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World’s First Cushion Screen Cell from THEFACESHOP

*MUAHS* Thank you THEFACESHOP Singapore and Alethia Dearie again for the surprised delivery of the Cushion Screen Cell Cushion Foundation in February!

Even KingKing loves the Cushion!!!!!! LOL!!!!! Back to the main topic of the Cushion Screen Cell instead of the cutest macaroon cushion KK is holding!!!! TOO CUTE PLEASE!!!!!! I just know that 18th of March is Macaroon’s Day which is KK’s birthday too!! XD I also received cute macaroons along in the press kit! I love THEFACESHOP’s press kit so much!


What is so special about THEFACESHOP’s Cushion Screen Cell?

Other than being lighter & fresher than before, it contains the World’s Very First Screen Cell, giving delicate and even makeup!! 😀 😀 😀

The Cushion Screen Cell is perfect for me as I want my natural skin color to show though  I still want sun protection and coverage. Formulated with HD Blurring Powder, it not only covers skin flaws but evenly lightens skin.

  1. High sun protection factor (SPF 50+ PA+++)
  2. Patented Mirroring Complex – Flawless, Smooth and Plumped Skin
    • Brightening and whitening effect
    • Reducing wrinkles at the same time
  3. Patented Essence Powder and 100% Lily Sap Extracts – Soft Radiant Skin
    • Forms a layer of moisture on skin surface for a longer moisture staying power with anti-oxidant properties
  4. Lightweight portable cushion foundation
  5. Contains a 99.9% antibacterial net to ensure good hygiene.


Like all other cushion, there is a protector sheet to ensure that no bacteria can get into the foundation before first use! (After 2 months of Korean, I can read the Korean words even though I don’t know the meaning. LOL!)


One thing I find really interesting is that the cushion is WHITE in colour!! The rest of the cushions I used are all soaked with foundation. 😛 After using, of course the cushion turned into the foundation colour. Time for picture by picture for the transformation for my skin before and using the Cushion Screen Cell!


Skin looked very tired and dull *ASHAMED* due to lack of sleep and stress, plus these photos were takenthe morning right after I woke up. D: thefaceshopcushion2

Needless to say, the right side of my face is after using the Cushion Screen and the left is before using the Cushion Screen. 😀 INSTANT DIFFERENCE!!!!!!!!!! I don’t know how many shades lighter was that but it doesn’t look so weird as compared to my neck. (I don’t know why I was so dark that day. LOL!)thefaceshopcushion3

Let me talk about the texture and review about the Cushion Screen Cell!

The  Cushion Screen Cell is definitely very lightweight and blends easily onto my skin. The coverage is okay-ish as I don’t use concealer and I like how even and matte it makes my face look like.  Even though it is lighter as compared to my original skin colour, I LOVE how naked (as if im not using makeup) it looks on my face!

But one thing that I realized is my forehead and upper cheeks tends to feel and look dry after a few hours (after lunch), probably I was out in the sun and sweated. That is when I have to spray one some face mist and reapply the Cushion Screen Cell. Overall, I am pretty happy with the foundation and I am still using it after using it for about 2 weeks. 🙂

Last but not least, mandatory nice full-makeup picture of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I am used to my curled hair and  it looks better as when I first did it (i was not so happy about the result). 😛


The new Cushion Screen Cell is available in 3 shades: #01 Radiant Beige, #02 Natural Beige (what I am using) and #03 Medium Beige. The new Cushion Screen Cell – Natural is now available in THEFACESHOP outlets at SGD$42.90!

PS: Don’t say I never share this but…..  I bought the best-selling Raspberry Roots Collagen Eye Patch is at only $30.90 in a pack of 10 pairs!!!! <3  Tried the Acai Berry Mask last night for instant moisturized and firmness! My skin still feels moisturized and soft when I woke up in the morning!!!

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