Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask

Sasa-bugisI was invited to SaSa Bugis last Monday for Annie’s Way Workshop! Thank you SaSa Team, Stephanie+Avery+Lisa~~~ The founder of Annie’s Way and Team flew down to Singapore from Taiwan! I miss Taiwan, Taiwanese Mandarin and their 親切感 (friendliness)! Taiwanese are the ones who can pronounced my Chinese Name perfectly! 😛 It has been a year 2 months since I went to Taipei (thanks to SaSa! :P)~ I hear my second home calling me~~ haha!!!!!!!! Okay, back to the event!!


Yep, it was only written as Annie’s Way Miracle Jelly Mask, but I HAVE TO RENAME it to Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask because the results is insane!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING SUCH A MIRACULOUS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE MY PHOTOS BELOW!!!!!!!!! (SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT I KEPT ON WOAHHHHH when I see the result on a Sasa Customer and also after I used 2 of the Jelly Masks). I meet my true loves again~~~ <3 😛


This is the founder of Annie’s Way~ Annie Wu. LOOK AT HOW GOOD HER SKIN IS!! There is no need for edit!!!!!!!!!!!! 我也要美美的皮膚!(I want my skin to be as smooth and soft as hers!) <3

Founded by Annie in 2000, Annie’s Way is a beauty brand that values quality above all. The brand’s signature jelly masks use natural and effective ingredients such as aloe vera, hyaluronic acid and arbutin to address various skin concerns. Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask not only helps to moisturise and whiten skin, but it also serve needs such as anti-wrinkle, anti-acne and soothing needs!

Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask benefits:

  • Deep moisturising
  • Brightening & improve skin dullness
  • Minimizing pores
  • Prevent + reduce wrinkles & fine lines
  • Remove blackheads
  • Calm sensitive skin
  • Soften skin + lift away impurities

Annie’s Way products contains only natural and effective ingredients, stringent quality control during production to ensure that the products are safe to use. The products do not contain paraben, alcohol, anti-biotic, fixature, and steroids.


Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask has a monthly sales of 100,000 bottles in Taiwan and Hong Kong! When it was released in SaSa Singapore, the masks were sold out quickly and Annie’s Way Team has to produced more for us! 😀 <3 I also met fellow cutie Blogger Fenny (who is a fan of my cat’s instagram! lol), and she herself bought 3 of the masks to try when it was launched in Singapore! She couldn’t get some as there were sold out previously.

There are 10 types of Jelly Masks available for different kind of skin problems, and they are all available in SaSa Singapore! You should go check them out before they are sold out again! The promotion I know that is running is 50% off the second bottle so hurry go and get them after reading my MIRACLE review! lol!



The Jelly Masks really look like jelly!! SaSa also prepared yummy jelly for us to eat!! 😀 Thank you Avery for ordering this!! haha!! She even packed more for us in the goodie bag, so sweet you!


So during the event, I listened diligently to the uses of the jelly mask and also asked a few questions because I am genuinely interested! Haha! One question I asked is whether I have to exfoliate before the mask, and the trainer said that I can or don’t since the Jelly Mask’s purpose is to get rid of the dirt, oil, acne and bad things from your skin! Since the ingredients areall natural, you can even use it as an eye mask/hand/body/leg/and even boobs! I LOVE products that have multi-purpose!  😀


I love all presentations are done by the Taiwanese. 超口愛~~~Not sure if you can see the WHITE HEADS being sucked out by the masks by one of the customers! Since I used to be troubled by blackheads and acne, my jaw dropped for the first time during the event because of this picture. lol! Hey hey, but my blackheads and acne problem is 80% better and I do not have strawberry head anymore. You have to search for my blog if you want to know my secret. lol lol.


There was also a demonstration during the event! The trainer told us that she is already 62 years old. *JAW DROP SECOND TIME* Her skin is superrrrrrrrr skin and elastic!!!!! Now I see even more hope that I can maintain my youthfulness using products and aged gracefully! 😀


Here is the cutie model~~~ Since she is already fair, young and has good skin, the difference is not so obvious. However, you can see that the right side of her face is definitely fairer, brighter and lifted up! Another obvious improvement is that her dark eye circle is lighter! A~M~A~Z~I~N~G~!!!! *Jaw drop the third time*


Then, we were free to try the products and also asked for a skin consultation with the trainer. Then then then…. one customer who has oily, clogged pores and uneven skin tried one of the jelly masks for about 5 minutes on her cheeks. *MY JAW DROPPED AND REMAINED DROPPED FOR THE LONGEST* The part where she applied the Jelly Mask looks instantly smoother and brighter! It is as if the part is not part of her original skin. SUPER MIRACULOUS! I did took her photos but I am not sure if she is comfortable to share. I hope she also bought the mask to try as I can see how happy she looks when she sees the results! Remember that every woman is beautiful! 🙂 I used to have problematic skin too and I am glad that I found the right products! Let’s all be prettier and prettier each day! 😀

Then sweetest SaSa passed me some Annie’s Way products to try! Also got the pink towel and bag! 😀 So SaSa pink and so me! Thank you!!!!!!


The two Annie’s Way Jelly Masks that I received are the MOST POPULAR Arbutin + Hylauronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask and the NEW Rose Essence Jelly Mask! 😀 😀 😀 So happy that these are the two that I want to try!! Now that my skin has improved a lot from combination (super oily t-zone and normal cheek), the Trainer looked at me and said that I will just need the Rose Essence Jelly Mask! 😀


For this entry, I want to share with you the NEW Rose Essence Jelly Mask that will give me rosy baby skin that looks like I am in love! HAHA, i super need it!!!


The Rose Essence Jelly Mask contains Red, Black and White roses! I love rose scents the most! ^^

  • Red Rose – nourishes and hydrates skin
  • Black Rose – rejuvenates and repairs skin
  • White Rose – whitens and illuminates skin
  • Suitable for normal and dry skin

OKAY!!!! It is time to show you the MIRACULOUS effect of the Annie’s Way Mask! First, I have to show you my bare skin photo first. 😛 I was having a red nose that day and you can see my black eye ring and uneven skin tone.

annies way 1

Direction of use (Pictures below):

  1. Clean face accordingly and apply face toner
  2. Apply jelly mask using provided spatula, approximately thickness of 0.3 to 0.5 cm
  3. After 15 to 30 minutes, remove the jelly mask by scraping gently from outside to inside. If you have blackheads and acnes, they are softened by the jelly mask and should be scraped forcibly.
  4. Wipe with tissue after scraping all out
  5. Repeat the same action few times and rinse with water. Apply moisturizer as usual. (you can apply mask for even better effect)
  6. Use twice a week, or as needed

* Rinse with water immediately if you feel any discomfort. For sensitive skin, apply for 15 minutes for the first time, and follow by 15 to 20 minutes.

annies way 2 annies way 3

You ready to see the results of my skin after using Annie’s Way Rose Essence Mask at the right side of my face after 15 minutes?annies way 5

Did your jaw dropped??? The right side of my face totally lit up as compared to the left face which I didn’t use Annie’s Way Rose Essence Jelly Mask! Skin is definitely softer and smoothen that I can’t stop touching my face even the next few days. 😀 😀 😀 My right face is also tighter and lifted up! My skin just feels like how it is after my 90 minutes facial! All it took was 15 minutes instead. I am definitely gonna use the mask twice a week diligently and I am very sure my skin will definitely look rosy like a girl in love soon! 😀 😀 😀 😀 Happy~~~

annies way 6

This is me trying to act pretty and confident after using the jelly mask on the left side of my face…. ahahahah! I feel uncomfortable looking at it. Let me put on the rest of my makeup and pose a nice photo with the mask so that I can end this entry nicely. ^^ 美多了!


I am actually trying the Arbutin + Hyluronic Acid Jelly Mask and the Annie’s Way mask while writing this entry! Stay tuned to here as I will share the review of these 2 products later. PS: I must say that I jaw dropped again after I removed the mask as my skin looks a few shades lighter! 😀 ~~~~~~~~~~



Last but not least, Annie’s Way has a range of beautiful skincare too!!!! Fenny and I were going a little crazy at the packaging!!!! PRETTY~~~~~ However, they are not available in SaSa Singapore yet!!!! I think I need to go Taiwan soon. :X I am super amazed by the Giga White Whitening Spray (second bottle on the right!) as it is watery if you sprayed far from your face, and it is essence if you spray near your skin. WHAT IS THIS MAGIC??!! I want to try it!!!!


Since we were so amused, Annie kindly passed us some samples to try!! Thank you! 😀 I am sure I will like them with all the flowers! 😀annie-way-facial-product

Annie’s Way mask is available at $32.90 (All Jelly Masks) and $45.90 (Rose Essence Jelly Mask) in all SaSa Singapore except JCube.