ERUCA – Japanese Oil Infused Formulated Haircare Brand

Check out this NEW Haircare Brand, Eruca!!! Japanese products just have the BEST PACKAGING EVER!!!!!!  Thank you SampleStore and Eruca Singapore for sending the three full ranges over!!! <3 <3 <3 The packaging already win me over!!!!! Japan, I just love you! 😀 😀 😀


Eruca is Japanese hair care brand of botanical oil infused shampoos and conditioners.

Eruca focuses on seed oils which provides ‘silicon-like’ effects but without the harmful effects of silicon. It is increasingly being referred to as ‘Natural Silicon’.

Seed oils from broccoli, cowberry, bilberry, milk thistle and etc is the hallmark of this moisturizing and shine-inducing formula, while the blend also contains other rich botanically-sourced oils such as argan, virgin prune and marula oil, which helps rejuvenate tired tresses.

Eruca comes in 3 different ranges for different hair needs!!

Scalp & Volume collection repair the scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff.

Extra Volume Up collection wraps the whole hair in a thin veil to create volume from the roots without the use of harmful hair products!

Moist & Repair collection restore water and oil balance in your hair and scalp for frizz-free hair.

How To Use:
Just use the right amount of shampoo for your hair length, lather, rinse and apply conditioner.

*Tip: if you have short hair, use only small amount of shampoo (about the size of a 10 cents coin). 50 cents coin size for average length and two 20cents coins size if your hair is past your shoulders.

Suitable For:
All hair type especially dry scalps from excessive sebum being removed by regular shampoo.


Eruca Scalp & Volume Range uses botanical oil extracted from specially selected seed oils help to restore balance to your scalp and alleviate common scalp problems like itchiness and dandruff.

In addition to use in organic cosmetics, Shea butter enjoyed a period of popularity as an eco-detergent and as a face washing agent for dry and sensitive skin in Europe and America.

The Shea butter moisturizes and helps protect your scalp and hair because of the pro-vitamin B5 it contains after having washed your hair in the dense lather it produces.

Recently, I have been having itchy scalp due to the hot weather!!! -_-” This series come as a good timing! I also love the formulas of sweet exquisite flower fragrances! This range smells the sweetest among the three ranges!


Eruca 3D Volume Up contains a unique volumizing ingredient wraps the whole hair in a thin veil to create volume from the roots without the use of harmful hair products!

After your 40s, hair tends to become thinner and decrease in amount, causing a loss of body, control and volume. The solution to these issues is the all-in-one type “Eruca All-In-One Extra Volume Up Shampoo”. Styling ingredients, which are included in the shampoo, wrap the hair from the roots and create a luscious head of hair with strong individual strands when dried. Even floppy hair can achieve a voluminous finish.

Since I already have thick and fluffy hair, this range is not the most suitable for me. Hehe.  However, I did try out the range and it surely gives my hair more puff and volume!


My favourite range is the Eruca Moist & Repair! This range tames my unruly hair into beautiful lock of hair with the hair defining formula that aims to restore water and oil balances in my hair and scalp for frizz-free hair!!!!!!!!!

The shampoo before and after lathering! The scent is just so floral and revitalising! <3

The conditioner!


This is my wet hair after using the Eruca Moist & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner! My hair is totally smooth and tangle-free!!!!!! I comb through my hair easily and truthfully, I felt that my hair feels even smoother and shinier than when I do treatment at the hair salon!!!!!!!! Now all of us can have beautiful smooth shiny hair at a fraction of salon price and at the comfort of our house! *HAPPY!!!!!!*




Grab EURCA $18.90-$22.90 from Guardian and Tokyu Hands or!! The price is just so super worth it for the huge bottle! 😀

Or you can get your FREE sample from!

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