Bejeweled Chocolate Valentine’s Nail & Eyelash Extension

So excited to share about my third trip to Bejeweled at Breadtalk IHQ that is just opposite Tai Seng Mrt!!

This time round, other than Gelish for my nails, I also did pedicure and Eyelash Extensions to prep myself for the Chinese New Year! ^^ I do not have to visit 2 places for these two beauty treatments! Other than eyelash and nails, Bejeweled also does Spa treatments! Therefore, I highly recommend you to visit Bejeweled for their brand new 3 concepts beauty store at BreadTalk IHQ (30 Tai Seng Street).

Since I have to soak off my previous pretty marble nails, my trusty manicurist Yucheng, did the soak off for me while Wen did my eyelash extension! Talk about saving time and doing 2 beauty treatments at one time! I love it! ^^

What to expect for eyelash extension? One thing to note is you cannot perm you eyelashes before eyelash extension!! 😛

In Bejeweled, you can choose the angle and length and type(shape of the eyelash) you want.

Angles: C, J and Q (curliest)


For me, I chose J for a more natural but still curled up lashes, then long and short lashes along the eyelid so that the extensions look natural like my own lashes. *shhhhh*


Yay!!!!!! Long, fuller and natural eyelash extensions for Chinese New Year! Also, there is no need for any eye makeup for a few weeks for me! *cheers* 😀



After about 1 hour for the eyelash extensions, I did my pedicure and gelish together! Save time, save time!

For my pedicure, I chose a pinky red for my feet just in time for Chinese New Year! *huat ah*


Since most people are doing red + gold + monkey Chinese New Year Nails, Kiyora is not so boring one!!! LOL LOL!!!!!! I chose to do Chocolate Nails for Valentine’s Day!!!


SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! Yucheng is soooooo talented!!!!! <3 My favourite is the Chocolate Bar with the wrapper!!!! I also like melting chocolate with colourful sprinkles!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!  (*≧▽≦)


You see 3D chocolate bar VS the melting chocolate? They are done using two different techniques! The 3D chocolate bar was drawn using these special nail polishes from VANELA and the POPUP melting chocolate, sprinkles and hearts were done using Acrylic! The VANELA polishes are good if you want small and detailed 3D nail art while the Arcylic is for bigger designs!



Chocolate Valentine’s Day Nail and Eyelash extensions thanks to @bejeweled48!!! No need eyemakeup for now!!!  Also cut my hair shorter and dyed it Ash Green!!!



Bejeweled Nails
10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 2526
Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm Sat : 11am – 4.30pm
Close on Sunday & PH

30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013
Tel : 6443 9789
Mon – Fri : 11.30am – 8pm
Sat – Sun (including PH) : 10.30am – 7pm

SMS or WhatsApp @ 9622 9113

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♡ Cute Eyelash Extension by Eye Studio Tokyo ♡

Hello! Back as promised about my first eyelash extension done by Kayo-san from Eye Studio Tokyo! ^^  Eye Studio Tokyo is located at Level 3 (next to Kinokuniya) at Liang Court. Other than Eyelash Extension, Eye Studio Tokyo also offers nail services! My gelish is still looking perfect after a week! <3

The lashes and glue used in EYE STUDIO are all manufactured in Japan. The staff are all Japanese with knowledge and skill putting lashes one by one for customers! The whole procedure is entirely safe, hygienic and not painful at all! 😉

I was given this eyelash extension menu, to choose the kind of curl, thickness and design for my new lashes!!


I’ve indicated what I did with the <3 ~ I did eyelash perming 2-3 weeks ago, and Kayo-san said that they normally don’t do extension for permed eyelash. 🙁 This is also the reason why I can only do J-curl! Kayo-san said I can try C-curl next time! 😛

Oh yah, when going through the menu with me, at the design part, Kayo-san looked at me and immediately said “Kawaii”~ LOL! I think I can only be cute… 😛 I want to do SEXY next time~~~ I can be SEXY too~~~~ lol Continue reading