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Beppu – Japan’s Most Famous Hot Spring Resorts

On my day 3 of my Japan’s Trip, we traveled from Nagasaki back to Hakata and then to Beppu!!

I bought almost everything that I see mentaiko!! lol!!!


We had Sasebo Burger at our hotel before we set off for Beppu!




Passed by Hakata Station and saw my favourite Rilakkuma! BOUGHT truckloads when I was back to stay in Hakata. 😛



Beppu (別府) is one of Japan’s most famous hot spring resorts, producing more hot spring water than any other resort in the country.

Beppu offers an unmatched range of baths to be enjoyed, including ordinary hot water baths, mud baths, sand baths and steam baths. In addition, the Hells of Beppu are several spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing.

Welcomed to pamper my hands just outside Beppu Station! ^


Saw this statue of Mr Kumahachi Aburaya just outside the station. He is the “father of Beppu tourism” ! Thank you for beautiful Beppu! 😀 P1250324

What I really like about Kyushu is that there really isn’t much people walking around. I LOVE!! 😛 I feel so relaxed without the need to walk fast and squeeze with people!P1250327

You really hardly see people walking around! I should have taken more OOTDS. LOL!  P1250330

In Beppu, you will just see many many Onsens and don’t even look like one. HAHA! I wish I stay here so I can visit all the onsens!!!


Simple small Cinema Theater that doesn’t look like those fancy ones in Singapore!P1250331

Saw a Tengu Shrine in the market street.

Tengu were often described as protectors of freedom and sovereignity in Japan. In 1688 there was a huge fire in Beppu, and this has led to the construction of many shrines to protect the villagers from further grief.


Tsunami evacuation area.


Japan = World No.1 Vending Machines Country!


A peek of olden days Japan: Old poster, signboard..


Not to forget, my favourite beer Kirin!!! Endorsed by ARASHI, Arashi for dream~~ 😛 *spams some Arashi*

P1250347  P1250349 P1250350

Hello my sis!


Saw beautiful flowers at a car park entrance!


I am so amazed by Japan that I even took photo of their manhole.  How cute and colourful is this manhole! Japan!!!!!


After exploring a little, it is time for the main highlight of our trip to Beppu. ONSEN!!!!!!!!!


There are many famous Onsens but the one we chose is Takegawra Onsen!


Built in 1879, Takegawara Spa is Beppu’s oldest and most famous bath house, offering sand and regular baths in an atmosphere of the old days! The entrance fee is just 100yen! P1250356

We managed to small talk with some kind Obaasan. (^_^) The onsen is super hot.. Omgosh… Haha!!! By the way, it is situated just next a red light district~

P1250357 P1250358 P1250359 P1250360 P1250361 P1250362

After onsen, we were shocked that the shopping mall closes at 7pm!! OMG. haha!


Must eat dish at Beppu! Chicken Karage!!! I WONDER HOW JAPANESE stay so slim eating all these…..


Our hotel for the night is Beppu Daiichi Hotel which is a few minutes walk from the station! Love how cozy, clean, and cute the yukatas are 😛



I love how Japanese hotels provide Shiseido bath sets~~~ These of course can’t be brought home. LOL!2015-06-23-20-46-06_photo
As per my previous post about Kushu Trip, you can view more photos of my Beppu in my facebook if you are interested!

Beppu Day 1 and 2 in Facebook

Kept this entry short to day 1, but I will share about day 2 soon! ^^


After looking at my Japan’s trip photo, I can’t wait for my next Japan Trip in November!!!!!!!


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