SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway @ Klapsons on Saturday, 29th August 2015!

On 29th August, I attended the second installment of SG50 Singapore Fashion Runway! The launch was a huge success with over 1,000 guests attendees. Thank you ABSOLUTE PR for the invitation!

All Photos credit are from Singapore Fashion Runway. 😀

Another uniquely Singapore event by her proud prodigies, the event celebrated the local fashion community through a fashion showcase by local models in local designer outfits. There was also a RETAIL section at the event where guests could check out the myriad of local designer labels after each show!


Singapore’s First Rooftop Fashion Party was held @ klapsons. A total of 125 models twisted, turned and sashayed down the red carpet in outfits celebrating fashions from the 60’s to the future. DSC03309 Continue reading

Wardrobe Update

I was thinking about how my online shopping habit changed over the span of 10 years recently.

I started online shopping 10 years ago via Yahoo! Auction Singapore, then I moved on to Yahoo! Taiwan, Yahoo! Taiwan sprees in livejournal, joined a lot of sprees and shopped a lot for 2 – 3 years, then I discovered Gmarket which became Qoo10 now and then Taobao (which is really cheap but it really depends on luck for the quality).

My latest craze is to shop at Zalora (which you see everywhere!) as they have so many brands and items, and they have superb delivery and service!!!

Today, I want to share with you some items I got from Zalora over these few months below:
Screen shot 2015-03-12 at AM 12.16.54

Princess and Prince shoes which is S$19 that is mad comfy that has cushion inside! Super duper cute too!

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at AM 12.17.41
I wanted something red and traditional yet fashionable for this Chinese New Year Love. Then I saw this bright red cheongsam inspired dress with lace sleeve!

zalorashoesOne of my favourite wedges that I can run for the bus in it! Wore it to the salon and my hairdresser fell in love with it…. So I got it for her too!! 😀

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at AM 12.24.57
Previously bought a pair of super cheap S$9.20 puppy face flats! Then KK decided to sit on it! Do you think that the print is a cat or dog? lol

Screen shot 2015-03-12 at AM 12.27.00

Last but not least, the BAG GIRL hologram clutch that I kept thinking about getting for a month. Decided to get it because it is really unique!!!!! 😀

You must be thinking why I kept buying from Zalora as if they are free!! (I WISH!! lol) Other than their wide range of items and good customer experience, another reason I get so much for my money is that I used a 15% discount code from Zalora on all this stuff!! There are loads of codes available so definitely worth checking before you buy something 😀


Skylark Emailers Singapore-01

Modern meets traditional, contemporary meets classic, but with a twist.

MoonRiver, one of India’s premier lifestyle store that encompasses the best of home and fashion is coming to Singapore for a one day pop up store called Skylark!

The Skylark sale will be where the best of fashion and design are presented with wit and imagination! It will be a fun festive day filled with super fashion and gifts at superb pricing!

You will be able to find International fashion brands such as Diane Von Furstenberg, Marni, MSGM, Zadig and Voltaire, Peter Pilotto plus gorgeous jewelry, candles and assorted goodies.

Diane von Furstenberg – the creator of the original wrap dress – you can’t go wrong with this classic and we offer it at unbelievable prices only at the Christmas sale

Zadig and Voltaire – channel your inner rock chic with this uber cool
parisian brand

MSGM – this is the fashionistas secret this season, the Milan based
designer mixes neoprene and print to create super chic silhouettes

Marni accessories – where intelligence meets glamour, need we say
more Peter Pilotto – the designer that plays graphics like they have never
played before

Aish scarves – handwoven scarves from weavers in India ,
reinterpreted in a contemporary manner by this your India designer

Moonriver jewelry – contemporary silver and gold plated jewelry for
the fierce yet feminine women. Organic shapes and delicate stones
lead to a exquisite play of color and shape leather accessories such as cool lap top bags and wallets by Nappa

Do join them for a day of coffee and cake and lots of sale shopping on
tomorrow at the 4 seasons Hotel, The Grange Room from 10am till 7pm. Visit WWW.MOONRIVERSTORE.COM for more information

JRunway Goes International!


Yay!! JRunway – a multi-brand Japanese  store in Singapore  is offering FREE SHIPPING in Singapore till end of the year, and is now shipping to 5 more countries: Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, and Thailand! I can’t wait for it to be shipped to all over the world some time in the future! 😀

Meanwhile, did you see this collection!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


X-girl x Hello Kitty collection!!!! Of course I have to buy!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!! The dress, the t-shirts, the pouch!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

It was a difficult choice but I know I have to get the dress in white!! HELLO XGIRL! 😀 Cap is the VANS x ASPCA I blogged previously.


I also have to get one of my beautiful kitties to take photo with me!! HELLO KYLILA~~~~~ XDP1170861

Other than this collaboration, JRunway online is having x-girl x Porter collection!!!!!!

xgirl x porter Google AD Picture

Furthermore, you’ll receive a FREE Biore Micellar Cleansing Water sample with any purchase from now till 22 October!!!!! SHOP SHOP SHOP JAPAN TO YOUR HOME NOW!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3


Follow JRunway instagram, facebook and pinterest now!!

Style Bliss

Hi hi!! If you are my friend, you will know that I seldom shop online in Singapore Blog Shops! The reason is very simple, I CAN’T FIT THE TINY CLOTHES. *ARGGGGGGHHHHHH* My bust is a 36 inch and most of the Blog Shop only carry sizes up to M which is like 30-34 inch… why so…. slim?!!!!!! 30 inches..i think my waist about there!! lol lol. :’)

So I am very happy that I managed to find many clothing from Style Bliss that can fit me!
Is this a Dress or a Romper?! 😛 Great for both work and casual!


 This dress fits so well on me!!!!! The PTP Across: 17.5″ so I have plenty of space to breathe!!! The material of the dress is thick (slightly thinner than that of a blazer), and the design of the open flap makes it looks like  a romper! So the dress looks both smart and cute! Perfect for both work or casual!


Also, not to forget the cute trimmings at the ends!! Totally add cute points to you! 😀


I wore the dress to THEFACESHOP event and it looks cute with my pink cardigan! XD


Style 2

This dress is actually something that I’ll never buy due to its thick material and is shapeless. However, I thought that the design is really unique! Love the front belt design and side trim. To my surprise, the dress actually makes my figure better!! 😀 Check it out!! (Although I am still not slim like other bloggers! 😛 )


One good point is also that the dress doesn’t hug my hips tightly and rested nicely so that I can still show off my womanly curves. 😀 😀 😀


Don’t forget to like Style Bliss Facebook and start shopping now at Style Bliss and MIYOCOnline!

Super Light-weight and Water-Resistant Mousse Bag!

I was window-shopping at Plaza Singapura and shrieked when I passed by the showcase near Starhub! THESE BAGS ARE SO RIDICULOUSLY CUTE! 😀 😀 <3 <3

These super adorable bags are from Mousse Singapore, which is located at Plaza Singapura (New Wing) #03-K7! I was feeling even more high when I went to the Kiosk to meet Carmen! lol! EVERY bag in the shop is just SOOOOOOO CUTE!!!!!! 😉  Mousse is definitely a pet’s lover paradise! <3 #crazycatladymodeon

P1170338Brand Story:
Mousse is dessert in French.
Mousse is derived from desserts which makes one happy, bidding our boring good bye, and add in fun and colors to our lives!

Even though Mousse is from Hong Kong, its fashionable bags are already popular in Japan and Korea in 2009! With its realistic 3D print, environmental friendly and light material, it is no wonder Mousse Bags is such a big hit!


Mousse’s Wish:
Love is the reason why Mousse is born: Love yourself, love others, love animals, love the nature, to make your life more colorful and make the world more beautiful! Mousse will continue to create more variety of exciting products, so that everyone can bring their favourite mousse bag to visit every place in the world.

As the taste of ladies varies from season to season, mousse is dedicated to design a serious of innovative and stylish products, helping every lady’s dreams come true.

Ranging from those floral prints, vivid color match, and fake prints to sparking styling, mousse has been longing for to design an array of handbags for the happiness and sweetness of everyday life of ladies.


Why is everything just so cute!! There are not just animal bags but also beautiful scenery, places and other unique designs! What I love of Mousse is that the bag is super light-weight and best, WATER-RESISTANT! This is so so important for us in Singapore since we always have sudden rain! No more worries that our important thing will be wet. Maybe we can even use the bag to shed us from the rain. lol! Let me know if you try it next time!P1170333

Kitties and puppies make our world more beautiful!! 😛


I love to keep Husky if I ever keep a dog, they are just so gorgeous!!!!!!


Lolly!!!!!!! Haha~ I don’t know the name of this dog breed but I know it as Lolly~~~ 😛


Winking Cream and round shaped Maltese Bag! <3   (Wait.. who is Cream?)P1170339

Did you notice that the same cat appeared in many of the bags? This adorable cat is called Cream (I mentioned just before) who is very famous from Hong Kong!  P1170344

I got a super cute Cream Large Bag! Rara dressed up as Lady Rara to greet Magician Cream!! ^O^


P1170516 P1170512 P1170514

This bag is actually the biggest size, and really can put in many items. You can see how crazy a cat lady I am, cat long top and the decorations in my house has cats too!! (Did that many years ago. lol!)



Yay! Thank you Mousse for this super adorable Cream Magician bag, that I really love it so much! Been bringing this out with me for many days straights and my friends asked where I got it from!! ^_*  Really super cute and eye-catching!

Mousse bags starts from $69, and price point is around $150! The price is so affordable as it is really super light, super cute and WATER-RESISTANT!

Actually Mousse also does customization for bags. I AM SO TEMPTED TO DO FOR MY CATS NOW!!!! Visit Mousse at Plaza Singapura Level 3 now to check the cute bags out!!! I am sure you will love them if you keep a pet~~ <3

Lastly, don’t forget to join Mousse Singapore Facebook and Instagram now for more new product updates! 😀


My friend whatsapp-ed me about the arrival of the VANS x ASPCA collection that is available in Singapore VANS store now! 😀 I know about ASPCA because I used to watch the show at Animal Planet! There are sneakers, bags and caps of either cat or dog prints.

What is ASPCA?

Since 1866, the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals® (ASPCA®) has raised its voice for those who can’t speak for themselves and fights to protect animals wherever abuse occurs. Whether directly removing animals from a situation detrimental to their wellbeing, pushing for humane laws, or building resources with shelters, ASPCA®’s tireless dedication has not diminished in over 140 years. A testament to the central role four-legged companions have come to play in people’s lives everywhere, the Vans x ASPCA collaboration whole-heartedly supports the cause.

I got the cats cap (obviously!!!!). Can you spot KingKing, Rara and Kylila lookalikes? XD


Yes, I happened to wear Hello Kitty x Kitson T-shirt! lol.


Of course I must do some selfies with my kitties! (Couldn’t  take a photo with Rara). With Kylila who is seriously …. unhappy. lol.


Metmet who is unsure what I am doing….P1170306

KingKing who is…………. lolP1170316

You crazy cat ladies or men, and dogs lovers, go get your VANS x ASPCA collection now! 😀 *meow*!

Katy Perry PRISM Collection!!!!

When I saw the kitty sunglasses of Katy Perry PRISM Collection online, I KNOW I HAVE TO GET IT!!!!!!!!!! <3 😀 <3

Even though I always love Katy and her songs, I didn’t know she was a cat-fanatic even though I know her perfumes are all kitty bottles. 😛


SUPER CUTEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Such a cute idea to put leopard print cat ears on sunglasses!! My wish to become (dress head to toe) a cat is like completed!! *MEOW*


I also will not be shy to wear this out. HEHEHE!!!! I LOVE KATY PERRY~~~~ So I continued browsing through the collection and told myself, since I have to spent a bomb on shipping, may as well get a couple of stuff and set a limit. They more I browse, the more I fell in love with Katy Perry PRISM Collection!!!! <3


CHECK THIS OUT~~~~~~ This is just completely SO ME!!!! Leopard prints may be common but a TIGER charm!!! *ROARS* I am born in the year of tiger!!! Love you Katy~~~


So purrfect!!!!! 😀 And then another cute item I got is the ROAR bangle!! *ROARS*



Everything are MAX CUTE AND SOOOOOO SWAG~~~~ I am all ready to attend Katy Perry’s concert in Singapore!! Can’t wait to see you my Queen~~ <3


Love “ROAR” and “Love Me”~ ^^

I just want to rant a bit. I spent a bomb on the accessories as well as shipping (WITHOUT TRACKING NUMBER!) and waited 22 working days instead of the 8 working days stated in the website. I really thought they went missing!! ~_~ Thank goodness they arrived to me safely!!!!!! If they went missing, I doubt I can get refund or anything from the way I got the email replies. 🙁 I always shop in Claire’s when I went USA or Japan, so I should stick to that and no more online shopping!!

So if you stayed in Singapore or Asia, you have to think twice before you purchase!!!

#JRunway OOTD Contest!!!!

Win $100 JRunway Voucher!!!!!

1) Follow JRunway at instagram @jrunway_aw

2) Post your JRunway OOTD

3) Tag them and hashtag #JRunway

*Winner will be announced in July


Check out some OOTD I had from last year to this year with items from JRunway!! <3 Japanese fashion <3


Love the cute and comfy fake 2 piece top!!!!!



Reversible Cropped jacket from Spiral Girl! <3


Cool and stylish camouflage jacket!


Sweet girly-like EMODA dress!


Cool VS Girly! ^^


I love EMODA’s unique checked prints!!!


Long and light denim jacket from WEGO!!


Galstar tartan sneakers!


CUTENESS OVERLOADED Minnie Mouse stockings!


Galstar Hologram platform shoes with super cute Marie stockings!!!!!


Heel sneakers from Ryugi Assaku!!!


Not to forget, accessories!! :DDDDDD

Shop now at JRunway at Plaza Singapura #01-54 and join in the contest!!!!!!!! 🙂



I’ve been wanting to post this but I am just super lazy!! Just got the feel to do it today and here it goes~~~~~~

1) Cute Deer Umbrella my sister bought for me from Korea

2) Prettiest MiuMiu Wallet

3) Rilakkuma Makeup Pouch from Jo-chan with essential makeups!! ^^

4) Pink x Blue Kitty Pouch for cellphone

5) Samsung S3 and the super cute #kitty cover ~~

6) iTouch with pink sony earphone from JJ ^^

7) Carlo Rino Bag

8) Coach keypouch from Joise ^^

9) Sweetest Samantha Thavasa Namecard Holder

Show me what’s in your bag!! ;D