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BEVY C. – Answer to a woman’s dream of perfect skin!

BEVY C. – Popular Taiwan Skincare Brand is now available in Singapore!!! 😀

I met up with Jinny,  the director of Brainman Holdings Pte Ltd, who introducedme to BEVY C! I am definitely honored to have a 1-to-1 meetup with Jinny who was really sincere in explaining and sharing more about this popular skincare from Taiwan! Thank you Jinny! <3 ^^

Let me share with you about what is so special about this award winning brand that is recommended repeatedly on Beauty Shows, Magazines, and Bloggers from Taiwan, HongKong, Malaysia… etc!

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BEVY C. is made up of the English word “Bevy” meaning a group of ladies, while C is derived from the French word “Chic” meaning trendy. BEVY C. symbolizes a brand of professional skincare products developed specially for the community of trendy women. An innovative, trendy skin care concept developed specially to give women confidence when applying or removing makeup.

Another super interesting fact that amazed me is that BEVY C. is the brainchild of Brightness Film, a company that, for more than 20 years, has been doing business in Greater China – with interests in film, television, advertisement and entertainment!!

While every woman longs to have the flawless skin of the movie stars they see on screen, the impact of the environment and stress have often caused biologically young skin to appear sallow, lack of lustre, pigmented, plus many other imperfections. 🙁

BEVY the answer to a woman’s dream of perfect skin! The most important step towards perfect skin is pre-makeup nourishment and protection of the skin!



I received 4 products from Bevy C. Pre-makeup Lumiwhite Collection:

  4. LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR $37 (15ml), $62 (35ml)




Defeat the unsightly eye bags and dry lips!

The delicate texture of this product gives pre-makeup skin a protective layer, moisturizing the skin around the eyes, protecting the sensitive skin from damage and eliminating the eye bags! Minimizes dryness around the eyes that usually occurs after make-up and effectively produces bright shiny eyes full of vitality.

Normal Skin Type/ Dry Skin Type: Press once
Oily Skin Type/ Combination Skin: Press once
Dry Skin Type: Press twice


The texture is really watery and light as you can see from the picture above! I applied  on my eyes and lips on the photo below. You can see that even in the picture after I applied LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR FOR EYES & LIPS, my lips look more moisturized instantly!

HOW TO USE: Use on and around the lips to promote skin renewal, moisturise and nourish. The intensive moisturizing characteristic effectively minimises dryness and resultant peeling. Used before applying lipstick, it instantly smoothens fine lines, rendering the lips supple and luscious. Used after applying lipstick, it locks in moisture for a longer lasting and glossy sheen.




Newly Improved Pre-Makeup All Day moisturizing Essence.  First Step Towards Lustrous White Skin

Through continuous improvement, this unique moisture-locking formula manages the renewal and PH balance of the skin, forming the first line of defense for effective skin care. Made up of plant extracts and hyaluronic acid, both of which possess undisputed moisturizing characteristics and combined with the innovative hydrating Pentavin, this product has taken skin hydration and moisture-locking to a new and greater height. This deeply penetrating essence effortlessly nourishes the skin, producing a worry-free, refreshed look. The other components of extracts of chamomile, rose, aloe vera, witch hazel, algae and other plant extracts make this product suitable for all skin types.

Normal Skin Type/ Oily Skin Type / Combination Skin Type:: Press twice
Dry Skin Type: Press thrice


The texture of the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP LOTION is similar to that of LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR FOR EYES & LIPS, which is really watery and light. Just by apply the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP LOTION, my skin feels smooth and refreshed immediately. <3




Light, moisturizing, Worry-free. High performing whitener, moisturizer, repair One step process.

Wishing for that perfect pre-makeup solution that protects your skin while portraying a natural look? Combining the highly effective protective characteristics of lipid cells and the formula for water replenishment and retention, this product not only locks in moisture but also nourishes without over-stressing the skin, leaving a natural light feeling. Makeup base is now moisturizing and blends naturally. This is a necessary foundation for perfect pre-makeup skin. In addition, “Innovative Whitening Mechanism” provides multi-layered whitening and moisturizing, eliminating dullness and dryness for a clear, lustrous and natural look.

Normal Skin Type/ Combination Skin Type: Press once
Oily Skin Type: 0.5 times
Dry Skin Type: Press twice: Press once


The LUMIWHITE MOIST UP EMULSION texture is slightly thicker than the Lotion. Emulsion is a more watered-down and lighter essence which is more suitable for Oily Skin.


LUMIWHITE MOIST UP EMULSION multi-layered whitening and moisturizing, eliminating dullness and dryness for a clear, lustrous and natural look.




Just one drop to transform your makeup base into a face mask! Highly effective essence, universally recommended by makeup artistes in the movie and theatre entertainment!

Pre-makeup, this essence builds a layer of intelligent molecules that control grease, moisturises as well as continue to replenish water under the skin surface, nourishing and promoting dead cell renewal. The excellent ductility and penetration qualities instantly and without effort, eliminate dullness for lustrous and youthful skin. And yet externally, the skin is conditioned to integrate with the makeup base for easy makeup application and the ultimate result of a perfect longer lasting natural look.

Normal Skin Type / Oily Skin Type / Combination Skin Type: Press once
Dry Skin Type: Press twice

You can first use the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR as a base makeup or simply mix it into your Foundation and BB cream as below!


LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR is now my MUST-HAVE skincare product! You know how dry the weather is during Winter in Japan, so I am really glad I brought the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR with me! *PHEW*  Not only does the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR makes my makeup application much easier (dry skin makes makeup cakey looking!!), and it also gives me a longer lasting natural look like below. 😀


No other products are used other than my foundation and the LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR. Then I add on my full make up and I am all ready to go out! XD


My skin looking all glowing and natural with the use of LUMIWHITE MOIST UP ELIXIR!bevycselfie3

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