Essential Leave On Treatment CC Oil & Night Care Milk

While many people may know that heat styling, perming and dyeing can damage your hair, they may not know that external environmental factors and some of their everyday habits can put stress on your hair and impact its health and appearance.

Fight those pesky hair stresses with the new and improved Essential Leave-On Treatment Range!

The Essential CC Oil and Essential Night Care Milk promise gorgeous, healthy and manageable hair all day long, even as you sleep peacefully at night.

The ‘CC’ in the new Essential CC Oil ($11.90) stands for Cuticle Care that shares the same ‘multi-functional’ concept of BB or CC Cream in skincare!

Concept of Essential CC Oil = 1 oil protects your hair from 5 hair stresses

CC Oil forms a protective coat around each hair strand and protects your hair from the 5 hair stresses, leaving you with more beautiful, less tangles and manageable hair! It can be applied in the morning and can be reapplied any time of the day.


The 5 Hair Stresses that are external environmental factors and your own personal habits contributes to stresses
to your hair.

Brazen Blow Drying Front (orange)
1. Blow drying: Heat damage/friction from blow drying
The process of blow-drying removes moisture from the hair, both outside and inside the hair – leaving hair dry, brittle and susceptible for further damage

Cruel Coming Front (pin)

2. Combing: Friction to the hair cuticles due to daily combing
Combing through wet hair causes great hair damage as the hair follicle is at is most fragile state. Likewise, the friction caused by coming through dry hair can form hair knots which makes hair prone to unnecessary breakage

Spiteful Split Ends Front (blue)

3. Split Ends: Fraying of hair shaft due to dry and brittle hair
The ends of your hair are the oldest and driest parts. When the protective hair cuticle is destroyed at the end of the hair, the hair splits into two or more parts.

Badass Breakage Front (green)

4. Hair Breakage
Besides daily heat styling, blow drying and brushing, other seemingly harmless actions like tying your hair into a tight ponytail or twirling your hair with your fingers exert excessive stress on your hair, resulting in hair breakage

Despicable Dryness Front (yellow)

5. Dryness: Dry hair that feels rough
Exposure to the sun, wind or even air-conditioning can result in hair dryness. The hair cuticle that protects the hair is weakened and is unable to retain moisture within the cuticles of the hair

I am guilty of all these 5 evil Stress Brothers!! 🙁 🙁 🙁


Non-greasy and invisibly light, the Essential CC Oil coats each strand of hair with a cuticle coat protection to fight the
5 most common forms of hair stresses. The cuticle coat protection leaves hair smooth and tangle-free after I blowdry my hair! You can see how my soft and shiny my hair looks like after drying my hair!!! XD


Next, I applied the Essential Night Care Milk after my hair was fully blow dry and before I sleep!!

Do your hair looks lifeless and dry after you wake up even though you blowdry your hair perfectly the night before??? Now, you don’t have to waste time washing your hair again in the morning to blowdry it to perfection!!!! You can now have Essential Night Care Milk ($11.9) that protects your hair from pillow friction by leaving a protective coat around each hair strand and prevent misaligned cuticles when hair rubs against the pillowcase, leaving hair more manageable the next morning. <3 <3 <3 <3

essentialccoil5 essentialccoil6

What is Pillow Friction?
– When you toss and turn at night, there is friction between your hair and the pillow, causing the cuticles to be misaligned
– Misaligned cuticles creates frizz, resulting in the fabulous lion’s mane the next morning
– Washing your hair will ‘reset’ the mane, which is why many women have no choice but to wash and blow dry their hair in the morning before going to work

In order to keep my review as real as possible, here are two photos of me in my wake up face and wake up hair… LOL LOL LOL!!!!


On the left of the collage below, I applied Night Care Milk the night before I slept and see how beautiful my locks turned out the next day when I woke up!!!!!!!!!! <3 My hair still feels smooth and soft and even my curls still look gorgeous!!! <3

And on the right on the collage below, you can see how lifeless and dry my hair looks like without applying the Night Care Milk! Thank you essential for protecting my hair from pillow friction and save me one hour for no need of washing and drying my hair when I woke up with messy bed hair!!!!
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