ICED Dynamic Pulse Light Skin Treatment at Bejeweled

So I have been visiting Bejeweled since November 2015 to get my nails drawn, eyelashes done and this time I will be trying their Facial! 😀 Yes, you are right! You can also pamper yourself at Bejeweled for their  3 concepts beauty store at BreadTalk IHQ (30 Tai Seng Street)!


I tried the ICED Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) this time at Bejeweled!

Benefits of ICED Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL):

  • Tightens skin
  • Shrinks pores
  • Reverses sun damage and rough skin
  • Fades brown spot and freckles
  • Heals acne and scars
  • Stimulates collagen naturally

Treatment Involves:

  • Facial Massage
  • Shoulder Massage
  • DPL – Dynami Pulse Light
  • Serum
  • 3 Masks

Products Used:

  • Various Vagheggi oligominerals –  they are trace elements whereby only a “trace” or very little amount is needed. Used since ancient times, they are nutritional values present in the body and in foods in organic and inorganic combinations. Fundamental for physical and mental well-being, they are indispensable for correct skin physiology.

Duration: 75 min

Price of Treatment: $288

So I was guided to one  of the beautiful and relaxing room to enjoy my facial! ^^



Got changed into my robe to get ready to pamper my face and relaxing massage by Bejeweled! 😀



Step 1: Cleanse my face to remove my sunblock and then skin exfoliation/scrub to remove all my up all the dead skin cells!

Step 2:  Like other facials I did, I had the acne on my skin extracted. I didn’t get my eyebrow trimmed since I wanna let it grow to get another shape I want. LOL. Please don’t call me Shin-chan~~~

Step 3: Since I still have a little bit of sensitive skin problem especially on my chin, Vagheggi oligominerals Aluminum Complex  for (red and sensitive skin) was applied to calm my skin a little. <3


Step 4: Next up, I tried out the ICED Dynamic Pulse Light Skin Treatment (DPL)!

If you take closer look at the modes, this amazing machine has actually 2 different IPL program!

One is to do IPL hair removal and the other is to do Skin Rejuvenation in 3 different modes targeted for different skin types:

  • Pigment Vascular lesions
  • Whitening, Acne Spots
  • Reduces pores, wrinkles, and face lifting

I think I need both the second and third modes!!! LOL!! However, this time I did the Whitening and Acne Spots Treatment (period was coming so my acnes pop and pop…. :'( )


Using state-of-the-art technology, pulseMAX ICED Dynamic Pulse Light (DPL) is the latest in pulsed light therapy. Best known to treat broken capillaries and hyper pigmentation, this treatment so aims to stimulate collagen naturally. As a result, skin is more plumped and looks fresher and rejuvenated. Comes with an effective contact cooling technology, gel is not needed prior to treatment.

I wore this goggle to protect my eyes from the pulsed light. My therapist  mentioned to me beforehand that I might still see some white light during the treatment but it will not be painful or hurt the eyes.


I was also informed that I might feel some discomfort on my skin (as if an elastic band is against my skin but not that painful), I might also feel more of the discomfort on my forehead. However, the discomfort is really minimum (or nothing) for me and I just felt like there is something maybe like a pen is touching gently on my face that’s all!

Step 5:  To ensure that my skin is also moisturised after the IDP treatment,  Vagheggi Magnesium (for dry skin) was applied onto my skin using this special device. I was informed that I might feel uncomfortable since this might also caused some discomfort for my skin. LOL, to tell the truth, I didn’t know the device was working on my face until the therapist asked me how I felt… I thought she was using her hand massaging my face 😛 This device will also have different light settings for different skin benefits. ^^


Step 6: Vagheggi Regulartrice was applied to my face to strengthened the cells of my face and also did a facial massage and then facial mask to further enhanced the whole facial treatment! 🙂


While having the mask on, I had a super relaxing upper back and shoulder massage. I always look forward to massage as I tend to have super sore and tight shoulder and back. ( I am sure most of us face this problem. )


Last but not least, my therapist applied lotion, cream and sunscreen for me!

bejeweledfacial8 bejeweledfacial9

I was also told not to apply foundation if possible, and I might have peeling skin (which I didn’t have).


After the treatment, I noticed that my skin looks brighter + smoother and also feels tighter! My acne does look less prominent and less red. <3 I can’t really tell if my pores shrink since I only did this treatment once. However, I am pretty sure that my skin will get better if I continue this treatment for a few times. ^^

My nails has been a little dry since I do gelish very often, therefore I also did LCN Nail Care Treatment during my trip.



Step 1: Scrub


Step 2: Nail mask


After a few minutes, remove the nail mask.


Apply nail oil to revive my dry skin! <3


I am also using theWagheggi Phytocosmetici Rehyra range thanks to Bejeweled! I will share more about these 3 products in the next entry! ^^

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