Palmer’s White & Even Dark Series

So I was saying that I am recently a big fan of Palmer’s!!! 😛 Check out what I posted about Palmer’s  before!

This time round, Samplestore sent me 2 products from Palmer’s White & Even Dark Series! Watch the video featuring Beautiful Sonia!!

What causes hyper-pigmentation?

  • Discoloration, or hyperpigmentation can becaused many factors.
  • Most common is damage caused from UV exposure becoming worse with age.
  • Other factors can be acne scarring, severe dryness, Or hormonal changes from pregnancy, birth control pills, or hormone replacement therapy
Usually found where the sun damages the skin
  • Faces
  • Lips
  • Hands
  • Necks
  • Shoulders
Hyperpigmentation comes in many forms, including…
  • Age spots
  • Freckles
  • Melasma
  • Mask of pregnancy
  • Sun spots
How does it happen?
  • Sun exposure causes melanocytes in the epidermis to over-produce melanin
  • Resulting brown skin cells rise to the skin surface
How do we treat it?
  • Topical creams can inhibit the over-production of melanin
  • When new skin cells rise to the surface, the discolouration
Introducing Palmer’s WHITE & EVEN
  • Unique skin tone correcting formulations
  • Formulated with an advanced blend of potent yet gentle ingredients that reduce hyper-pigmentation
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Affordable products that really work
  • Free of parabens, phthalates, sulphates, harsh dyes, synthetics dyes and fragrances.


Synovea – Whitening & Tone Enhancing Complex
Clinical trials
  • Synovea Complex found to be as effective at lightening skin as Hydroquinone 2%

Whitening & Tone Enhancing Complex
When used daily, the advanced blend of ingredients in Palmer’s Eventone products, works in two ways:
  • Lightens surface skin cells producing more uniform skin tone within 3-5 days
  • Acts on the deeper skin layers to inhibit over-production of melanin. Even skin tone develops as skin cells rise to the surface. 4-6 weeks, depending on age, health, and exposure to sun

Palmer’s White & Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment $22.90/15ml

  • Targets Dark Circles and Shadows
  • Brightens under eyes
  • Firms and lifts
  • Reduces Puffiness


I really love the metal dispenser head. LOL. It gives a cooling feeling and totally perks me up every morning! I am a super big fan of eye care product since I really don’t want fine lines or wrinkle around my eye area! No thanks to looking older!! Having moisturized skin around the eye areas also awakens our eyes so we don’t feel tired! I think Palmer’s White & Even Dark Circle Correcting Eye Treatment really works since I don’t see dark eye rings, fine lines nor puffy eyes at all~ ^^


Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector $29.90/30ml

Visibly Targets

  • Dark Spots
  • Age Spots
  • Post-acne scars
  • Sun Damange

This comes in a pump dispenser, which is the best packaging as it dispense just the right amount of product needed! Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector is light and non-greasy so it is easily absorbed into my skin! Also, I really love light cocoa butter smell! *YUMMY*


Firstly, I do not have obvious dark spots on my face, the most obvious is actually covered by my hair. 😛 After using Palmer’s White & Even Dark Spot Corrector for 2 weeks, I am quite amazed that my dark spot near my hairline seem to have lightened!!! I hope it will disappear after another 2 week! 😀


Where To Buy: Watsons, Guardian, BHG, Robinsons, John Little, Essentials Pharmacy, Nishino Pharmacy,

all leading pharmacies, departmental and cosmetics stores.

Be back soon with my Japan Kyushu second day soon!! 😀