Revlon Insta-Fix and Insta-Blush


Stick foundation, contour/ highlighting and blushers are getting really popular thanks to their compact size and quick fix ability! There isn’t a need for a puff or brush or beauty blender when applying stick makeup; all you need is your finger tips! It is so much more convenient especially if you are in a rush or traveling! (I like to pack as little things as possible!)

I was really tempted to get the Revlon Insta-Blush when I saw them in the store because the colours look really stunning especially Candy Kiss! Thank you Revlon Singapore for sending them over! Look at how blinding the 2 Instafix highlighters are! The Insta-blush came a lot more pigmented than I expected. #lol Btw, have you read my entry on Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour?



Revlon PhotoReady Insta-Fix Highlighting Stick S$26.90

These 2 highlighting sticks feature Revlon’s special light filtering technology that creates a natural radiant glow from pearls to boost your skin’s luminosity! It is lightweight and has a super smooth formula that glides onto skin without looking streaky at all. The stick format allows precise application be it on the nose bridge, above the cheekbones or abov the cupid bow! It is really easy to control and perfect for highlighting beginners!

instafix highlighter

revlon instafix highlighter review

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Pink Light

Available in Pink Light (white and silver pearls)—– best for light to medium skin tones, and Gold Light (golden pearls)—– best for medium to deep skin tones. I used Pink Light for the demo and picture above; Gold Light for the below photo together with Insta-Blush in Berry Kiss! Due to my healthy colour skin tone, I definitely suit Gold Light more! I like the peachy/ gold shade that gives a really radiant cheekbone! Can I say that I live for the Gold Light! <3 By the way, I was using Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Adobe for both looks unknowingly. 😛

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Gold Light and Insta-Blush Candy Kiss

Revlon Instafix Highlighting Stick Gold Light and Insta-Blush Candy Kiss

Let’s move on to the Insta-Blush S$25.90 which are available in 4 colours suited for different skin tones:

  • Rose Gold Kiss – Fair skin
  • Candy Kiss – Light skin
  • Nude Kiss – Medium skin
  • Berry Kiss – Deep skin

Insta-Blush features a luxurious cream to powder formula with unqiue mica-coated pigments to diffuse light for a naturally kiss of colour on the cheeks.

Look how pigmented the Insta-Blush in Candy Kiss is with just one gentle swipe! My skin tone is considered Medium skin but Candy Kiss still came out bold! I tried Rose Gold Kiss on my face but… yeah, it doesn’t show up on my skin. *Cries* I really love the shimmer when I swatch it! But I still have 3 colours to create 3 different looks!

revlon instafix pink light and instablush candy kiss

Instafix Berry Kiss is most suited for Medium skin which is my skin tone! It does look like my cheeks are naturally flushed in comparison to Candy Kiss ! On my lips is Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Blossom.

revlon instafix highlighter berry kiss

Instafix Berry Kiss is best suited for deep skin tone so I look kinda more healthy and sporty which I adore too! It is perfect to use as a contour colour too! I am using Revlon Ultra HD Gel Lipcolour in HD Sunset.


Thank you Revlon Singapore once again!! I received even moreeeeee eyeshadows, eyebrow crayon and pencils from them.

Insta-Blush and Instafix Highlighter are available at selected Watsons and Guardian

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Shupette: Sweet Kylila Inspired makeup


Kyaaaaa~ I went to kitties’ paradise when I saw this shu uemura x Karl Lagerfeld collaborate #Shupette!!! THE PACKAGING IS JUST SO ME!! Pink, sliver, cat, furry kitty cat… these all equal to KIYORA! *PURRS*


Can you see that even the box has glittery shimmer!!!!!!! THIS IS KIYORA~~ *kira kira*~P1190179

White cat face then equals to my gorgeous Kylila~~~P1190175

The Shupette has it all eyes and lips palette has a good range of eyeshadow and lips for all kinds of looks! As i mentioned previously, I want to create different looks using Shupette!! However, I am so sorry but I only had time to do a Kylila look!!P1190181

So, let us analyze the unique features of Kylila~~~~ she is the perfect paper fluffy white far, with pink ears and nose, and soul-piercing yellow eyes! She is the most beautiful cat in the world!! LOL! At least to me and the family~~~ <3

Step 1: Apply the pink gold eyeshadow all over the top of the skin of my eye.

DSCN0547 DSCN0548

Step 2: Apply the pink eyeshadow on the outer 1/3 of my top eyelid, and the 1/2 inner corner of my lower eyelid. DSCN0553 DSCN0554 DSCN0558

Basically that is my easy Kylila makeup eyeshadow using Shupette. lol!!!

Step 3: Apply eyeliner thinly and closely to my eyelashes with a bit of cateye hook at the end. It is important for this step to be very precise and thin as I want to create the sweet romantic and innocent Kylila look! Too much eyeliner will not succeed! 😛

Eyeliner I used is my trusty canmake liquid eyeliner and mascara is toofaced better than sex mascara. REALLY VERY AWESOME!!!




Then I am done with my eye makeup! 😀 I am Kylila~~~DSCN0564

Step 4: I chose the lightest and sweetest pink lip gloss from Shupette! Remember, the main color for Kylila’s makeup is pink~~~~ and sweet! ^^DSCN0567

Step 5: Last but not least, I applied JILL STUART blusher to complete my Kylila’s makeup! 😀


What do you think? Do you like my Kylila’s makeup??? I am so sad that I didn’t win the #Shupette Instagram contest.. 🙁 However, Kylila is still the most gorgeous cat in the whole universe! 😛DSCN0574

MERRY CHRISTMAS MY GORGEOUS READERS!!!! I hope that you will follow me through another fabulous year ahead! May all the love, luck, health, money and everything you wish to come to you! Remember that only good things can happen to you and me!!! *BEAMS*

Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact – Travel Exclusive

I’ve been wanting to blog about this Travel Exclusive Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact! My friend got this from me when she went to Japan early this year. OOPS! Better late than never! haha.

Initially, I just want to get any Jill Stuart blusher since they are all so pretty! She got this floral packaging Blusher! The packaging is SO GORGEOUS AND SO CUTE!!


Then when I opened this floral packaging, I squealed because there are flowers on the blusher container!! SO SO SO CUTE AND SO SO SO ME!!!!! *MELTS*Jill Stuart is just the most beautiful cosmetics ever!! Never fail to make my heart skips faster!!!!! <3 😀 <3



The blusher is more of an orange shade and looks vibrant and cute on my skin even though I am tanned. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU JILL STUART!!!!! <3


Oops, I think I edited both the eyeliner and lip too bright. lol lol. But, selfie is a must with pretty Jill Stuart cosmetics!!! P1170651

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink. Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Blue eyeliner.

Hello Ladies, till next time! 😀

Jill Stuart Blush Blossom

Oh, is this my dreamland or something? heheheh, this is Jill Stuart in Taipei Xin Guang San Yue!

Jill Stuart is only available in Japan (everything from Japan is just… everything from my DREAM LIST), Hong Kong, and Taiwan. *SIGHS* Singapore everything also don’t have. :(((((( x infinity!

Jill Stuart packaging is super princessy, diamond, glitter, everything super girly! Since I have been wanting to get JS products for many years, I am so determined to buy it this time I went Taipei despite the price! I also wanted to get the Christmas edition stuff but out of stock!!!! I was in Taipei during mid November. HUMPF!!!!

Screams!!!!!!! Tell me what other cosmetics product is prettier than this!!!!!!!!!!! I instantly feel like a princess after owning this. LOL! There are two kinds of blushers from Jill Stuart and both comes with a brush, but I chose this because of my weakness for ribbons!!!!!!!!

Even though the packaging is super pretty, I must admit that it is kind of bit messy to use as the loose powder can spill quite a bit. Another thing is that it is pretty bunky to carry out as compared to my Majolica Majorca blusher. 😛 But Blush Blossom will definitely turn heads when you take it out from your makeup pouch! 😛

Left: With Blush Blossom, Right: Without Blush Blossom

Look at how vibrant and natural the color is with just a simple blending~~~ I will say to go easy with applying it since the color is really strong. Other than its super princessy packaging, the blusher is SUPER LONG LASTING too! I applied it from 3pm to 10pm in an outdoor/indoor without air conditional Wedding, and the color stayed on till I reached home. Darns, no chance for me to flaunt it to the rest. LOL.

I THINK EVERY GIRL or WOMAN SHOULD SHOULD SHOULD buy Jill Stuart products! TOO PRETTY AND NO OTHER REASON NOT TO BUY (other than the price)! I heard that you can get it the cheapest in HONG KONG, followed by Taiwan, and then Japan. I got it at around S$56+ in Taiwan, and last April when I was in Japan it is about S$75+ ~~~ >< Japan cost of living is really really really HIGH!!!

I want to go back to Japan and Taiwan this year!!!!!!!!!!!! *crazy* I wanna go to Seoul too!!!!!

♡ REVIEW – Majolica Majorca Puff de Cheek Peach Macaron ♡

Yups! After showing you about Majolica Blood On, I am back with Puff de Cheek Peach Macaron!
The packaging is just so kawaii right, the color, design and the size of a real Macaron! I love looking at Macarons! They are so colorful and cute and makes me happy looking at them! ^_^


Do you know what “Majolica Majorca” means? I only know after I attended the MM workshop, and it is actually a spell to transform girls into more beautiful! Aww~~~ BTW, Majo 魔女 means witch, so therefore MM is a magical makeup brand. 😛

 Oops oops, forgot to take a photo of the blusher to show you all~ Isn’t the ribbon color so cute too? ^_^

 Sweet Puff de Cheek Peach Macaron on the left cheek (of photo), right without. 🙂
 Left with Puff de Cheek, Right without
HAHA, accidentally took a photo with the fan blowing at meeeee… lol.

 LOL. I want to update about FOOD next! So I will eat my Puff de Cheek first~~ Super lucky to live in Singapore whereby every kind of cuisine is readily available! ^_^

I also have MM King Lash Brown Mascara! :DDDDDDD

♡ REVIEW – Majolica Majorca Blood On ♡

I am back with another review for my favourite cosmetic brand, Majolica Majorca!
They have the most awesome mascaras and beautiful packaging ever!!!! Price wise is also affordable! ^________________*

Reviews for Majolica Majorca:
Majolica Majorca Lash Bone Black Fiber In & Lash Enamel Glamour Volume On

 I actually bought Blood On and King lash after attending MM workshop for chapter… i forgot what and in erm…. March? April? ~_~ Yes, that long ago that I can’t remember.

 King Lash and Blood On!
Woots! The pore cover is not bad! I may get it when I finished my bases first. :X
Did not take photo or I can’t find the photos I took in the event of myself, so these are the photos I took for the review today!
Using King Lash mascara! ^_^ My usual kate eyebrow mascara, CYBER colors gemstone amethyst palatte, estee lauder foundation and powder~
Somehow my mouth has to pout to not look weird. :/
I got a SHOCK when I first saw it at the Majolica workshop! Upon demonstration by their hilarious makeup artiste, the effect is really natural instead of two patches like the korean dolls. HAHA!
 NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If I gonna look like this~~~ hhahaha~~ Unless I am marrying a Korean~! 😛
Now I think being the Korean wedding doll is better huh?………………….
Hehe! I think Halloween can use BLOOD ON to use as blood effect this year??? Plus it is made for the skin, so definitely highly recommened. So Majolica you know why BLOOD ON sales will be upped during Halloween 2012! lol!
Okok, I applied 3 dots(?) on each cheek and then blend and blend and blend slowly to get the red blusher color I want. The red color made my cheeks look like natural blush instead of the usual “apply blusher” blusher color. Aiye, you get what I mean……
Not that obvious on photo but I like how natural blood on looks in person. ^^

Natural blush~~~~ ^________^


I think this is retailing at $17.90 in Watsons Singapore. I got it during the members’ sale and it was only $10! WAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *SUPER LUCKY* Joise grabbed the last piece off the shelf for me!

I also opened the MM Puff De Cheek Peach Macaron in August! WHY MM PRODUCTS SO CUTE ONE!!!!!!!!!!~~ Review soon! Maybe tomorrow. LOL.

Photo from ebay.

I think I may just grab all the other 3 colors when I go to Taiwan end of the year! Mine is the lightest pink. 🙂 SO SO GONNA STOCK UP on the MM mascaras too!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOTS!

I had a superb day but I should upload all the food and stuff photos I bought next time.

Hope you had a great week, and even better week next!*BEAMS*