A Better Florist Floral Arrangement Class


I was invited to A Better Florist for their floral arrangement class last Saturday! I was really excited as I had been wanting to attend floral arrangement for the longest and most classes were super expensive ($150++)! A Better Florist class is really affordable at only $32 – $42.25!


I’ll let you in my little secret. My childhood dream was actually to be a florist! LOL! I think it was because flowers are really beautiful and colourful. Which girl can resist flowers <3

In the lesson, we are working on pink roses and pink carnations! Two of the sweetest flowers ever! 20171111_153146_mh1511075642801

I had a relaxing time “blooming” the carnations! I peel the leave that envelops the carnation (just like a banana) gently and fumble the petals to make it bloom! It was really therapeutic!


A beautiful bouquet will not be complete with the filler flowers! LOL, my eyes were lusting more for the fillers flowers though!


I was also really mesmerised by these “forget-me-not”! I love how there is a twinkle of white flower among the deep purple ones! Nature is indeed magically!20171111_153407_mh1511075705705

Here is our trainer of the day! It must be wonderful to work within flowers everyday!!!! *ENVY* She taught us the techniques of the more modern flowers arrangement style which is the open fan style. We have to hold up the flowers in our hands layer by layer to achieve the fan effect. It took quite a bit of patient and adjustment since most of us tend to hold the stalk tightly and they looked cramped together! 😛 Thank you for being so patient with us and giving us suggestions on how to complete our bouquet!


Here is my first humble floral arrangement!! Haha, i was really into the fillers so much but this is my personal preference and style! I think I did quite a good job even though this is my first time yeah?! I hereby name this cute bouquet “Kiyora Dream”. LOL!


Happiest radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you.


I am really into flowers recently and hope that I have time to attend more lessons in the near future! Once again,  thank you A Better Florist!

A Better Florist (10 minutes from Clark Quay Mrt)
11 Keng Cheow St
Singapore, 059608