Bella Skincare – 360˚ Illuminator Treatment Review


Thanks to Word of Mouth Communications, I had the chance to do the trial of Bella Skincare’s latest treatment – 360˚ Illuminator Treatment over at their Jurong Point Outlet!

Established in 1982, Bella has over 30 centres worldwide to date and is the region’s acknowledged leader in advanced skincare services and advanced hair removal solution. Using the most up-to-date facial and hair removal technologies and techniques available worldwide, Bella is constantly enhancing and expanding its exclusive range of professional skincare services. All Bella Skin Care centers are staffed by a dedicated team of qualified skincare experts who are equipped with the latest developments in specialized skincare treatments and hair-removal services.

With over two decades of experience in providing professional skincare services, Bella is the pioneer in introducing the most advanced solutions to skincare and hair removal problems in countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Indonesia.

For over 25 years, we have helped thousands of clients achieve lasting beauty through therapies that emphasis on natural substances. By understanding in-depth the profiles of Asian skin, our treatments have catered to the changing lifestyle demands of women and men in Asia, enabling clients to have healthier skin and more confidence.


I really like the exquisite room design of Bella Skincare!!! I feel so much like an European Royalty thanks to the decorations! 😛 I really like wallpapers with gold design!


Can I order a Hot Body please???? LOL!!! (Unfortunately, one can only work SUPER hard for it…. :((((( )


Since I went over in the later morning, I slapped on sunblock and was simply ready to relax and let Bella Skincare to take care and transform my skin!

LOL, please pardon for the bad quality and funny angle photos since I took it instinctively during the facial…. hahahahaha. *FEELS LIKE AN IDIOT* BUTTTT….i must show you girls and guys the most real experience! HAHAHAHA…. so the funny photo trail begins!


Step 1: First thing first, as per all facials, my skin was cleansed thoroughly to remove the sunblock and any dirt on my skin!


Step 2: Scrub scrub scrub away all the dead skin that was piled up that might be clogging my skin!

I LOL-ed when I saw this photo. My instinct and camera is really good yeah?! I even managed to capture the steamer together with my face!!!!! Just that my face looked super fat. LOL!!! *gives myself a pat on the shoulder*


Step 3: Steam my face to open my pores to get them ready for extraction! One thing that touched my heart was that, Lip Mask was applied on my lip to prevent it from dying due to the heat from the steam!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 This is the first time I was provided Lip Mask for facial!  Full marks for customer service, Bella skincare! 好貼心啊!<3

Other than the Lip Mask, I was also give a hand mask during the Steaming! XD SO AWESOME TO BE PAMPERED BY BELLA SKINCARE!!!

Another bad and hilarious photo of…. my hand! LOL!


Then during and after the extractions, I was given Aloe Vera Gel to calm my skin before proceeding to the actual 360˚ Illuminator Treatment!


Bella Skincare – 360˚ Illuminator Treatment

360° Illuminator Treatment is the latest in advanced skin whitening, targeting multiple skin concerns even for the most sensitive skin.

This non-invasive, holistic 360° treatment is power-packed with an infusion of natural formulations such as anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that act on pigmentations and dark spots, insuring skin against future spots and UV damage for a perfectly illuminated complexion.

Contains effective lightening ingredients for spots and pigmentations revealing a smooth, spotless perfection
Conceptualised with highly-effective antioxidants to counteract UV-induced damage and reverse the effects of photo-aging
Aids in reducing redness and swelling, and soothes irritated skin maintaining skin sensitivity balance
Regains skin brightness and refines skin tone, contributing to a refreshed and luminous


The 3-Step 360˚ Illuminator Treatment consists of three specially-formulated skincare which anchor the treatment, namely the SOD Illuminator Ampoule, the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel and the CO2 Illuminating Mask.


The 360 ̊ Illuminator Treatment begins with the SOD Illuminator Ampoule, which
is designed to target dull and pigmented skin as it intercepts dark spot formations at its roots and whitens skin from within. The powerful ingredients such as the stable form of Vitamin C, Alpha Arbutin, Niacinamide and Tranexamic Acid block epidermal melanin biosynthesis and keep dark pigments from resurfacing. In addition, one of its active ingredients, a mighty antioxidant known as Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) gives photo-protection benefits, counteracts oxidative reactions caused by UVRays, repairs cells and reduces cellular damage.
The Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel follows next and is a miracle gel that contains gold microcapsules that burst open upon activation to release the nutrient rich Vitamin E into the skin. The gel also contains Hydroxyethyl Urea, a superb ingredient known for its moisturising properties, as well as Botanical White Complex, a blend of skin – lightening botanical actives which targets and lightens discolourations caused by external aggressors.


This was how my skin looked like after the SOD Illuminator Ampoule and the Hydra Illuminator Massage Gel with a super relaxing and rejuvenating (and shiok) massage on my face, eyes and shoulder!

You can see in the picture that most of the redness and skin bumps from the extraction were gone except that I was having some break out on my chin~ Nevertheless, my skin already looked like it was glowing, smooth and plumped up with energy!

Last but not least, the last step of the Bella Skincare – 360˚ Illuminator Treatment was to put on the CO2 Illuminating Mask! I was informed that I may feel discomfort or pain such as needles were pricking on my skin depending on the condition of my skin.


The O2 Generator, a main feature of the CO2 Illuminating Mask, brings about the scientific
”Bohr Effect”- whereby an increase in CO2 concentration results in an increased level of oxygen
released by the blood vessels. The increase in the oxygen supply to the dermal cells promotes skin metabolism and regeneration.
As mentioned, the level of discomfort varies for different people since our skin conditions are different! Basically, the more fragile or more melanin built-in the skin has, the discomfort level will be higher! This means that the CO2 Illuminating Mask is working for you to have whiter and more beautiful skin! XD
My experience of the mask will be 70/100 for the discomfort level. Indeed, I felt like thousands of needles pricked on my skin when the mask was first applied which was an unique experience. You know how sometimes a little discomfort just gave you the exhilarating feeling? LOL. Then the discomfort/slight pain disappears after a few seconds and came back when more of the essence was applied on my skin. I was pretty much shocked about the discomfort thought it was for a few seconds. However, it meant that my skin indeed need more care and treatment! 😛

I stood at the same place in the room to hope that I get the same lighting!

I was definitely impressed that my dull and tired looking skin was transformed looking whiter, brighter, more glowing, more soothe and more energectic and even after the Treatment! I appear 2 shades lighter and skin looks so much brighter! Even my lips looked more moisturized thanks to the Lip mask! HEHEHE!! Pretty amazing how just a mere 2 hours spent at Bella Skincare transformed my skin so well!

Last but not least, a normal makeup free photo taken in my usual room settings 3 days after the Bella Skincare – 360˚ Illuminator Treatment! *THUMPS UP* Skin still looking glowing and soooooo good!!!!!!!


Visit any of Bella Skincare’s centres listed below to give the  360˚ Illuminator Treatment a try :

  • 360 Orchard Rd, #08-06 International Building
  • 6 Raffles Boulevard, #03-153, Marina Square
  • 1 Jurong West Central 2, #B1-60,  Jurong Point Shopping Centre
  • 300 Tampines Ave 5, #01-04 NTUC Income Tampines Junction
  • 23 Serangoon Central, #B1-52 Nex