Revlon Salon Hits – No Rinse Spray Mask

Revlon Salon Hits, the brand that brings the most successful beauty salon products closer to you. Discover the new 11 Benefits product range, with 11 real benefits for your hair.

A complete intensive treatment created to protect, repair and strengthen your hair. Ideal for daily care of dry and damaged hair.

Revlon Salon Hits 11 Benefits range is composed of three unique products, Creamy Shampoo, No Rinse Hair Treatment and Hair Mask with serum micro capsules. Each product is formulated to provide luxurious, healthy and younger looking hair.

  1. Repairing and nourishing
  2. Strengthen hair
  3. Doesn’t weigh hair down
  4. Balances scalp
  5. Reduces hard water effects
  6. Incredible softness
  7. Shiny hair
  8. Anti frizz control
  9. Silky touch
  10. Gives hair body and volume
  11. Easy to manage & style

I received the Revlon  No Rinse Spray Mask during Watsons Day Out Event last year! 😛 I’ve been using it diligently and I REALLY love how it worked for my hair and how good it smelled!!!! ^^



Healthy, protected and beautiful hair in only one step,  thanks to Salon Hits, Revlon  No Rinse Spray Mask, is an innovative leave-on hair mask with a revolutionary texture in spray with 11 Benefits hair treatment cream!!

Its secret is in its formulation, a strong combination of more than 10 active principles; among them Pro-Vitamin B5, silk amino acids and solar filters UVA/UVB.

Its extra creamy texture is easily applied with its revolutionary bottle + spray that prevent hair from caking and free from residue.


  1. Repairs and nourishes damaged hair
  2. Exceptional shine
  3. Frizz control
  4. Thermal protection
  5. Soft & silky hair
  6. UVA/UVB and color protection
  7. More manageable hair
  8. De-tangling effect
  9. Maximum protection
  10. Prevents split ends
  11. Provides volume

There are two ways of using the  Relvon Salon Hits No Rinse Spray Mask

On damp hair, spray the Relvon Salon Hits No Rinse Spray Mask at a distance of approximately 20 cm away from hair and distribute evenly.


Yo can see how my smooth, tangle-free and super shiny hair looks like after spraying the mask!!! I didn’t even blow dry it! XD


Do you have bad hair day like me????  I have one of the those days, that I woke up to this messy fizzy lion mane!!!!! 🙁  🙁 But I don’t have to worry at all 😀


Simply spray the required amount of Relvon Salon Hits No Rinse Spray Mask on your palm and spread throughout hair from mid-length to ends. See how concentrated it looks like when sprayed in close proximity!!!! AMAZING!!!! It is watery when sprayed from far!!!!


Again, super smooth, volume, tangle-free, manageable  and SUPER SHINY hair after using the Relvon Salon Hits No Rinse Spray Mask!! EFFORTLESS beautiful hair in 30 seconds! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Revlon Salon Hits is available Exclusively at Watsons!!!

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