One day in Nara: Mt Yoshino and Nara Park

During my trip to Japan, Joanne and I had a homestay over at Nishi-san’s house! So glad to see Nishi-san, Yaemi-san and also Falcon after many years!!!^^

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Hello my sweet old friend!

We took a train early in the morning over from Osaka to Nara to meet Nishi-san! Nishi-san then sent us back to his house to unload our luggage then drove to Mt Yoshino!

Mount Yoshino (吉野山, Yoshinoyama), in Nara Prefecture, has been Japan’s most famous cherry blossom viewing spot for many centuries. It is said that the first trees were planted along its slopes more than 1300 years ago, and today the mountain is covered by approximately 30,000 cherry trees of many different varieties, especially of the Yamazakura variety.



This super friendly shop owner treated us some hot drinks and shared with us his trips to various countries with his wife! They developed the photos and kept train tickets, coins from each country they visited with the dates! They visited Singapore in the 90s!!!




Since we visited in Autumn, some trees are still red and beautiful!!! ^^


Duck was a delcious duck meat Ramen!!!!!!!! XD


Later that evening, we went to Nara Park!!!! Nara Park is definitely a must-go place to relax and take some cute photos of deer!!!!!



After a yummy dinner prepared by Yaemi-san, Nishi-san brought us to Yurara no Yu for hot spring and relaxation!!!!! He is so cute to kept taking photos for us at the main entrance!!


As per usual, more photos are available on my facebook! ^^

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