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Trilogy – Blemish-free and Radiant Skin

Sometimes when I am very stressed up, the most obvious thing I noticed the change in me is I get angry at any random thing, eat a lot of unhealthy food and …. the one that suffered the most is my fat body and acne skin!! D: WHY~~~~~~ I will get acne that is red and hard that takes longer to heal. 🙁 This is due to older age from what my facial therapist told me. ;'( I still want pretty good skin even when I turned 40 ~~ lol!!!

Let me rewind to end of 2014~~~ I was super stressed up in work! I was feeling like crap everyday, then due to festive seasons I also let it go and indulged in a lot of food and drinks~~~ and my skin really suffered that time. >_<

Then like as if my Law of Attraction heard me, my mom told me one day that she found the Blemish Control Gel and Mineral Radiance Mask in the cabinet outside my house one day. LOL! TRUE STORY~~~~~~~ I know that I was receiving some press kit but didn’t check with Fushion Cosmetics because I thought they missed my parcel. (I received way too many emails asking for my address, signed consent form and the PR/Marketing person didn’t even reply my email after that!) 😛 So I think the parcel was sitting outside my house for weeks. Sorry Don! haha!!!


Let me just share with you a bit of information about Trilogy!

Trilogy is the first New Zealand skincare brand to achieve NATRUE Natural Cosmetics Certification. The NATRUE standard offers an independent guarantee. When you see this logo, you know what you’re buying is authentically natural and cruelty-free, to one of the world’s most transparent standards.

The NATRUE logo means only natural and organic ingredients, soft manufacturing processes and environmentally friendly practices are used in the making of our products.  It also tells you what things are not used.

  • No animal testing
  • No synthetic fragrances and colours
  • No genetically modified ingredients
  • No petroleum derived products
  • No silicone oils and derivatives
  • No irradiation of end products and botanical ingredients
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Help – I’m not a teenager so why do I still get spots?
Adult acne is generally caused by sebum, an oily substance produced by the skin’s sebaceous glands. Sebum can clog pores, attracting bacteria and causing inflammation. Breakouts are usually a result of overproduction of sebum, caused by hypersensitivity or hormonal imbalance or change.

As well as monthly fluctuations in hormone levels, women experience major hormonal changes during pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause, which is why these are key times in life that we often see adult acne appear. Some medications can also play a contributing role.

Stress is another factor which can cause your sebaceous glands to get carried away, resulting in breakouts in times of acute stress. And chronic, long-term stress can cause hormonal changes leading to oilier spot-prone skin.

What can you do to prevent a blemish emergency?
The right balance and blend of natural oils in your skincare is not only beneficial, but essential for a healthy, beautiful complexion. People with oily skin often use too harsh a cleanser which strips away oil while also destroying the skin’s protective mantle. This leads to a vicious cycle of oil overproduction and uncomfortable surface tautness.

Exfoliate gently! Stay away from harsh facial scrub and anything which has rough abrasives in it. Look for natural AHA, kaolin clay and jojoba microspheres which gently polish away any debris.

If hormones are making your skin sensitive or reactive, an SOS product like Trilogy Very Gentle Calming Serum can be worth its weight in gold. A delicate blend of pure plant ingredients specially chosen to soothe fragile or irritated skin, it helps to calm inflammation.


This certified natural gel formulation is a powerful and concentrated treatment for sebaceous follicle blockages (otherwise known as spots, pimples or zits). Whatever the cause, Trilogy Blemish Control Gel is a highly effective botanical blemish blaster.

Salicylic acid, an extract of willow bark, helps to clear congestion and debris, while the natural antibacterial properties of lemongrass and mandarin help control breakouts and aid healing. With the addition of cucumber to cool and soothe, ginger to help reduce inflammation and certified organic rosehip oil to help repair skin.

How to apply

Apply to blemish 1-3 times daily. May cause skin flaking. Use only as directed.

Recently I got a super big and painful hard acne on my nose! So hard and painful that I can’t even do anything about it so I started using Triolgy’s Blemish Control Gel as below! The result is quite amazing as below!

The first picture is the stupid big, red, painful and hard acne! Second picture is after applying Trilogy Blemish Control Gel which is super thin and clear after applying on my skin! On the third picture, you can see that skin flaking appeared and my acne is flat and no longer hard! On the last picture, it is the acne that is almost healed! 😀


Usually this kind of hard acne takes week to heal (due to my age.. sighs*) I am really happy that it took less than a week for it to heal 80%! 😀 I will continue to apply twice daily!!!!!!!!!!



NEW Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask is a luxuriantly textured, creamy clay mask formulated to deeply cleanse the skin, drawing out impurities and absorbing excess sebum. Revitalising, energising and purifying, this rich blend of botanicals leaves the skin soft, smooth and radiant.

And while all that good work is going on, the fabulous, deep blue-grey colour of the mask is the perfect excuse to shut the door on the world and relax for a moment. After all, you don’t want to be frightening the kids or giving the neighbour a heart attack!

Kaolin clay, the base of Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask, is rich in minerals and trace elements. It delivers instant radiance and thorough cleansing, promoting uniform skin tone and improved circulation. Evening primrose and certified organic rosehip oils nourish and hydrate, while native New Zealand pohutakawa and other carefully selected botanical extracts help tone, soothe and regenerate skin.

How often you need to use a mask is dependent on both your skin type and main concerns, advises Corinne Morley, Trilogy’s in-house beauty expert. “If your skin is dry or dehydrated, using Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask once or twice a month will help to keep it soft and hydrated. On the other hand, if your skin tends to oiliness, applying the mask weekly will ensure your skin benefits from the deep cleansing and purifying action.”

Mineral-rich kaolin clay delivers instant radiance with a deep cleansing action. Native New Zealand pohutukawa extract helps tone and regenerate while emollient oils rosehip and evening primrose nourish and hydrate.

How to apply: Apply to cleansed face and neck, avoiding the eye area. Allow to dry and rinse off.


I applied a generous amount of Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask and left it for amount 20 minutes (while I sit on my massage chair) to dry! You can find the before and after below which I used flash for the photo. You can see that my skin is definitely brighter and look more radiant! I also feel that my skin is softer and smoother. I also realized that my black heads on my nose especially at the side popped out!!! I think this is the purifying effect of the mask!Since I have oily skin, I use the mask weekly for deep cleansing and purifying.


Do remember that good skin doesn’t come with zero effort! Let’s all have Blemish-free and Radiant Skin with Trilogy!

Trilogy is available at all Beauty By Nature, selected John Little stores, Trilogy Blemish Control Gel retails for $48 and Trilogy Mineral Radiance Mask (60ml jar) is $58.


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