THEFACESHOP Makeup on the Go Event!

THEFACESHOP don’t just have the most creative press kits, their event is also super super creative too!!!

I had a really interesting morning learning to do “make-up on the go” with THEFACESHOP and Singapore’s Celebrity Make-Up Artist Larry Yeo while riding on a BUS!! Maybe next time I can sleep ten more minutes and do my makeup on the… Bus too? 😀


We first gathered at THEFACESHOP Bugis Junction and then boarded THEFACESHOP Chartered Bus to meet Larry!


Larry looking totally kiyomi~~~ 😛  While cruising from Bugis Junction via Orchard Road to Plaza Singapura, Larry showcased tips and tricks on how to do make-up on the go!

He shared some tips and tricks on how to look amazing while we are in a rush in the morning! Check out THEFACESHOP’s facebook as they reveal more tricks from Larry! Below are 2 tips that they shared! 😀


Perfect your Oil Control Water Cushion on the go!
1. Go through your skincare regime before leaving your house.
2. Apply Oil Control Water Cushion. Tip: Always start from the center of your face and slowly even out to the rest of your face.
3. For Oily skin type, finish with powder.

I have shared about Oil Control Water Cushion before!


Perfect your eyebrows on the go!
Larry says, “THEFACESHOP Design My Eye Brow (Lovely me:ex range) in 04 is the most suitable for asians as our brows are naturally black and this eyebrow pencil is in the perfect shade of taupe.”
Larry’s Tip: Always use a stable hand. Lend your default hand support by leaning on the windows if you manage to sit/stand near the windows or hold onto the pole if you’re standing on the bus. 🙂

I also received a set of THEFACESHOP cosmetics which Larry demonstrated for the tutorial! <3 Thank you!! 😀 😀 😀


Here are the THEFACESHOP products that I received:

  1. Oil Control Water Cushion – $29.90
    • Go and read my review with the link above!
  2. Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil #4 Brown- $9.90
    • A triangular shape automatic eyebrow pencil that you can adjust the angle to create any shape you want
    • Soft texture that completely adheres to the eyebrows and more powerful long lasting abilities!
  3. Soft Cream Blusher 02 Coral- $14.90

    • With bright colors and transparent base, expresses pure, clean cheeks like a watercolor and natural radiance.
  4. Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink – $15.90
    • Melts into lips on application for long-lasting color without stickiness
    • Reacts to body temperature for rosy lips as time goes by
    • Contains anti-wrinkle effects to prevent clumping effects
    • Provides sun protection effect of SPF13 for healthy lips!
  5. Over Girl Edge Stick Eyeshadow PK01 – $9.90
    • Dazzle up those eyes with a variety of colourful eye colours from THEFACESHOP’s Overgirl Edge Stick Eyes collection!

OMG, I was really shocked when I know the prices!!!!! WHY IS IT SO CHEAP?????~!!! There is a reason why THEFACESHOP is always Singapore’s #1 favourite Korean cosmetics!!!!!! I will definitely get the Cream Blusher and Eyebrow Pencil when I finished using! Actually, I also like the Eyeshadow because I never thought that I can wear only Eyeshadow without any eyeliner!!

Here are the swatches for the Eyebrow Pencil, Soft Cream blusher and Over Girl Edge Stick!


I really love the Soft Cream Blusher as the orange tint appears like a natural highlighter giving me a rosy and healthy-looking skin! Larry also said that Orange tint is very suitable for girls like me who face the computer a lot and sleep late…. lol, because we have dull looking skin!!!! From what I know,  orange blusher pops against medium to tan skin, and powder blush can appear dull on dry skin, so this cream blusher is PERFECT for me!!! XD I REALLY LOVE THE CREAM BLUSHER!!!!!!!!!!! <3 Favourite Blusher award goes to Soft Cream Blusher!! 😀


And then and then, I mentioned above that I didn’t use any eyeliner over the Over Girl Edge Stick and I am still able to pull the Korean look off right? lol! Not bad~~~~ I saved like 5min since I no need to perfect my usual cat wing eyeliner!!!!! 😛


Then then then, for the Lip Tint Stick 01 Pure Pink right, I was actually afraid that the pink will not appear since I have naturally darker lips. HOWEVER, it really amazed me how it gives my lips a really nice juicy kissable pink while keeping it moisturised!! Current favourite lippy is also this. 😛


Last but not least, for my eyebrow…. I think I am slowly learning to draw it better! I know it is still not perfect, but I will practise and practise until I can make them right!!!!! *WINKS* Do share your tips with me too and I am more than willing to learn! <3 What I like about Lovely Me:ex Design my Eyebrow Pencil is that with the triangular shape, I can adjust the angle to create any shape I want! ^^ However, my brow is a bit the thick when I tried using the products… LOL LOL!!!! Even more Korean look…… (Korean Oppa?? nook~~lol )


SO HAPPY THAT I LEARNED MANY  TIPS TO SAVE TIME FOR MY MAKEUP!!!!! I will erm… try to do my makeup on the bus if I ever will be late. MUHAHAHAH!!!! Visit any THEFACESHOP outlet to try out the products k!!! <3


Just let me share with you about THEFACESHOP Halloween Members’ Special! Enjoy 15% off storewide starting from today till 1 November 2015! 4 more days only!!!!


OUTDOOR Products Opening at Capitol Piazza


Few weeks back, I was invited to OUTDOOR Products Opening at Capitol Piazza! Thank you Pearlin and Zynthia! ^^ Most of the pictures are from OUTDOOR Products Singapore Facebook. Go like them now!11890434_10154187613007814_4304554694053252105_o

Love the concept of the new store!!!!11884100_10154187614017814_3277617774313212048_o

We also had fun taking photos!! Check out these super HUGE OUTDOOR bags!!!!!


We also took many photos at the Photobooth. OOPS!!!


Then we saw many celebrities too!!!! *HAPPY* 😀11872274_10154187426952814_2820407321962185595_o

Everybody’s favourite Michelle Chong! She’s so so cute, friendly but kinda shy in person!! 😛 Must support her upcoming movie, Lulu the movie k???! <3


Cynthia Koh who never changed a little since I watched her on TV since I was a kid!!


The every gorgeous and strong Pan Ling Ling!!! She is every girl’s hero!!!! :))))))

Screen shot 2015-09-05 at PM 12.31.37

Also won a Cap in the lucky draw and received a cute IPAD bag! 😀

 OUTDOOR PRODUCTS is available at the following places!
– Capitol Piazza, B2-34
– Tangs Orchard, Level 3
– Tokyu Hands: Orchard Central / West Gate
– Bratpack: Mandarin Gallery / Cineleisure / Bugis Junction

WORKSHOP: CAT PHOTOGRAPHY with The Photography Academy


This is one of my life’s motto! Rather wrong than regret! 😉

Hello everybody! I am sure you know that other than blogging about beauty, I AM A CRAZY CAT LADY ~~~~~~~ *MEOW* So when I received the invitation from The Photography Academy to join in their Cat Photography Workshop, I immediately checked my schedule and said YES! 😀 Thank you Irene (Chief Photographer of Cloud Productions) for the invitation! Zynthia went with me as she is also a cat lover! 😀



Let me share with you some information about The Photography Academy! It is a sub-company of SG Cloud Productions.

SG Cloud Productions is a young company filled with splashes of creativity and refreshing ideas. Discovering and creating images you love! They are based in Singapore and provide premium professional photography services. With a strong emphasis on quality, visual creativity & client satisfaction, they take great pride in their work and consistently meet clients’ expectations and needs at premium professional levels, as testimonials show. They do best in Family & Kids Outdoor Photoshoot / Events & Food Photography/Photoshoot Services.


Irene is the one in blue!

The Photography Academy (TPASG) aspires to nurture and improve the professional standings and values of current and aspiring photographers, giving them an edge in the industry and profession. TPASG is a consortium of award-winning and full-time professional photographers and coaches with more than 5 to 10 years of experience in the trade in Singapore.

They offer a wide variety of photography courses, from Basic technical Photography Workshops to Fun & Creative Workshop like Cat Photography. TPASG holds monthly Photowalk, such as the upcoming  Old Tiong Bahru Walk. And randomly does Photo Daytoursuch as visitation of Sembawang Hotspring. Or even Photography Adventure overseas.

Most of the activities / events purpose are to keep Photography community as one in Singapore, they are looking forward to help and encourage Photography Enthusiast to Dream Big at the same time building their portfolios and skillset with them.

So on the Saturday morning of the workshop, Zynthia and I went to the Cat Cafe at Bugis Village to meet Irene and the rest of the students! THIS WAS WHAT GREETED US!!!! 😀 😀 😀 😀


HOW MANY KITTIES ARE THERE?! This is my kind of paradise~~~~~~ 😀 😀 😀 I can say that this event is my favourite Blogging event I have ever attended! I am biased like that 😛 Just look at how chilled the kitties at the cat cafe are~~ I will recommend that you watch your food, your drink, your bag, your chair and your table… XD CAT RULE 101!


Basically, you will need your smartphone that can read QR code and then you will find the notes needed for the class. Irene shared with us things about cats & cats photo taking, taking photos using SLR camera and even just by using your phone! There is no limit in photo taking!

Below are some photos I took before and after Irene shared with us some tips of cat photo-taking! KITTIES CUTENESS TIME! If you want the tips, you must join the class on 4th April! More information at the bottom of my entry! ^_*


Just the Kitty Gang chillin’

Let me show you the kitty who took my heart away! Meet Elly ~~ the tabby cat who looks a lot like my Kiyo Angel 🙂 Look at her innocent big round eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!! *MELTS* <3P1230133


Sleepy kitties after breakfast~~~~~ <3



The Mama shop owner – Cookie!! 😀P1230361

Also the cutest photo I took of Silver! SO CUTE! Love the funny face!!!


Then Irene said that we can try taking top down view with our foot inside. haha, I hereby say again that these are not my shoes!! haha!P1230225

Another tip from Irene is to have our hand inside the photo to capture the real expression of cats~ SHIOK~~^^ P1230235

Also Patches here is another cutie!! Most of the time she is just seated on the table next to the window looking down the buzzing streets of Bugis!!!!!!! HAHA!! Damn cute!!



Patches sharing with me her day of people-watching! LMAO!! 😀P1230366

I also caught Butter in shocked.. 😛


And then the friendliest kitty is none other than the beautiful Tuxedo!! I think because I wore a long jacket so he kept following me around!! 😀 I had fun playing with him!!! HEHEH! I miss him!! P1230306

And then there is beautiful Jimmy!! He was hiding at a “restricted” area and he came running out when I took out one of the cat toy as I was playing with Tuxedo! SOOOO FLUFFY AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!! Are the two of them Persians cats??? I am not sure! Haha!


When you are at the Cat Cafe, it means MEOWFIE TIME~~~~~ *Crazy Cat Lady Mode On*



Cats are just hilarious/amazing creatures, one minute Silver was sleeping comfortably in the cardboard box, and the next he was sleeping while balancing on the pillar! Well, time for my meowfie~~~~


Not to forget a photo with Zynthia! P1230395

Another photo that I like is this photo! The two Tortoiseshells sleeping on orange and purple chairs! You can see how nice the contrast looks like for the purple chair as compared to the orange! 😀 Colour is a very important factor in photo taking too!P1230398

I should end the cats photos tour with these two sweeties who groomed each other for hours (not hours but very long!!!) ~~ *LOVE LOVE*P1230418

Just to share with you some interesting true facts, the usual participants for the workshops are people whom:

  • Loves to take photos
  • Don’t really have a hobby, looking for one
  • Wants to make friends with more people
  • Wants to be involve in Photography more
  • Wants to learn Photography
  • Loves Photography & Equipments
  • Likes to see/shoot people’s shooting pictures
  • Have nothing to do at home

Suggested activities for the Public to attend:

  •  Photowalk (This is a complimentary photowalk for community to gather, shoot & discuss)
  • Workshop (Workshops are usually Fun & involve a lot of practical, for the people whom likes improving & practicing their skillset)
  • Practice Session (Practice session are setup especially for students whom wants to practice before or after the Workshop, with the Photography Coach around)
  • Daytour (Daytour are very casual, similar to Photowalk but involve in not just photoshooting but other form of activities too depends on individual tours)
  • Excursion (Excursions involve photo sharing session & practical shooting)
  • Photography Adventure (Photography Adventure is Guided Overseas Trip + Workshop as one)
  • Exhibitions (We are looking into showcase local photographer’s work, and encourage Photographers to attend the Exhibition)


If you like (no need to love! But i see no reason why you won’t loveeeee) cats and want to learn about photography, you should join the Workshop: Cat Photography x THE CAT CAFE @ Bugis!

Photography Coach: Irene Kuok (Chief Photographer of Cloud Productions)

Date: 4th Apr 2015, Saturday – 10am to 12nn

Venue: The Cat Cafe @ Bugis
241 Victoria Street, 188030

(Min. 8pax to start, Max. 30pax per class)

BOOK THEM AT PROMO PRICE NOW! Email #CAT to with the following details;
– PAX and NAME of people you are bringing
– WHAT kind of photography you are most interested in?
– WHICH type of camera you are bringing?

Read Cat Photography Tips Here:

Zynthia and I ordered food and drinks!! Check out the hot chocolate with the cute doodles!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 I LOVE CAT CAFE SINGAPORE!


Irene shared with us some Food Photography tips! Haha, I want to learn!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Looks good or not???P1230428

THEN THEN THEN… as the lighting is not so good and the photo looks quite flat, then Irene took out this lighting gadget which I forgot the name……. LOOK AT HOW DIFFERENT my cheese macaronic looks like!!!!!! YUMMY TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!!P1230432

This time I am really signing off!!!! 😛 Let’s all have fun with photo taking!! Once again, thank you TPASG and Irene!!! Do follow their instagram and facebook for more workshops and photography related information!

Don’t forget to my kitties’ instagram and also mine!! 😛 I always forget to mention in my entry!!!

belif – believe in Christmas and win $50 belif Voucher!


I attended belif Christmas Party on 19th December and sorry that this post came up so late. 😛

There are 12 days of Christmas so…. I am still not so late. :X Sorry! This month has been crazy like mad with Christmas gatherings and weddings! 😀

BTW, 1 more day for you to receive a 3 piece beauty kit and a $10 voucher with every $60 spent at belif!


I went to the belif at Plaza Singapura which is at the new extension level 1. (Not that new anymore actually. haha!)

DSCN0711 DSCN0719 DSCN0720

Of course I meet my bloggers friends! :DDDD Xinyi and Chantana! Time flies and I’ve known them for more than 4 years already!!!!!


Thank you my dear friend Elaine for the invitation!!! 😀


Went home with a bagful of belif products and stuff! <3


belif should still be selling their gift sets!!! Check out the one I received that comes in a really cute building packaging! Even the belif ribbon is sooooooo cute!! Mint like Tiffany and co.!


The really handy hand cream that I can bring around easily~~ lol P1210125



Received also the super cute calendar that comes with a special promotion every month! Sorry but I am not sure how you can get it!! 🙁P1210127


I also received a $50 gift card from belif and I guess you girls will love it!! Simply follow the instructions as to win it!!!

1) Follow my instagram @xkiyora
2) Email your name, instagram name, address to me at 😀

Giveaway ends 7 Jan 2015. Good luck! ^^ Winner will be announced on 8 Jan 2015 and contacted via their emails.

]I had a super fun, exciting and tiring day for my best friend wedding the day before, doing my bridesmaid duty from 4am all the way to almost 2am!

Thanks to Elaine and Celine’s kind arrangement, I visited My Cozy Room Spa (so princessy and minutes away from Paragon) for a rejuvenating and uplifting facial (shoulder massage, yay!) using @belif_singapore‘s Peat Miracle Revital series!

Love the facial and here is me looking refreshed walking along Orchard Road this afternoon! Will share more about both belif and  My Cozy Room Spa again!

Scents in the City at SaSa Singapore!

Yay! I super love SaSa Singapore!! Other than the superb NEOGENCE Taipei Trip to their factory and laboratory, I visited the International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) laboratory! We had an interesting guided perfume laboratories tour and also created our own fragrance! 😀 😀 😀 Super fun and I thought IFF will just be able Fragrances, but there is more behind it! Our shampoo, body wash, and even washing detergent includes fragrances to suit people in different countries!! It was truly a fruitful and interesting experience! <3


Our first stop is to the hair salon department! We learned about how IFF has to come out with shampoo fragrances to cater to people in different countries!


For example, the pantene you bought in Singapore will smell differently than the pantene you bought in China! Due to different cultures and environment, we even have different needs and taste for fragrances! 😀 So interesting!!! Can I volunteer to be the guinea pig to get my hair washed please? lol!


So unique to have a salon basin in the workplace!! 😀P1170364

Here are some of the different scents to be added into the shampoo!P1170368

Oh yeah, here is an mirror OOTD with my sister!! 😀


I also get to see many beautiful fragrances bottles and all on the way~~~~




Our second stop is to the body wash department!! SO SO COOL!! So your bottle of body wash also went through this experiment! P1170387

We got to sniff the different body wash, to see how long the scent can last and all!


Also, we also sniffed a lot of scents that day! Haha, I sniffed one that smells like cookie!! Lol, will love that for my perfume!! But it will be make me hungry all the time~~


So soaps that are created to evoke different emotions and feelings! <3 P1170404

Meanwhile, I also saw a washing machine in IFF!!! :DDDP1170405

Our last stop was to see how different fragrances and needs are used for washing detergents in different parts in Asia!! Due to our living conditions and space, some countries will prefer scents that are strong so that clothes after wash can last longer!



You look at the photos at the back to see the different conditions in different countries!


I think the employees working in IFF are all so cheerful and happy!!!! 🙂 You can see how the office is so colorful and beautifully decorated!



The very last stop of the day is to create our very own scent! 😀P1170434

We were given instructions about how much base and stabilizer we should add to create our unique scent.


I like floral scent the most so I am glad my team loves floral too! 😀 LOL!!!P1170443

Now, you must be wondering why we were sent to IFF?? This is because, SaSa is having a special event called ‘Scents in The City’ that is happening from 3 Oct to 16 Nov 2014!!! Can you spot Qiuqiu in the photo below?? She is one of the ambassadors and you will get a chance to meet her in SaSa!! Visit SaSa’s facebook to find out more!



During this month, you can enjoy 20% off 23 participating fragrance brands, and 10% off the other brands in stores.

SASA VIPs or Citibank cardholders can enjoy additional 5% discount on storewide fragrances.

Other than the exclusive premiums from the respective participating fragrance brands, shoppers will receive a $10 Voucher* with nett purchase of $100 worth of fragrances.

*Valid for next storewide purchase of $50. Terms and conditions apply.

Check out some of the fragrances that are part of the participating brands below:

P1170445 P1170446

Each of us also went home with 2 fragrances each other than my DIY fragrance!! 😀 SO AWESOME RIGHT!! One can never have too many fragrances!!


1) Oh Bella from Mandarina Duck

Launched in the summer of 2014, this fragrance is delicate and serene, designed for girls of natural, carefree elegance and grace.

The composition is signed by Sylvia Fisher. Top notes include a fruit cocktail of raspberry, Chinese mandarin, apple and pear. Pink roses, jasmine, freesia and other white flowers compose the floral heart of the perfume, placed on the base of cedar, patchouli, vanilla and musk.


Oh Bella is available at $65 for 50ml (Free body lotion + Running Kit), $79 for 100ml (Free 30ml + Running Kit).

2) Mercedes Benz for Mens


LOVE the logo!!!! I think guys will love it!! For those who doesn’t have a Mercedes, you will definitely own it someday! LAW OF ATTRACTION!!!!

Mercedes-benz is available at $79 for 40ml (Free miniature or Key Ring), $129 for 70ml (Free 25ml +cap)!

Stash up your fragrance collection now at SaSa Singapore!!!



Creer Beaute Cosmetics Media Launch!!!!! Sailormoon Overdose!!!

*SCREAMS* Usagi-chan!!!!!!! I was invited to Creer Beaute Cosmetics Media launch by Absolute PR!  Creer Beaute brought in the Sailormoon series eyeliners and Rose of Versailles Oscar products!!

I was super excited since I was a Sailormoon fan 20 years ago!!!!!! *grins* Look at what toy I found when I was a kid in 1995!!! Sailormoon musical box charm!! I think it was a gift from Tuxedo Mask to her!! 😛

Usagi-chan still looks so kawaii after 20 years later!!! Why am I not cute anymore. lol


Other than Sailormoon, you can also find the rest of the Sailors Soldiers!! I miss them so much!!!!!!! <3


So I must take a photo with all of them!!! <3P1170065

Check out the cutest eyeliners ever from the Sailormoon Miracle Romance series!!!!!!! The colors are according to the Sailor Soldiers!!!! Being a 20 year old Sailormoon fan, I know all their names of course!!



This powder case totally made all of us girls went crazy!!!!! これ欲しい!!!!!!!!!!!!;) But this was a limited edition, so it is no longer selling unless you are willing to pay A LOT on ebay!!! *cries* I wanted to pre-order the fragrance from Japan but was over the deadline when I wanted to ask my manager to get for me!!! NEXT TIME I WILL PRE-ORDER anything related to Sailormoon!


Other than the Sailormoon series, we were also introduced to the makeup series from Versailles (based on a manga called The Rose of Versailles)!! I don’t know about this manga but  Mika Arakaki, director of Arakaki Co Inc., who brought in these babies to Taiwan, Hongkong and Singapore, said that the manga is super popular and well-known in Japan! I must say I love the packaging so much!!!! So romantic and girly!!!!!!!!P1170069 P1170071

One of the highlights of the night was that Mawaki Yamamoto, a Singapore-based Japanese makeup artiste also demonstrated numerous makeup for us!


Other than overdose of eyeliners, I also took a Sailormoon pose photo with Qiyun and Vinna! I know both of them via Vanity Trove. 🙂 Then I must mention that Qiyun and me were too engrossed in talking in the MRT that we took the train the wrong way and ended up wasted 30 minutes or so going down the MRT line and up again. *lol* This seldom happened to me ok!!! I am very good with directions!


Arakaki-san (boss) also taught us how to pose correctly like Usagi-chan!! Love this shot very much! ^^10553737_702692906483640_3120785417402507508_o

THEN THEN THEN!!!!!!! Creer Beaute is sooooo generous and gave us sooooooooo many eyeliners!!! I think I no need to buy anymore eyeliners for the next 3 years!! *chuuuuuuuu* <3 😀


La Rose de Versailles Pencil Eyeliner in Black, Lady Oscar Eyeliner in black, Princess Antoinette Liquid Eyeliner in Dark Brown which I will share with you again in the few months. 😛 Sorry for being so bias!! heheheheh! Or should I do a giveaway for one of the liquid eyeliners?? ^^  La Rose de Versailles is available in selected Watsons Singapore. You can visit the bigger outlets!


Next up, I am so grateful and excited to receive all these Sailormoon eyeliners!!!!! Thank you Creer Beaute!! <3 I also want to share with you some the Sailormoon cards I collected when I was 8 or 9 years old. XD  As you can see, Sailormoon is white, Sailor Mecury is blue, Sailor Mars is red, Sailor Jupiter is green and Sailor Venus is orange!


Check out the gorgeous colors!P1170112 Swatched the eyeliners at the event, and I am so in love with the blue glitter eyeliner!!!! <3

For this post, I will share with you two looks using Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner blue ($24.90) and Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Set Orange Gold ($36.90) eyeliners~~~~ ^^


So when Yamamoto-san  who demonstrated looks using Creer Beaute products went around giving us tips, I quickly asked him how I can use the blue glitter eyeliner. He commented that blue will look good on me. 😛 Since now in Japan, the makeup trend is to have softer eye makeup, blue is softer than black eyeliner and will give a mysterious look. haha, I like being mysterious!


What I will recommend is if you want to use colored eyeliner other than black or brown, you should wear something that has the particular color. For the blue liner, I am wearing something with blue so that my overall look will be in harmony. 😉

P1170176What do you think of me wearing blue eyeliner?? I am loving it!! 😀

Next, I want to share with you the Miracle Romance Star Power Prism Lameliner Set Orange Gold which represents the pretty Sailor Venus and inside the package, there is the brown eyeliner too!!


To tell you the truth, I really don’t know how I will look with orange eyeliner!!! Then luckily, I saw my goddess Lena Fuji’s makeup in her last issue of ViVi!!!!!!Not so obvious here but she is wearing orange eyeliner on both her upper and lower eyelid with black eyeliner on the upper eyelid. She also wear a red lipstick to further enhance the fun and cute look!!! <3 Lena-chan, you are my inspiration!!!! 😉 But of course I look nothing like her… maybe 0.00000000000000000001%! lol. Actually it is kind of rude to even compare myself to her.

The left is with the eyeliner and right is without! The one with the orange gold eyeliner looks cuter! 😛 P1170189


And here is my Lena-chan inspired makeup look!! I didn’t apply blusher like she did  and I used the NYX Matte Lipstick in perfect red!! Love NXY lipsticks so much since they are super affordable and colors are so pretty!!!


I can’t wait to create different looks with the rest of the Sailormoon Miracle Romance eyeliners!! If you are excited like me, you can get Sailormoon Miracle of Romance from ALL Watsons now!!!!!! <3

Don’t forget to like CreerBeaute Singapore to be updated of all the awesome products I mentioned above!!!!

Happy happy girl~~~~~ Now I want to watch the Sailormoon anime so much!

Event – Heroine Make Princess Party!

Thanks to Chantana‘s invitation <3, I attended Heroine Make Princess Party at L’Etoile Cafe in April! 😀


Heroine Make is Japan’s leading drugstore brand, which believes that every woman plays the  leading role in her own life story. Its commitment is to provide long-lasting and smudge-proof makeup that readies and steadies women for the vicissitudes that Life throws up. This also means no more worrying about clumpy lashes, smudging, and panda eyes at the end of the day, because of its long-lasting mascaras are just what every woman needs!!


After a short introduction about the two newly revamped and upgraded mascaras for lashes that stay as long and curled! Continue reading

[Event] – Shiseido ありがとう . パーティー

Konnichiwa!!!!!! I love love love everything about JAPAN since I was a kid~~ It was under my sisters’ influence that I like sushi, and then dorama when I fell in love with my Koichi-sama!! He’s still my #1 favourite celebrity after many many many years. 😀 I love everything about Japan, the country, food, makeup, people, place, culture, scenery, sakura, Rilakkuma, My Melody, Hello Kitty, fashion… etc

My ultimate dream is to be able to live in Japan for good. I will plan to go back to Japan next year! Been almost 2 years since I last went in 2012 April! But I don’t know where I wanna visit since I miss TOKYO, OSAKA, KYOTO, NARA so so much but I want to visit Hokkaido, Okinawa and also my current #1 place to visit, Shirakawa-go! lol~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, I am also super happy that my dream came true now that my work is related to the Japanese fashion industry. 😀


I also managed to keep my passion for the skincare industry now with!! You can see how happy I looked like when I went to Shiseido ありがとう . パーティー  (thank you party) at OASIA HOTEL SUITE last weekend! Thank you Wendy from TheWhiteSpace for the invitation! 😀 This is the first time I attended Shiseido’s event!

Of course, my #1 Japanese cosmetics are none other than…………… makeup and skincare from Shiseido!!!!!!!!!!! Have you tried products from ZA, Majolica Majorca, Tsubaki, Ma Cherie, Senka and Aqualabel! I have!!! XD I am a lover of Majolica Majorca mascaras!!! I’ve tried all of the mascara out of my own pocket!!! muhaha!! I am sure that you girls know the brands quite well even without me explaining more right? ^^

Image Continue reading

[ Event + Review ] – skincode the formula for healthy beautiful skin from Switzerland


Two weeks back, I attended skincode‘s first Bloggers Event at Novotel!!! 😀 Firstly, I must say that skincode is the sweetest company ever!!!!!!!


Taxi voucher!!!!!!!! This is the first time I’ve received this in an event. The venue is not even out of the way. This is SUPER SUPER SWEET. *MUAHS* Thank you Sephanie and everybody in skincode!!!!! You guys are the BEST!!! I feel so special~~~  😀 I spent only $5 when I traveled home in the cab when the bill was $15++ 😀 😀 😀

Continue reading