Sponsored – Embellir Bag Shop Allure in Ash from Japan

Happy Chinese New Year to you!!! I hope that you have a Prosperous, Healthy and Beautiful Horse Year ahead!! Thank you for reading my humble blog! 😀 I will continue to share more new and exciting stuff with you this year!

Last week, something really lovely arrived from Tokyo just in time for Chinese Near Year! *beams*


My mom called me and said “Something really big for you arrived! The box is like the size of a small luggage!” Hahahahaha!!

The present is from Embellir Bag Shop, and of course you’ll be able to guess it, it’s a bag!! :DDD The name of the bag is Allure and it is available in 20 beautiful colours!! *_*

embellir1 Embellir2 Embellir3 Embellir4

OMG ~ 眼花繚亂 *_* ~ I love how every colour has so many different hues!! There are so many unique colors that I wish I can add them all into my wardrobe! I will work really hard so that I’ll have a walk-in wardrobe in the future! *DETERMINED*

Which is your favourite color?? My #1 favourite is Mocha, but …. it is out of stock!! Actually, so many of the colours are already gone!!! Personally I will recommend French Beige,  Milky Beige, Ash, and Honey Brown~ Brown bags are super easy to match with whatever colours you are wearing. *winks*


Let me sidetrack a little bit~~ Did you notice a floral note in the box? It is a lovely note from Embellir staff, Suzuki-san! ^^ I tried my best to converse with her in Japanese! hehehe. Thank you Suzuki-san for your kindness!!! (*^□^*)

Among the colours that I recommend, can you guess which bag I received?!


Yeah!!!! I received Allure in Ash!! It is my favourite after Moca! Allure is made of high-grade synthetic leather. The texture of the bag is really smooth, and it does have a shape for it to stand. The weight of the bag is kind of light too!

The first impression is that the quality of the bag is good. It looks formal enough for work and fashionable enough for casual wear!

Bag Dimension:
Height: 25 cm
Width: 38 cm
Depth: 9.5cm

You can also put in A4 size files! 😀 This is really important for me now (again) since I am taking Japanese classes!!


Front of bag!


Back of the bag!


If you are girl, you would have spotted the MIRROR!!! Any girl or woman’s bbf!!



Love the detail and design of the strap!! One of the features of the bag is the design of the strap. It doesn’t hurt my arm when you carry over long hours! AWESOME! <3


Double zips so you can sling or hold the bag in either hands!!! Every bag should have double zips!!!


Since the strap of the bag is really long, I tied a ribbon out of it!! I love ribbons a lot too!!!!!! It makes the bag looks cuter right!! 😀

Upon opening the bag, there is another long strap for you to sling or carry Allure on the shoulder!


The long strap gives Allure a more stylish and causal look!


I love how versatile the bag can match different styles!!!!!!! This is me on the first day of Chinese New Year (31st January 2014)!!  All ready to visit my relatives and collect ang baos!! (red packet) hohohohohoho!!


Being a crazy cat mama and lover of pink, I must of course add in a kawaii cat tag! (Thank you Joise for it! ^^)

The style of Day 1 is Sweet Floral Theme!! Allure fits into this style easily! My auntie also commented that the bag is pretty!! By the way, the super cute dress is from Rakuten too!! I got it last May when there was free shipping! :PP The back of the dress is just soooooooo sweet and lovely!


The cute shoes is from Taipei! Mint x Pink are my favourite!


On the second day of Chinese New Year, I am still in Floral Theme but this time, it is Casual Floral Look! Carrying Allure on one side of my shoulder for gives a cool laid back feeling! 😀


If you are looking for a bag that is really easy to match any style, be it that you are still a student or working adult!  You can get Allure bag from at Rakuten.com.sg! Free shipping to Singapore with minimum spending of S$30!!

Another AWESOME NEWS!! You can now get Allure at 10%OFF!! Only S$63.48 (UP: $70.53) from now till end of February!

If you are guy, it will be a good gift to get for your girlfriend of wife too!! I am sure they will like Allure or the other bags from Embellir Bag Shop~

But you have to make up your mind faster since many colours are already out of stock!

Meanwhile, I hope you have a great long weekend!! Work harder when you are back to work or school this week! Everybody, HUAT AH!! 😀

Samantha Thavasa Namecard Holder

So I got myself a name card holder finally! I was using my Oklahoma University namecard holder and it kind of turn rusty.

I visited the Samantha Vegas at Isetan but the range is so small I finished looking at them in 5 minutes. *brrrr*

So I went to the Samantha Thavasa store in Ion! I was served by a nice lady who asked what I was looking for and she recommended me some namecard holder~ I took super long to choose since I really like a number of them! D:

I finally narrowed down to 2 designs, but they have like THREE COLORS EACH. TOUGH CHOICE!! lol. The lady explained that they do not display all the colors so she show me all the colors so that I can pick. Thank you.

After some time, I finally chose the design that I like the most~~~ then from 3 colors, blue, pale pink, and watermelon red… i narrowed down to pale pink and watermelon red. hahahahaha, those who know me will know which is my obvious choice!!!!!!!! I love pink, then I also like nude colors… i also like pale pink! muahahaha.

In my heart I already know I will chose the pale pink from the start, but I just want to be a little rebellious! The lady who served thinks that watermelon suits me more since it is more attention seeking! HAHAHAH. omg, i am very low profile please….. but she also said, the pale pink will not get dirty as easily as compared to the watermelon color.

Then she said something that made me shrieked, “You can always bring the namecard holder back to us after 3 or 6 months if it becomes dirty for free. No worries.” OMG OMG~~~~~~ I instantly become a Samantha Thavasa true supporter! The best is, they clean EVERY Samantha Thavasa items for free for whole life time~~~~

Even if you bought your bag in Japan, you can still bring it to the Singapore outlet for FREE cleaning. THIS IS SUPERB CUSTOMER SERVICE. I pledged my loyalty to Samantha Thavasa already~~~~~~~xoxo!!!


Pretty?? I love it~~~~~~~~~~~ Cute and sweet but not too OVER (i think).


Closed up of the logo~ love love love!



2 main slots inside, so you can put your namecard in one, the other for the namecard you received. 😀

There is also one more slot in the front, also the back of the holder. I will put my Rilakkuma ez link card. LOL. I want to act more matured but the things I have are still the cutesy stuff. HAHAHAHA. Very fail….. give me sometime to adjust. .. maybe 15 years  later….. lol


Samantha Thavasa is love~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If you noticed, I came out with a logo for www.xkiyora.com. 😛 I love it~~~~

I love H&M and Forever 21!!!

My life is totally taken over by H&M when it opened its door in Singapore!!!! There are currently two stores in Singapore, and I think they will open another store in a Shopping Centre near me!!! :DDDDDDDD The stuff are affordable and trendy and 90% of the time I buy something when I come out of H&M. Today I am sharing with you the buys I bought last week!!!! LOVE THEM TO THE MAX!!!!!!!!

I received a PINK H&M gift card as a farewell gift!! *MUAHS* My ex-colleagues know me so well~~~ I can buy so many useless stuff!!  OOPS!!!!!!

They came in a set together!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $13.90 (i think)~~ How to not buy when #1 is handmade(lol, i just say only) pink with gold studs, #2 blue + pink, and the gold bracelet with stars and skull!! I have to get it~~~~~

My current favourite ring!!! TACO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPER CUTE PLEASE!!!!!!!!! It is only $3.90!!!!! I just buy it without considering!

Double ring Dicraeosaurus Dinosaur(lol, is it? or not?)!!!!~~ TOO CUTE TO NOT BRING IT HOME!!! $5.90~~~~~~~~

After hanging around H&M, of cos I have to pop by Forever 21~~~~~~~~~~

Black leather bands with ribbon and stud, so cool and cute for Forever 21~~ sorry, forgot the price~~ but should be less than $15!!!!

FIERCE!!!!!!!!!!!! I am born in the year of Tiger and so super glad that the current trend is tiger images and got myself 2 already. 😛 I think it kind of suits me~ $29.90 (i think~~ D:) I got some other stuff for a dear friend so I forgot the prices)

So few days back I paired the taco ring and black studded ribbon band, together my Samantha Thavasa bag out for a walk. ^^

Have a GREAT weekend!!! Enjoy while it lasts~~~~~~ 😀

Hello Kitty Overloaded @ Singapore Forever 21

Hello Kitty Overloaded @ Singapore Forever 21

I was going crazy when I stepped into Forever 21 @ somerset! The Hello Kitty merchandises are finally here. I mean Sanrio!!!!!! But did not really see much of the rest of the characters, just a few here and there! Tops, bedsheets, tower, map, slippers, accessories, dresses, shorts, jumper, ipad holder, luggage tag, dustbins…. you name it! Couldn’t take more photos, do check them out for yourself at Forever 21!

ipad holder!!! Too bad I don’t have one. lol

Chococat~~~ too cute. lol


Neon green Kitty slipper only $8, BUY!!!!!!

2 Hellokitty necklace with bows, pearls and black pearls at $11, so each necklace is only $5.50, JUST BUY!!!!!!

I was contemplating if I should get this at $29 for the thin material, but since it is a highlow top with some studs on the kitty spects. I have to get it. Just so swag~

My sis thought that the prints are mushrooms LOL!

Cute neon green and blue Hello Kitty head with a neon green belt which looks really vintage. It also has the straps for ribbon at the collar which is what I super like! $39 for the dress, and $32 for the top of the same prints. I definitely will choose the dress 😛 It also comes with the belt and a removable inner satin dress! How thoughtful! You know how sometimes your inner spaghetti’s strap will drop down from your shoulder, no more this problem anymore with this dress as you can attach the strap onto the dress.

I went down on 25 Jan and the stocks are still plenty, not sure when they launch so do check it out if you are a Hello Kitty fan!

♥ Dip Drops VIP ディップドロップス!

Long time no see!

I am finally a Dip Drops VIP since 13 Jan 2013! hahahahaha!
1月13日から、 ディップドロップスVIPになりました!フフフ!

This VIP card belongs to me, Jo-chan, and Irena-chan! ^^

We were contemplating whose name to to put on the card depending on our birth months. Ended up putting mine since it is April so it will mean more discount for Spring/Summer fashion! Yoohoo!
だれの名前をするを考えました!あたしの誕生びは4月から、最終あたしの名前を使いました!フフフ~~~ 春と夏のファッション、待ってね!

Please read below to find out the benefits and how to become a Dip Drops VIP!^^

♥ Invitation to new collection preview
♥ 10% OFF all regular merchandise
♥ 15% OFF all regular merchandise within the BIRTHDAY MONTH

[How To Become a Dip Drop VIP]
♥ Purchase S$400 in a single receipt OR Accumulate 16 stamps within 6 months (Get 1 stamp for every $50 spending)

Visit http://www.facebook.com/dipdropssg/ for promotions and new releases in Singapore now! ♥

If you know Japanese, check out Dip Drops official webby and twitter!!!^^

Will be back this week for the cosmetic I want to share with you girls about!

☆ サマンサタバサ サマンサ フローラ 大 Samantha Thavasa Samantha Flora Large

Sometimes I really think I went into the wrong professional, I also want to go overseas every few months and on leave for weeks too. lol. My sis went to Japan AGAIN! ENVY MAX MAX MAX! 🙂 So I was thinking if should ask her to help me get a Samantha Thavasa bag since it is much cheaper there than in Singapore, and my only ST bag spoiled. *HEART PAIN*  
So I checked and checked, think and think, and I decided on this Flora Large Bag! Tourist will have 5% off if you get stuff in departmental stores like OIOI, Takashimaya, Isetan… etc 🙂

I actually told my sister to not get this for me since I wanted to get Liz Lisa Fukubukuro! I better order soon as one of it is out of stock already!!

Sister bought the ST bag at Kansai airport, and 10% off. *HAPPY LAUGHTER* YEAH! So I got this at around S$370 only! Luckily this color is instock as the other bag my sis got did not have the color she wants. 😛 Will share the bag next time as it is also super cuteeeeeee!
kiss kiss kiss!
Got diamonds k… lol
LOVE THE BIG RIBBON! Ribbon is my weakness!
Cute mini pouch but I doubt I will put anything inside. ^^

This weekend will be crazy from morning to night! BRB! Enjoy your weekends!!!!

☆ ディップドロップスネコスニーカー Dip Drops Cat Sneakers – 6 ways to wear ☆

Hello my dears!!! I was out with my girls, Milly and Joyce, yesterday for Christmas shopping from 11.30am to 9.30pm!!! My legs and back are aching right now! *OLD* I spent a BOMB buying Christmas gifts and a lot of things for myself too! HAHA! Got 80% of the gifts I need to get! The Christmas Celebration kicks off on 14 December! 🙂 Actually I already passed some gifts to my friends so Christmas is in the air… :))))))
Being a Japanese fashion lover, one of my favourite brands is Dip Drops ディップドロップス as their apparels are fashionable, affordable and there are a lot of kitties prints which I really really like!!!
In my previous entry Dip Drops Mint Ribbon I mentioned that I want the Neko Sneakers and they are finally in Singapore! I went to Dip Drops Singapore at Orchard 313 to buy this cutie pie! Thanks to Herine who let me know that there is a 10% off for UOB cardmembers, and Joyce has UOB card so she helped me get it! :DDDDDD Thank you Thank you Thank you!
BTW, let me share how Dip Drops is pronounced in Japanese… ディップ ドロップス Dippu Doroppusu ~~ So difficult even for me to read it normally. Hehe! Cat Sneaker is easier thought! ネコスニーカーNeko Suni~~ka~~ the “~~~” means you have to prolong the sound.
The super super cute Cat Sneakers from Dip Drops!!!!!! ^__________________________^
3 Colors Available at S$159~~ after 10% off, I got mine at $143.10! Yeah! I actually like the glitter flats in silver too!! T_T~~~ That pair is $113 so I guess the sneakers is more worth it! PLUS…. I found out  6 WAYS OF WEARING IT!! SUGOI~~~~~~ SO WORTH IT!

To my surprise, there are insoles provided inside! OMG SO COOL! HAHA, so now I can become taller instantly! So I will be around 166cm wearing this I guess. My dream height! haha!

So with and without insoles, there will be 2 different ways of wearing this sneakers! ^^

and then and then….

Where did my kitties run to? 🙂
 The kitties are actually removable and changeable!!!!!!!
For days when you don’t want to look so cute and girly with the kitties pad, you can remove them and stick on the plain ones! They are attached to sneakers with velcro~ How thoughtful! :))))))))))
Style # 1: Without the kitties padding, nor the plain ones. Perhaps you want to show more of your legs when wearing cute socks or stockings! ^^
Style #2: Plain padding to not so cute and girly. かっこい〜〜〜
Style #3: KITTY SNEAKERS!!!!!!
So these are the 6 styles you wear with this Cat Sneakers! These are the 3 styles I introduced X insoles or without insole. HAHAHA! ^^
The Dip Drops bag this time! KAWAII!!! Peachy pink with mint ribbon! ^^
For more information and update, find out more at Dip Drops Singapore~~
Milly, Joyce and Me~
Neko Mimi from H&M at $9, and Kitty top from Forever21~~ $23 i think~ FULL GEAR OF KITTY~ woohoo~
 Have a Merry Christmas holiday~~~~~~~~ ^^

SHOPPING – Vivian and Sean SHOES!

Aren’t this pair of cutie, peach shoes + pale yellow lace + gold just absolutely adorable?!!!!! ;DD

PS: My feet has lots of scratches…. by Mr KingKing~~ T_T~~ no complains since I’m the one who wants to keep him!!! 

I finally found another new shoe shop other mitju! Been a BIG suppport of mitju for many many years till I know which pairs are the new, which pairs are the old ones. LOL. They have the best designs of shoes though not durable…. as time passes by with more and more outlets, somehow the prices of shoes became higher, and the designs came to a point, which are not what I adore anymore. 🙁

Then back in April ~ May, I kept going to JCUBE for its opening, dinners, movies, chilling since it is very near my house and most of my best friends live nearby. I went into Vivian and Sean, then I bought two pair of shoes at one go! One is the cutie above and another a black+pale yellow with strings tied in ribbons. Somehow I broke the sole of the shoes as I SQUATTED for 2 days a few weeks back. -____- Sorry my beautiful shoes!!!!! SUPER SAD!!

Recently, I threw away 3 pairs of flats and to my horror, I am left with two pairs of flats. THAT IS VERY BAD. How to match my clothes ~~~ I need flats, i need black flats especially!

So I happened to run some errands today back at JCUBE, and happy that I can visit V&S again! YAY! To add to my gratefulness, the shoes are having discounts! :DDDDDDD

I wanted to buy this kitty heels in BHG Clementi, but the 4 salesperson were busy TALKING. -__- No sales for them! Humpf.

Selected pairs are at 1 for $19.90, 2 for $30! So one pair of shoes is, $15!!!!!!! CHEAP~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The usual flats are around $23.90~$27.90 range! HAPPY! So many I wanted to get ~~ saw the black shoes with big 3D ribbons I wanted to get previously~~~~~~~~~! DO NOT HAVE MY SIZE. :((((((((((((( pffffffffffffffff!

So I decided to get the white pair instead since other black shoes are not that pretty! White is still pretty but…. yeah, turns dirty easily. T_T~~~

Saw this cute yellow + black + gold ribbon, and I instantly want to bring it home! Such a cute design and with floral designs inside! Cuteness level infinity!!!!!

This promotion is valid till end of September! I sacrificde my beauty sleep to share this with you awesome deal with you, SO HURRY UP & GRAB THEM!

So now V&S is my favourite shoes shop!!!!! Please continue to have cute and unique designs~~~~~~ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Vivian and Sean
Jcube #02-24
Northpoint #02-53!!!

♡ Dip Drops Mint Ribbon

I have to share this with you girls! I bought another set of top and skirt from Dip Drops! As you know Japanese fashion brands are quite expensive, Dip Drops is kind of at the okay-ish range! I always cringe when i passed by Liz Lisa in Japan. Way too over budget for me.

Dipdrops clothes can never be out of fashion as they all have the girly sweet stuff such as polka dots, ribbon, knitted wear, & floral… etc You can take a look at the Dip Drops stuff I bought previously! Polka dots too. lol.

またDip Dropsのセットを買いました!今回はニットとスカートセットです!何時も日本のブランが大好きけど、高すぎると思います!*泣* Liz Lisa とか。。。高い! Dip Dropsのほうはいいです!フフフ〜過ぎのDip Drops買った物見たい? ^^

I saw Joanne wearing the light pink top + blue with this ribbon and the back and I’m like, I HAVE TO GET IT! LOL. So we popped over to Isetan Wisma to get mine! ^_^
ジョちゃんのピンクニット見て後、リボンが大好きから、買います! ^_^

Tadah!!!!! I got the white knitted top with my current favourite mint color! The great thing is, this whole set is only S$49!!!!! Original was S$79! So each piece now is only less than $25! WAHAHA! Another Dip Drops bag to add to my collection. Green and orange, super clash. lol

キャ〜〜 可愛いですね!今S$49だけ!!安い〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 Dip Dropsの鞄もう1つありますよ!

Jo-chan gave me this mint hairclip which is so matching! haha!

I am waiting for the Neko shoes to arrive in Singapore Dip Drops!!!!!!!!  Please reserve for me, Dip Drops!!!!
 コの猫靴が欲しい!!!!!!Dip Drops 予約してください!



Meanwhile, join http://www.facebook.com/dipdropssg for updates! Or let me know if you see that they are selling!!!!!! LOVES! My Japanese is going from bad to worse. I NEED PRACTICE! Don’t mind me if there are a lot of errors!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL.

❤ REVIEW: Travalo + Sexy Little Things NIOR from Victoria’s Secrets

I had a long day doing housework, and tidying my stuff! But why is my room still so messy! *FROWNS* 3.33am and I am still awake I don’t know why!
Anyway, I have something really INGENIOUS to share with you! 
I am packing my many stuff and you can see the number of fragrances I have. 
I am not sure how many fragrances a lady at my age has, but I think it is pretty scary. HOW MANY YEARS MUST I TAKE TO FINISH USING THEM! The most right-hand side is a cheap but long-lasting fragrance~ one of the few I got when I was way younger! Budget mah. I do not wear it now anymore but spray it on say my curtain/plushies/cupboard. 😛
MY NUMBER ONE MOST FAVOURITE fragrance so far is still Christian Dior Addict 2!!!! I should write an entry for my favourite fragrances!!!!! Been using it for as long as I remember!!!! Miss Dior is a gift from my sister as I said that the bottle is very sweet and cute! I cannot resist any ribbons!!
The most expensive is definitely Chanel No. 5! It is really a sexy and matured perfume and I bought it purely because Marilyn Moroe loves it. HAHAHAHAHHA. But I do love it myself and I wear it only for important events or dates. 🙂 EXPENSIVE LEH!!!
The two Victoria’s Secrets body mist are MEGA MAJOR LOVES! I will pen an entry for Love Spell later, and I’m writing about Sexy Little Things NIOR below! I LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!
OKOKOK…. I am sure most girls wear fragrances and bring the fragrance of the day out as sometimes the scent changes as the day went by. It was until I started working in my current company then I know more about fragrances… but not much actually. LOL. 
Well…… some of my friends said that they bring out the whole bottle of fragrance, but tell me how I bring out my big bottle of Dior Addict 2 or my Nior, or Love Spell? I do have a Dior Addict 2 miniature, but VS do not sell miniatures for their body mists! :((((((((((((((  Therefore… I bought the mini spray bottle like below…
 :((((( I must press the nozzle a million times in order to fill up the whole miniature! (LOL, this pair of hands you saw belong to my mommy!!!!!!!!!)
And then the worst…….
The cap DROPPED OFF easily and the fragrance leaked! HORROR. It happened to me once when it was half filled, and all my other stuff in my makeup pouch were soaked and somehow sticky~~~ D: Imagine if it is my Chanel!
The ingenious thing I want to introduce to you is Travalo!!!!!!!!! 😀
Pink belongs to me and red belongs to my sister!
Available in many colors!!!!!! I almost wanted to buy all colors but luckily I did not! LOL.
Refills in seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT, so what was I doing with the stupid bottle previously pressing the nozzle a million times!!!!
Classssssssssy and expensive looking! I actually wanted to get the gold one but… pink still looks more me!!! 😛

 Like I just said, luckily I did not get all as out of the bigger fragrances I have, only 3 of them can remove the nozzle. HAHAHAHAHA.
Hmmm… so out of the 3 fragrances with a removable nozzle.. which should I choose?
 Love Spell was eliminated! Although I just started wearing you, but I DO LOVE YOU!!!!!!! You are eliminated as the Travalo is pink and you are purple in color! Unmatched! LOL. Therefore…. the final round is between SLT NOIR and Miss Dior~~~~~~

The winner is SLT NOIR! ~~~ lol lol! I really really really love this body mist TTM! and also Miss Dior is smaller in bottle so if it is easily tor bring her out if I really want to. ;)))))))))))))))
“A glamorous sheer fragrance mist. Sexy Little Things Noir™ is an alluring blend of sparkling nectarine, amber and cattelaya orchid.”
It is really really really sweet, and lady-like,  and also makes me really happy and blissfull when I smell it. 😀 The bottle design is simple but really classy and modern victorian-like. This is my second bottle, which is a gift from my little sister Liz! I miss her! ;( Why U NO stay in Singapore! And then my first bottle is actually a free gift! HAHA.
I went to USA in Spring 2010 for school, and I went crazy when I stepped into VS!
The one in RWS is probably 1/10 of the VS I went in Oklahoma and Las Vegas! *CRIES*
I told myself I must definitely get a bag (checked), a t-shirt(checked), and present for my darlings! So I spent probably USD$100 or something in the first trip and I received the body mist as ONE of the free gifts! WTF! WTF because it was ONE of the free gifts!! I doubt I took a photo of the free gifts, but it includes a VS HUGE BEACH BAG(USD$70+), a body lotion, lip gloss and the body mist! SO DAMN WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE VS IN USA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ANYWAY… so what kind of fragrance has removable nozzle? What is a nozzle?~~? At first I thought Dior Addict 2 and Chanel No.5 can use Travalo too since I spray them out right…

Yup yup.. only this kind of nozzle is compatible with Travalo.

How to use Travalo?
The first step is of cause to remove the cap of your fragrance. -_-”””
Remove your removable nozzle!
 Put your cap and nozzle somewhere safe! HAHA. I misplace things pretty easily so I took extra caution that my cap and nozzle is at somewhere safe when I am filling my fragrance!

 Travalo in correct position.
The bottom.
 Match the two openings together…

 Yay! All you have to do is pump the fragrance into Travalo.

 Took about 15 seconds to fill up the whole Travalo. LOL.  The first 5 seconds was like… “did it get it?” *opens Travalo cap and sprays to check if it pumped* Like the package said, no spills and within seconds. TOTALLY. HAPPY. 😀

The nameless mini bottle on the right, you are disqualified totally. 
The retail price of Travalo is $18.90,  but the promotion in Sasa is $14.90 and if you are SaSa SG fan, you can get it at $12.90!!!!!!!!! SUCH A GREAT DEAL~~~~
4.36am now…. WHY AM I STILL AWAKE~~ D: I must wake up by 1230noon tomorrow for my TVB drama! Yay~~~~~