THEFACESHOP – Character Mask Sheets

Reached home after my Japan trip and mom told me, “Someone sent you a weird looking box!!” What is it? What is it? It says BEWARE DANGER and it even has scratches of unknown animals on it! Answer to be announced in at the bottom!!!

LOL, no.. THEFACESHOP didn’t send me a giant cat! Instead, they sent me a tiger, fox, panda, sheep and dragon! Please don’t bite me~~lol, I can’t wait to try these cute character masks!!!

I CAN’T SAY HOW MUCH I LOVE THEFACESHOP MEIDA KIT!! They always have the most creative ideas ever!! The new Character Mask Sheets are THEFACESHOP’s latest and by far the most interesting mask sheet line ever!! 😀


New beauty trends are emerging on social media and the latest one is the face-mask selfie! Celebrities and online influencers are posting photos of themselves indulging in the goodness of their facial sheet masks.

With THEFACESHOP’s latest and by far the most interesting mask sheet line ever- the“Character Mask Sheet, you’ll be sure to take your face-mask selfie to an even higher level! Containing Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen, the Character Mask Sheets delivers rich moisture to dry and flaky skin and are available in 5 unique animal characters: Sheep, Panda, Fox, Tiger and Dragon.

They are also retailing at SGD$3.90/pc.

thefceshopanimalmask5  thefceshopanimalmask8  thefceshopanimalmask12


BONUS! Passed the dragon mask to my cussie since she is born in the year of Dragon!

My favourite out of the 5 masks is none other than the Tiger! SUPER CUTE! I am born in the year of Tiger! 😛 Therefore I loveee the cat family so much!!! ^^


Then I realized I really have a lot of plushies to match the mask. LOL!

Get fun and moisturized now with THEFACESHOP Character Mask Sheets!!  I actually bought more different kinds of mask from Japan!! 😀 I can’t wait to share with you girls and guys! ^^