Royalties ♡ Sunshine Princess's Wedding! – My Make ♡

I am finally in the phase when my dearies are getting married one by one! <3 Envy this newly wedded couple, Velda and Zheng Lun as they dated for almost 10 years! 😀 Congratulations darling! I am sooooo honored to be one of the sisters! 🙂

I want to share some sneak peeps of the Hen’s party and Wedding Day! 😀

On the day of Hen’s party, Vel was blindfolded and brought to Antoinette Penhas Road. LOL, I only realized that I went there last year because of Bellabox event. *BAD MEMORY* 😛


Me, New Wife, and Wife-to-be in December! <3

I ordered Crepes Paris with Paris ham, emmental cheese and a sunny side up! YUMS <3

After our yummy lunch, we blindfolded Vel again to~~ Cookyn so that she can learn to wipe up yummy meals for her husband!


Haha, you can see us taking photos~~~ of the decorations and the blind-folded bride!


<3 this photo so much! haha. Since Vel really didnt’t know where she was at~~ 😀

After 2 hours plus, we all wiped up yummylicious food (mostly thanks to the instructors) LOL~

Looks not bad right!! 😀 I can cook okay~~!!! lol. Fast forward to the actual Wedding Day! ^^


Woohooo~ Mr Chee was s all ready to crash the gates and win the over the hands of his wife. 🙂


Mr and Mrs Chee~~ <3

I must of course take a photo with the beautiful bride! <3 (Fat arms~ *sighs*) Oh well, the focus is my makeup!!


Went for a sweet and romantic day look and~~~ here are what I used for the morning!!

♡ Jill Stuart Blusher and Eyeshadow

Sulwhasoo Perfecting Cushion

LippyGirl Vegocentric Lipstick Rosie Posie / Power Pom  (I am still running the giveaway until 22 June!)

♥ Starlash Liquid Eyeliner (Review Below)

♡ Maybelline eyebrow mascara

Neogence Corrective Primer


I love how thin the brush of Star Lash Perfect Touch Eyeliner is!! Super easy to control and I can easily draw on my eyelid to create the prettiest cat’s eyes!! Because it is so thin, my double eyelid can be shown more easily. 😛 BEST is, it really doesn’t smudge or run the whole day! Of course I couldn’t test it for 24 hours! 😛


Get it at John Little or Beauty Direct and it’s only $18.90!

For the wedding dinner at night, I used Too Cool for School Glam Rock Palette and Shu uemura gloss~ I tried making my makeup darker but it didn’t show that well in photos. HEHEHHEHE.


I also got time to curl my hair myself! If only my hair is like this everyday~~ <3 <3 <3 I also braid my hair because my curled hair is freaking thick and look like a lion! LOL! It’s okay since it looked romantic also~~


Yes, eyeliner used here is also Starlash! Look how precise and sharp it looks! LOVE IT and LOVE MY HAIR!! 😀


Also randomly found a clip that matches the dress! 😛 Photos time!!

My bejeweled clutch/sling is from FOREVER NEW!! SOOO BEAUTIFUL and its only $39.90 or $49.90 as it is GSS~~~ I LOVE GSS!! 😀


There was a photobooth at the wedding and of course we must take photos!! Royalties Family~~~ <3


Royalties Family #2~~ The only boy in Royalties Family~~ he won’t be lonely anymore. lol


Group photo of secondary school friends!!! SO SQUASHY!!! Can you spot captain America!! LOL!

Friends, best friends and sisters forever! <3

Chacott is now at Mandarin Gallery


This April, Singapore’s retail scene is set to excite as we welcome the opening of the first SouthEast Asian flagship store for Chacott and Freed of London in the well-placed Mandarin Gallery located within the bustling shopping hub of  Singapore, Orchard Road.

Chacott and Freed of London are two of the most esteemed labels in the ballet world. Both labels have a rich history of producing some of the best handcrafted pointe shoes adorned by the top ballet dancers around the globe, making the two labels the go-to brands for professional ballet needs.

Signifying its enormous global reputation, the brands are represented by strong Dance Ambassadors and major ballet troupes that support the art in Japan, Switzerland and Unites States of America, including the prestigious Singapore Dance Theatre. Chacott Freed of London can be said to represent a quality lifestyle and inspiration of the ballet world.


Since its inauguration in 1950, Chacott has additionally expanded its product range and expertise, providing quality apparels and equipment for rhythmic gymnastics. Chacott is an FIG (Fédération Internationale de Gymnastique) supplier and Official Apparatus supplier for Rhythmic Gymnastics to Belarus, 2013 Rhythmic Gymnastics World Competition. Chacott Rhythmic Gymnastics line has been growing fast in prominence and is the favoured range to be used by our very own Singapore National Rhymthic Gymnastics team.

With the rise of yoga as a trendy hobby for ladies in Singapore, yogis looking for fashionable and premium yoga wear will be exhilarated to find Chacott Jazz Dance & Yoga line. The range features quality well-cut basics as well as a highly sought after limited edition aparels launched every season. Those into dance sports can also find luxurious options crafted by the experts behind Chacott in the Ballroom Dance line too.

Most recently, Chacott has also developed a range of professional stage makeup, Chacott For Professionals, to meet the unique needs of stage performers and professional makeup artists.


Chacott for Professionals makeup range is of assured quality, being made in Japan. The products are formulated for professional use and are resistant to sweat and liquids. It also has these key features:

– Suited for High definition TV

– UV protective effect (Non-chemical SPF/PA)

– Uses mainly vegetable extract, natural colorant

– Gentle to the skin and safe for children

– Fragrance-free, Colour-free & Mineral oil-free

Chacott For Professionals colours range also features 35 unique shades of  Colour Variation from its bold regular shades to its pearly Winking Series and vivid Varie-lining series (SGD$22 ea) suited for use as eyeshadow, blush,  highlight, contour and more. There are additionally 14 lip colour and 1 lip gloss (SGD$18 ea). The colour range comes in singular palettes and can be fitinto customized palettes created by Chacott. Chacott For Professionals Colours are intensely pigmented and they finish matte with a bright and vivid tone.


Chacott Loose Powder, in particular, has been highly regarded by those in the know from the industry, a well-known “secret” which has been spread across makeup fanatics across the world!

Chacott and Freed of London have welcomed many high profile celebrities’ following over the years which include, Margot Fonteyn, Vladimir Malakhov, Sylvie Guillem, Nina Ananiashvili, Darcey Bussell, Wendy Whelan, Natalie Portman (lead actress of Blockbuster movie, Dying Swan), Suri Cruise, the late Amy Winehouse, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the list continues to unfold.


Received a beautiful pink box from Beauty Direct and Camy containing yummy goodies and Chacott Loose Powder and Cleansing Water!! 😀


WHITE LABEL Premium Placenta Elastic White Skin Dark Eye Circle Tool

As we turn into Spring again – Whitening will be the most talked about beauty topic yet again! Beauty Direct released their new range White Label from Japan!!

White Label Premium Placenta uses carefully selected 100% local placenta only for luxurious treatment on the skin.  “Placenta” is the essence of the organ that connects the life of the fetus and the mother, full of nutrients that nourishes. Placenta accelerates the speed of skin renewal to solve the fundamental problems of freckles, dullness, wrinkles, and dry skin and create supple skin smooth like a newborn baby.


White Label is formulated to help with:
Reducing melanin on skin surface thus reducing the appearance of freckles or dark spots
Nourishing the skin with its unique premium placenta content, making it supple and baby smooth again
Rejuvenating the skin to reduce effects of ageing such as dullness and fine lines
– Many whitening ranges tend to be drying on the skin but White Label ensures your skin is kept moisturized too at the same time!

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Loretta Makeup Milk for Beautiful Silky Hair Whole Day!

Few entries back, I shared with you about the Japanese Hairstyling brand, Loretta Professional Hairstyling Launch in Isetan Westgate!


After attending the event (Thanks Sis!), I received two products from Beauty Direct (Thanks Camy!): Loretta Make Up Milk (Natural) and Loretta Night Care Cream ^^

This entry, I want to share about the the Loretta Make Up Milk (Natural)~ Continue reading