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RuleR Singapore – Japanese Hair Salon in Raffles Place

Visited Japanese Hair Salon RuleR Singapore to bid goodbye to my yellowish (colouring), dry (treatment) and unruly (cut) hair! ✌ All hairstylist are Japanese and no problem for language barrier as they can speak good English!

I alighted at Raffles Place Mrt and went by “Exit G” towards Circular Road. Ruler Singapore is located at the Shop Houses  in Boat Quay. I took about 7 minutes walk to reach.

It is super easy to notice RuleR Singapore since you can see the beautiful, sophisticated and Japanese style interior from the full glass doors!

I love how the interior looks like. The natural elements and earth colours make me feel calm, serene and welcoming. Each seat has a wooden blind so you can have privacy too! 😀

You can also choose the scent of the shampoo and treatment! I really love how Japanese hair care smells like as they always have a mild floral scent~ I don’t like products with strong scent as it will smells fake! I like natural scent. 😛

I had a consultation with Nao-san and Naoko-san. My hair stylist for the day was Nao-san who is the Store Manager! He came to Singapore few months back and is learning English! ^^ I had fun speaking in my “conversational” Japanese with him. Naoko-san who helped with the translation speaks perfect English so I know I am in good hands. <3

All the hairstylists are Japanese who had many years of experience! Visit RuleR to get your dream Japanese OL look! XD I wanna try airy Japanese perm next time!

Both Nao-san and Naoko-san discussed with me about the colour I wanted and also how my haircut should look like. You can see how much my hair root has grown (after 2 months!) and  I had layered of colours on my hair. >_< Therefore, the dye had to be applied to my hair in different intervals to make sure my whole head of hair colour becomes even again!

I was also contemplating if I should cut straight bangs again or let it grow. Nao-san recommended me to have a shorter side bangs (show a little of my eyebrow) to suit my face shape. *IMMEDIATE SMALLER FACE* Scroll down for the end photo!

I decided to go darker and shorter length since my hair was really super dry and too thick!

Look how sweet RuleRSingapore is: Hot Tea + Kyoho Grape sweet and chocolate! 😀 This is like my perfect happy pill combination! 😀

After my hair dye was given the *thumbs up* by both Nao-san and Naoko-san, Naoko-san helped me with the relaxing hair wash with scalp massage and hair treatment. This is the private hair washing area! 😀 Really love how Ruler Singapore creates the VIP treatment for each customer! There are 2 other rooms for hair washing.

I really enjoyed the hairwash because of the relaxing scent, as well as Naoko-san’s skilful wash + massage.

Throughout my session, I enjoyed conversing with both Nao-san and Naoko-san. I can totally feel the Japanese hospitality: warmth and sincere service.

I also feel like I am back in Japan when I hear all them conversing so gently (優しい)! 😀 I miss Japan so much!!! I should visit Ruler more often so I can practise my Japanese too. Haha!

Thank you Nao-san for the great recommended colour and haircut! The new fringe really made my face indeed look smaller now! ?Cheers to moisturised, soft, lighter and shiny hair ?

I know you will realized my clothes are different. LOL. It was taken in the same day but I forgot I was gonna use my mint colour bag (to put my camera) so I changed before I went out.

Thanks Sarah for the arrangement! ?

7 Circular Road Singapore 049363

6532 2533

Tuesday – Friday: 10:00am to 9:00pm
Last appointment at 8pm!
Saturday, Sunday & Public Holidays: 10:00am to 7:00pm
Closed on Monday



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