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Kagurame Lake + Shidaka Lake + Hell of Beppu

We went to Beppu for 1 night and went to Yufuin on the second night! Let me continue sharing about day 2 of Beppu! Do read about Day 1 if you haven’t!

First thing first, you must get the Beppu 1 Day Mini Free Passport from the train station! ^^ They have an English Speaking Customer Service to help! 😀 I visited Kagurame Lake for Iris viewing, Lake Shidaka and Hells of Beppu!12030547_10154303192872814_4566219030035000208_o

Depending on the days, the timing of the buses defer and stopped at some places only! It should stop at Kagurame Lake during weekend. You can visit Kagurame Lake on the right, and Shidaka Lake on th right. Since I love flowers viewing, we decided to visit Kagurame Lake first.  We kind of chose the wrong way…. lol. We walked on the side of the misty road for about 15 minutes with cars just beside us. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!! And from Kagurame Lake to Shidaka Lake, we can go through a short cut via the hill. However, the mountain was so steep I had to stop 2 times to catch my breath. LOL!!!!!!!!!! Serve me right for wearing Heeled Sneakers. =X

I will recommend  you to visit Shidaka Lake first and cut through the hill~~ lol. Shidaka Lake’s side was not that high as compared to Kagurame Lake. *MEHHHH*

However, it was worth all the walking and hiking to Kagurame Lake!!!!!!



The view is simply… breath-taking!!!!!!! Japan is just so so so so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!! *CRIES* I can still feel the cooling morning wind and fresh air!!!!!!!!!



Kagurame Lake is surrounded by the Tsurumi Mountains. It is shrouded in legend to say that a female dancer of Tsurumi shrine lived near the lake in the Heian period. Irises of eighty different kinds from fifteen thousand roots dye the lake in light purple color and provide a scene of mysterious beauty. On the festival day, you can enjoy a music performance, Japanese tea and Kagurame dango (dumpling) for free.

You can see many kinds of Irises and here are some that are 1 year old, 2 year old and 3 year old!


You can see many kinds of Irises and here are some that are 1 year old, 2 year old and 3 year old!

P1250370 P1250372

P1250377 P1250375



Also, time for some full view picture of Kagurame Lake! 😀

P1250379 P1250384

Next we went to beautiful Shidaka Lake!


About 1000 cherry trees are now in full bloom around Lake Shidaka. It is a small lake with 2 kms around, which belongs to Aso-Kuju national park and located 600 meters above sea level.


So calming to just stand there and soak in the essence of nature! *BREATHES IN*P1250446

Saw probably only 3 Japanese couple! Caught one couple throwing stones up the tori gate.. how sweet is this scene? 🙂P1250447

Towards the end of Shidaka Lake, there are a few beautiful swan and caught one of them on camera! *waves hello*P1250450

There are many beautiful Hydrangea of different colours!!!


This pinkish purple  colour looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3P1250460 P1250461 P1250462 P1250466

Next up, we visited the very famous Hells of Beppu!!!!


The “hells” (地獄, jigoku) of Beppu are eight spectacular hot springs for viewing rather than bathing. They are presented to visitors in a rather touristy fashion, which might not appeal to everybody. Six of the hells are located in the Kannawa district and two in the more remote Shibaseki district.

We first went to the Kannawa district!


Yama Jigoku

The “mountain hell” features small ponds of steaming hot water and a mini zoo! I went a little crazy over the countless rabbits!! 😀


SO SO CUTE!!!!!!!


So fluffy~~ I can’t take it!!!!!!!!P1250474



The baby bunnies are soooooo poor thing! I was feeding them carrot halfway and the big bunny will come and push them away.. 🙁


DSCN1356  DSCN1360 DSCN1361 DSCN1364


Next it is the Umi Jigoku!

The “sea hell” features a pond of boiling blue hell. In its gardens, there are a few orange colored hells and a large, clear water pond with lotus flowers which are big enough to support small children. Also, there is a hot spring for us to soak our tired feet! ^^


DSCN1400 DSCN1371 DSCN1378 DSCN1379

Oniishibozu Jigoku

This hell is named after the mud bubbles, which emerge from boiling mud pools and look like the shaven heads of monks.  DSCN1381

Looks so funny!!!! 😀DSCN1382

Kamado Jigoku

The “cooking pot hell” features several boiling ponds and a flashy demon statue as cook. On the grounds, visitors can drink the hot spring water, enjoy hand and foot baths, inhale the hot spring steam and try various snacks cooked or steamed by the hot spring.

DSCN1390 DSCN1392 DSCN1394 DSCN1395

Don’t mind me… i am  just trying to turn myself pretty! LOL!DSCN1396

Oniyama Kagurama

A large number of crocodiles are bred and kept on the grounds of the “monster mountain hell”.


The baby crocodiles are quite cute!! They are mostly motionless… unlike those in Singapore Zoo!! DSCN1403

Shiraike Jigoku

The “white pond hell” features a pond of hot milky water. The pond is surrounded by a garden and a small aquarium.


Chinoike Jigoku

The “blood pond hell” features a pond of hot, red water! I got my Christmas Fuchiko and other stuffs in this souvenir shop. 😛




Tatsumaki Jigoku

The “spout hell” features a boiling hot geyser, which erupts every 30-40 minutes for about 6-10 minutes. A stone plate above the geyser hinders it to reach its full height.

DSCN1419 DSCN1422

Lol, while waiting for the geyser to shoot every 30-40min… We tried the handmade ice cream! Pumpkin and potato flavor which I’ve never tried before! Pumpkin is really yummy!!!! <3

After a very fun day at Beppu, we left for Yufuin picturesque!!!!! I still need time to choose the photos! ^^ Meanwhile, you can take a look at my Beppu photos in my facebook 😀

Screen shot 2015-10-04 at AM 02.32.21

OMG, I want to live in Yufuin too!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! I really wish I can stay in Japan for like two years! I want to live one year in Hokkaido, and another year just traveling around Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *LOA ACTIVATED*

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