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Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima – Perfect for Female Solo Traveler

Have you ever stayed in a capsule hotel in Japan before? Since it was my first solo trip and I was on a budget, I was really glad that I managed to book a “capsule hotel” that cost ¥8,500 / USD$76.76 / SGD$104.61 for 2 nights!

Located just behind Kanayama-cho Tram Station, Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima is not just super convenient but has a Family Mart just next to it! Kanayama-cho Tram Station is 4 stations away from Hiroshima Station, and 5 stations away from Kamiyacho nishi (Hiroshima Bus station).

Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima is not the usual capsule hotel that comes to your mind! The typical compact space rooms are available, but only for the guys! For the ladies, there are only Superior Capsule Room or Deluxe Room available so that we have ample space to put our luggage and shopping loots! Since the price difference wasn’t that much when I booked, I chose the more posh Deluxe Room so that I can rest comfortably! Guys can also choose the Superior Capsule Room or Deluxe Room.

The private lady access area is located on level 4, which is also the 24 hours front desk with staff on duty. Ain’t it super ideal and safe! I love it!

When I stepped into the room, all I wanna say is, the photos on Booking.com doesn’t give the room any justice!!! It was absolute bare with the minimum basics of a hotel room, bed, desk and a chair. But, this little room is actually decorated aesthetically with the carpet, mini pillows as well as other amenities!! The space is definitely enough for me to open my luggage and rearrange my loots comfortably!

There is a cupboard for your to lock your important stuff as well as a mini tv with earphone so that you won’t disrupt your neighbours. ^^

I love the recliner bed because I can lift up my tired legs!!! LOL!!!!!!

Super shocked and touched they eve had a Panasonic beauty steamer so that the ladies can also be in our tip-top condition even when we are travelling! How sweeeeet!!!!! <3

Then every night, I will have this basket full of things I needed to wash up!! 😀 Pajamas, body towel, face towel, toothbrush, hairbrush, rubber band, earplug, skin care samples and etc…! 1000 points / 100!!!!!

Since a capsule hotel is something like a guesthouse, the toilet and shower rooms are for sharing. There are 4 toilet cubicles in the toilet and 3 rooms for in the shower room. There is a main door that leads to the 3 shower rooms which you can lock and then this shower door. LOVE IT!!! I don’t feel weird or shy since I have private space and area to bathe and do my business. Two types of hair shampoo and conditioner? I AM REALLY BLOWN AWAY.

Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima made my heart skipped a beat when I went to the washing up area! I love the garden swing soooo much!

The thing that made me happiest was that they even provided hair curlers and straighteners!!!! So I was able to take photos with super gorgeous looking hair with the flowers for 2 days!! ^^

Capsule Hotel Cube Hiroshima 

or reserve via Booking.com now to enjoy 10% OFF! ^^

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