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Nagasaki: Lesson for World Peace – 22.6.2015

Hello! Sorry that I took such a long time to update about day 2 of my Kyushu Trip! I miss Kyushu so much! Basically I miss Japan so much! I know how most people will be like I love Tokyo the most! 😛 I used to love Tokyo the most when I first fell in love with Japan, but I also fell in love with Kansai Region (Osaka, Nara, Kyoto) when I visited Japan! I also fell in love with Kyushu due to its beautiful nature and less crowded places. ^^ Definitely going back again soon!!!!!! Japan is just somewhere that one will visit again and again!! Too beautiful to describe~~ ^^ So glad that my sister brought me around Kyushu for my fifth Trip to Japan!! Can’t wait for the sixth trip in November! 😀 DSCN1232

For the second day, we traveled to Nagasaki from Huis Ten Bosch Station, Limited Express Huis Ten Bosch, which took about 75min.

We reached Nagasaki Main Station, and walked around to hunt for our lunch!


Spotted this restaurant called Lan Kwai Fong ( a place in Hong Kong), and the shop sells Taiwan Ramen. LOL LOL LOL!!!! No, we didn’t have lunch here. 😛


We found this 海鮮市場長崎港 (Seafood market Nagasakiko Dejima Wharf)!


It is a very cozy Japanese style restaurant and we were the only customer! 😀


I am kind of addicted to Kaisen Don still! LOL!~~~~ YUMMY MAX!!


When in Japan, just eat all the food!!!! I have no idea what these are since they must be very expensive in Singapore. lol lol.nagasakifood2

My sister and I were sick most of the trip so I had my mask 90% of the time~~ :((( You know, I really do not have to edit my photos for the Japan trip! My skin and hair just look so good!!!! I need to stay in Japan!!! LOL!


Nagasaki Peace Park is a park located in Nagasaki, Japan, commemorating the atomic bombing of the city on August 9, 1945 during World War II. It is next to the Atomic Bomb Museum and near the Peace Memorial Hall.

Constructed in August, 1969, “Fountain of Peace” isas a prayer for the repose of the souls of the many atomic bomb victims who died searching for water, and as a dedication to world peace. Lines from a poem by a girl named Sachiko Yamaguchi, who was nine at the time of the bombing, are carved on a black stone plaque in front of the fountain.

It reads: “I was thirsty beyond endurance. There was something oily on the surface of the water, but I wanted water so badly that I drank it just as it was.”


Peace Statue created by sculptor Seibo Kitamura of Nagasaki Prefecture. The statue’s right hand points to the threat of nuclear weapons while the extended left hand symbolizes eternal peace. The mild face symbolizes divine grace and the gently closed eyes offer a prayer for the repose of the bomb victims’ souls. The folded right leg and extended left leg signify both meditation and the initiative to stand up and rescue the people of the world. The statue represents a mixture of western and eastern art, religion, and ideology. Installed in front of the statue is a black marble vault containing the names of the atomic bomb victims and survivors who died in subsequent years.



I also spotted a few kitties when we were in the park! I must of course take photo of it! 🙂 Meanwhile, stay tuned to the entry that I went to Ainoshima, Cat Island!!!! <3


We also visited the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum. The museum is a remembrance to the atomic bombing of the city that occurred on 9 August 1945, at 11:02:35 am. When the United States of America dropped a nuclear bomb on Nagasaki. World War 2 was a scary history and we definitely want world peace! Let us love and respect each others lives, decisions and religions!

The atomic bomb that fell on Nagasaki detonated in Urakami only 500 m (1640 ft) from the Urakami Cathedra, which completely destroying it. The Urakami Cathedra that you see in this picture was rebuilt.


Part of Urakami Cathedral that remained standing after the nuclear bombing.  Par of the remains of the cathedral can be found at the Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Museum.



I think we took the bus and went to see the One-legged torii, Sannō Shrine. The other half was toppled in the explosion of the nuclear bomb and now homes and pre-school surrounds the torri and Sannō Shrine.

nagasaki9 nagasaki10

In the Sannō Shrine, two large camphor trees were scorched, burned and stripped of all leaves by the bomb’s shock wave; and yet, despite everything, the trees survived and regrow. Nature is amazing!!!!!!!  We should all live happily and peacefully too~


In the evening, we went back to Nagasaki Main Station and get ready for our tour to Mount Inasa! Funnily enough, the mini bus had Singaporeans (me and my sister), Japanese, Taiwanese, Hong Konger, and Korean!!! 😀 So international!

The view from Mt. Inasa (Inasayama) in Nagasaki City has been voted the third best in the world!!! There is an observation platform that provides the spectacular views of Nagasaki’s “10 Million Dollar Night View”!!!


We were only up at Inasayama for 50 minutes and I was quite disappointed that it was really hazy and cloudy when it was 15 minutes before our departure. 🙁


THEN, a miracle happened within a few mintues and I present to you~~ Nagasaki’s “10 Million Dollar Night View”!!! 😀  <3 <3 <3


I AM SUCH A LUCKY GIRL~~~ Thank you Japan!! Thank you Nagasaki ~~ for blessing me with such a spectacular and gorgeous night view!!!!! <3 😀 😀 😀

I have some more pictures over at my personal facebook and you can check them out if you are interested. ^^

I can’t wait to share about Day 2 when I visited Beppu!!!!!! Kyushu is really love~~~~~~~~~~<3 I love you Japan!!

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