe at Clementi on the 29th of December 2014 after I sent her a photo one of the food! LOL!!!!!! I AM SOOO GLAD I WENT!


Since we went on a Monday early evening, the cafe is super empty. Woohoo! The service is also really good even though the waitresses are all young students. 🙂 Love their great smile and friendliness! Check out some of the cute decorations! 😀IMG_20141229_195049 2014-12-29-18-18-34_photo

Even the food and menu is so so cute XD XD XD

IMG_20141229_181415 2014-12-29-19-45-56_photo

NOW NOW NOW….. time to show you guys and girls photo of the food!!!2014-12-29-18-40-16_deco

Actually wanted to order truffle fries but since our sandwich has fries so we decided on……… Spam Fries! With the chilli sauce, it is indeed “once you pop, you can’t stop”! <3 I WANT MORE!!!!! 2014-12-29-18-43-52_photo

The Ham and Cheese Croissant is not bad but the fries is also yummy! I must go back again so that I can try the truffle fries, cheese fries…. and Red Velvet Cake!

AND THEN AND THEN………………… the reason I want to visit Buck Tile St. Cafe is when I saw this on instagram!!!!!!!!! Rainbow Chocolate cake!!!!!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


Doesn’t it just look soooooooo goooooooood already!!!! *EXPLODED WITH CHOCOLATE HAPPINESS* The Rainbow Chocolate Cake just taste as good as it look! *MUAHS* The taste is like the round chocolate cake I used to eat when I was studying in school! 😀 Childhood memory~~~~ 😀

Since the chocolate looks so good, I wanted to take a photo together but I realized that I didn’t put on makeup. LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Sorry~~~~ 😛


I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend to everybody~~ especially those who stay in the west! I love the comfortable and homey ambiance of Buck Tile St. Cafe!! 😀 Oh yah, two of us spent about $20 each. ^^

Buck Tile St. Cafe
104 Faber Drive
Telephone: 6566 7058

Direction to the cafe
1) Alight at Clementi MRT Station and take bus 154 at the bus stop in front of Clementi Mall.
2) Alight at The Infiniti(a condo) which is the fourth stop.
3) Cross the overhead bridge.
4) Continue walking straight after you have completed crossing the overhead bridge.
5) Make a left turn the moment you see an “opening path” into Faber Drive.
6) Spot our huge, red door & many wooden panels!
7) You are at BUCKTILE ST. Cafe!
Buses available at bus-stop number 20039: 97, 154, 197, 198, 727

Like Buck Tile St. Cafe facebook at:

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