Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact – Travel Exclusive

I’ve been wanting to blog about this Travel Exclusive Jill Stuart Mix Blush Compact! My friend got this from me when she went to Japan early this year. OOPS! Better late than never! haha.

Initially, I just want to get any Jill Stuart blusher since they are all so pretty! She got this floral packaging Blusher! The packaging is SO GORGEOUS AND SO CUTE!!


Then when I opened this floral packaging, I squealed because there are flowers on the blusher container!! SO SO SO CUTE AND SO SO SO ME!!!!! *MELTS*Jill Stuart is just the most beautiful cosmetics ever!! Never fail to make my heart skips faster!!!!! <3 😀 <3



The blusher is more of an orange shade and looks vibrant and cute on my skin even though I am tanned. I LOVE YOU I LOVE YOU JILL STUART!!!!! <3


Oops, I think I edited both the eyeliner and lip too bright. lol lol. But, selfie is a must with pretty Jill Stuart cosmetics!!! P1170651

NYX Matte Lipstick in Shocking Pink. Creer Beaute Miracle Romance Blue eyeliner.

Hello Ladies, till next time! 😀

Biore Micellar Cleansing Water

Have you actually tried Cleansing Water? I was told by a Beauty Therapist that Cleansing Water is best recommended for sensitive and red skin! I tried another brand before, but I can’t remember if it can remove makeup too. 😛 So when I know that SampleStore is passing me Biore Micellar Cleansing Water to try, I am very excited! Since Biore Cotton Sheets makeup removal wipe is my favourite and trusted wipes to remove makeup! So let me share with you what is so special with the NEW Biore Micellar Cleansing Water!


Unique Features of Biore Micellar Cleansing Water
• Lightweight and refreshing makeup remover that lifts off more makeup in one wipe!

• Skin feels clean and refreshed with no sticky after feel

• Contains:

  • Watery Micellar Technology that effectively dissolves and lifts off all makeup including mascara and eyeliner
  • Natural Mineral Water from the Northern Japanese Alps for a gentle and soothing formula
  • Enriched Collagen and White Tea Extract for brighter, softer and
    suppler skin
  • Anti-bacterial formula helps prevent pimples and breakouts, and minimizes pores for a clearer and more refined complexion
  • Skin feels refreshed with no sticky or oily after-feel
  • Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin


How to use:

  1. Pump an appropriate amount onto a cotton pad
  2. Use soaked cotton pad to gently wipe off makeup
  3. No rinsing required
  4. For eye makeup, place soaked cotton pad onto closed eyes and hold for 5 seconds before gently wiping it off
  5. Repeat until all makeup is removed, and cotton pad is clean


I was using Heroine Make Lengthening mascara and it was very difficult to remove using Biore Micellar Cleansing Water. lol. Actually even with oil makeup remover, the Heroine Mascara is extremely difficult to remove!! However, for the rest of the makeup on my face, I need only 2 wipes to remove my foundation totally! Just look at the cotton pad below!


On the first cotton pad, you can see how much foundation Biore Micellar Cleansing Water removed! And on the second wipe, you can see lesser foundation removed on the cotton pad, and on the third cotton pad, there is nothing left to be removed from my face! Hehe!

Here is my face without any makeup except the lipstick (so that I don’t look so pale. LOL)! My face does feel really clean and refreshed since the texture of the Cleansing Water is really watery and light. I even thought that is it really just water instead?? lol. However, the Biore Micellar Cleansing definitely did a great job of removing all my face makeup in 2 wipes!!!


So here is a picture of me with makeup fully removed by Biore Micellar Cleansing Water with the product itself! 😀


Biore Micellar Cleansing Water $18.90 is available in all pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets, and major departmental stores!

Tsubaki x Cosmo Beauty Club Event! New Tsubaki Hair Oil

Attended “Tsubaki X Cosmo Beauty Club event” and came home with the latest issue of Cosmopolitan and Tsubaki goodies! *^O^* Didn’t expect it!!!!

The event was held at Fort Canning Hotel! I really didn’t know there is a hotel at Fort Canning Park!! It is soooo beautiful!! Check the boutique hotel out!! I want to go there for a weekend stayover! <3

Back to Tsubaki~~~~ Have you tried Tsubaki??? I’ve basically tried all the shampoo and conditioner and this is the first time I try products other than them. :DDDDDDDD


P1150352 P1150353

The NEW unreleased Tsubaki Hair Oil is formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturise and repair your hair resulting in a super luxurious shine!

Deeply Penetrative Hair Oil

  • Formulated with high concentration of selected camellia oil to deeply protect, moisturise and repair your hair, resulting in a luxurious shine
  • Instantly penetrates hair upon application without feeling greasy or sticky and gives a silky smooth finish
  • Protects your hair from damage by UV rays and heat from hair dryers (or other styling equipment), while preventing spilt ends and hair breakage
  • Elegant and indulgent scent of floral and green notes

Origin of Camellia Oil

  • Carefully chosen from Goto Islands in Nagasaki, the perfect location for producing quality camellia oil thanks to the warm climate, fertile sols, and other favourable conditions
  • Only fully ripe fruits are carefully handpicked, one by one, before they fall to the ground
  • Camellia oil is extracted using a traditional, time-consuming method of pressing finely selected seeds
  • Only pure camellia oil obtained form the first pressing of camellia seeds harvested in the current season is used

How to use: Take an appropriate amount of about 20-cent for mid-length hair onto the palm and spread well across both palms. Apply and work through semi dry hair, focusing on damaged ends.

I just rebonded my hair about a month ago so it still looks neat and straight except for the streak of the bleached hair. However, you still see that my hair is quite of frizzy on closed up!! I used 50-cent x 2 because my hair is thick!


DSCN0265 DSCN0266

You  can see how smooth, tame and shiny my hair is after I applied Tsubaki Hair Oil. The floral smell is kind of strong for me but make the hair smells really good!!!

DSCN0272 DSCN0274

Tsubaki hair oil $26.90 will be available exclusively at Watsons from 11 September! Thank you Cosmopolitan Singapore  for the invitation! ( ̄ε(# ̄)  Hope to attend more events organized by Cosmopolitan!!!!

Relieve and relax your eyes with MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask!


Do you suffer from the common problems of modern people such as stiff shoulders, back pain, tired eyes and insomnia? I suffered from stiff shoulders, back pain and tired eyes! :'(

Have you heard of MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask that is a super big hit in both Japan and Hong Kong?! Actually I did share about it 2 years back in my blog!!! Finally it is available in our shore!!!! 😀

What is so special about MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is that the moment it comes into contact with the air! The comfortable 40°C heat spreads gently envelop your eyes. Steam produced from the heat moistens the skin area around the eye and  soothes and relieves tired eyes. It is really super amazing!!! Japanese technology is just so fantastic!!!! Check out this video that shows the steam effect of the eye mask!

Since there are 4 types of variants available now, let me showcase you the 4 different variants with my cats with different colors and characters! 😛 You can follow my kitties’ instagram if you find them cute~~ they are all super cute!! <3

The first is the “Unscented” just pure heated mask! I think guys will like only this so I get my pretty boy to showcase to you!! 😛 I won’t judge you if you like rose like me too~~!


Lavender is relaxing, gentle and sweet like Lavender-sage aroma! This is the feeling gentle Rara gives us~~ <3


Or you want to be a Princess like Kylila with Fresh Rose!  This is definitely my favourite as I always feel super blissful when I use Rose aroma products! ^^


Do you have sleepy and tired eyes like MetMet?? The soothing and refreshing Chamomile-ginger aroma is for you! <3


There are 5 pieces in a box!


All the 4 types has the same cute polka dot design! ^^


You can just have to wear it to sleep or for 10-15 minutes~~ You don’t need any mirror  in order to fit nicely as there are hooks for the ears to prevent the eye mask from dropping!


The Megrhythm eye mask’s heat is at a comfortable level, and my eyes feel so relaxed and refreshed after using! (Actually I fell asleep most of the time. haha!) So I am not sure how long the heat last. 😛 I also felt some water droplets around the covered eyes areas and it kind of feels great too!!! Sweat out a little~~~

I really love this especially after a hard day at work after facing the computer and I am going to use it after typing this entry. Our eyes are super precious and we should treat them better! hehe!

I am not sure if my boss will allow me to use this at work but it will be great if I can especially around 4pm. lol!!! Also, my friend who travels a lot for work said that she uses this on the airplane too!

Tempted to buy but not sure if you should? You can now get a sample from Kao Singapore or samplestore.com!! <3
MegRhythm Steam Eye Mask is available at Guardian and Watsons stores for $6.50 per box.

#JRunway OOTD Contest!!!!

Win $100 JRunway Voucher!!!!!

1) Follow JRunway at instagram @jrunway_aw

2) Post your JRunway OOTD

3) Tag them and hashtag #JRunway

*Winner will be announced in July


Check out some OOTD I had from last year to this year with items from JRunway!! <3 Japanese fashion <3


Love the cute and comfy fake 2 piece top!!!!!



Reversible Cropped jacket from Spiral Girl! <3


Cool and stylish camouflage jacket!


Sweet girly-like EMODA dress!


Cool VS Girly! ^^


I love EMODA’s unique checked prints!!!


Long and light denim jacket from WEGO!!


Galstar tartan sneakers!


CUTENESS OVERLOADED Minnie Mouse stockings!


Galstar Hologram platform shoes with super cute Marie stockings!!!!!


Heel sneakers from Ryugi Assaku!!!


Not to forget, accessories!! :DDDDDD

Shop now at JRunway at Plaza Singapura #01-54 and join in the contest!!!!!!!! 🙂

(✿◠‿◠) ❀ Tokyo Banana Nano Hana Banana Shake Flavor ❀ (◡‿◡✿)


KAWAII~~~~ (✿◠‿◠) ~~~~~~~~~~~ I just received this from one of my BFFS Clare who went to Tokyo!! Thank you Clare~~~~~~ <3 After giraffe, cat and leopard prints, who thought that Tokyo Banana will have FLOWER PRINTS~~~~ *CUTENESS OVERLOADED*


✾◕ ‿ ◕✾ TOO KAWAII~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 誰受得了~~~~~~ ✾◕ ‿ ◕✾


I think this is created for me~~ I love floral prints sooo much ~~~~~~~ (◡‿◡✿)


I must of course camwhore with the kawaii Tokyo Banana Banana Shake~~~~  ❁◕ ‿ ◕❁


Hahahahah, forgot to mention about the taste!!! lol. The banana taste is stronger than the normal Tokyo Banana~~~ I think so. LOL!! This tastes better~~~~ because it looks so kawaii so it might have added more points in my flower heart~~  ≧❀‿❀≦


[Event] – Shiseido ありがとう . パーティー

Konnichiwa!!!!!! I love love love everything about JAPAN since I was a kid~~ It was under my sisters’ influence that I like sushi, and then dorama when I fell in love with my Koichi-sama!! He’s still my #1 favourite celebrity after many many many years. 😀 I love everything about Japan, the country, food, makeup, people, place, culture, scenery, sakura, Rilakkuma, My Melody, Hello Kitty, fashion… etc

My ultimate dream is to be able to live in Japan for good. I will plan to go back to Japan next year! Been almost 2 years since I last went in 2012 April! But I don’t know where I wanna visit since I miss TOKYO, OSAKA, KYOTO, NARA so so much but I want to visit Hokkaido, Okinawa and also my current #1 place to visit, Shirakawa-go! lol~~~~~~~~~ Anyway, I am also super happy that my dream came true now that my work is related to the Japanese fashion industry. 😀


I also managed to keep my passion for the skincare industry now with www.xkiyora.com!! You can see how happy I looked like when I went to Shiseido ありがとう . パーティー  (thank you party) at OASIA HOTEL SUITE last weekend! Thank you Wendy from TheWhiteSpace for the invitation! 😀 This is the first time I attended Shiseido’s event!

Of course, my #1 Japanese cosmetics are none other than…………… makeup and skincare from Shiseido!!!!!!!!!!! Have you tried products from ZA, Majolica Majorca, Tsubaki, Ma Cherie, Senka and Aqualabel! I have!!! XD I am a lover of Majolica Majorca mascaras!!! I’ve tried all of the mascara out of my own pocket!!! muhaha!! I am sure that you girls know the brands quite well even without me explaining more right? ^^

Image Continue reading

Loretta Makeup Milk for Beautiful Silky Hair Whole Day!

Few entries back, I shared with you about the Japanese Hairstyling brand, Loretta Professional Hairstyling Launch in Isetan Westgate!


After attending the event (Thanks Sis!), I received two products from Beauty Direct (Thanks Camy!): Loretta Make Up Milk (Natural) and Loretta Night Care Cream ^^

This entry, I want to share about the the Loretta Make Up Milk (Natural)~ Continue reading

Sponsored – Embellir Bag Shop Allure in Ash from Japan

Happy Chinese New Year to you!!! I hope that you have a Prosperous, Healthy and Beautiful Horse Year ahead!! Thank you for reading my humble blog! 😀 I will continue to share more new and exciting stuff with you this year!

Last week, something really lovely arrived from Tokyo just in time for Chinese Near Year! *beams*


My mom called me and said “Something really big for you arrived! The box is like the size of a small luggage!” Hahahahaha!!

The present is from Embellir Bag Shop, and of course you’ll be able to guess it, it’s a bag!! :DDD The name of the bag is Allure and it is available in 20 beautiful colours!! *_*

embellir1 Embellir2 Embellir3 Embellir4

OMG ~ 眼花繚亂 *_* ~ I love how every colour has so many different hues!! There are so many unique colors that I wish I can add them all into my wardrobe! I will work really hard so that I’ll have a walk-in wardrobe in the future! *DETERMINED*

Which is your favourite color?? My #1 favourite is Mocha, but …. it is out of stock!! Actually, so many of the colours are already gone!!! Personally I will recommend French Beige,  Milky Beige, Ash, and Honey Brown~ Brown bags are super easy to match with whatever colours you are wearing. *winks*


Let me sidetrack a little bit~~ Did you notice a floral note in the box? It is a lovely note from Embellir staff, Suzuki-san! ^^ I tried my best to converse with her in Japanese! hehehe. Thank you Suzuki-san for your kindness!!! (*^□^*)

Among the colours that I recommend, can you guess which bag I received?!


Yeah!!!! I received Allure in Ash!! It is my favourite after Moca! Allure is made of high-grade synthetic leather. The texture of the bag is really smooth, and it does have a shape for it to stand. The weight of the bag is kind of light too!

The first impression is that the quality of the bag is good. It looks formal enough for work and fashionable enough for casual wear!

Bag Dimension:
Height: 25 cm
Width: 38 cm
Depth: 9.5cm

You can also put in A4 size files! 😀 This is really important for me now (again) since I am taking Japanese classes!!


Front of bag!


Back of the bag!


If you are girl, you would have spotted the MIRROR!!! Any girl or woman’s bbf!!



Love the detail and design of the strap!! One of the features of the bag is the design of the strap. It doesn’t hurt my arm when you carry over long hours! AWESOME! <3


Double zips so you can sling or hold the bag in either hands!!! Every bag should have double zips!!!


Since the strap of the bag is really long, I tied a ribbon out of it!! I love ribbons a lot too!!!!!! It makes the bag looks cuter right!! 😀

Upon opening the bag, there is another long strap for you to sling or carry Allure on the shoulder!


The long strap gives Allure a more stylish and causal look!


I love how versatile the bag can match different styles!!!!!!! This is me on the first day of Chinese New Year (31st January 2014)!!  All ready to visit my relatives and collect ang baos!! (red packet) hohohohohoho!!


Being a crazy cat mama and lover of pink, I must of course add in a kawaii cat tag! (Thank you Joise for it! ^^)

The style of Day 1 is Sweet Floral Theme!! Allure fits into this style easily! My auntie also commented that the bag is pretty!! By the way, the super cute dress is from Rakuten too!! I got it last May when there was free shipping! :PP The back of the dress is just soooooooo sweet and lovely!


The cute shoes is from Taipei! Mint x Pink are my favourite!


On the second day of Chinese New Year, I am still in Floral Theme but this time, it is Casual Floral Look! Carrying Allure on one side of my shoulder for gives a cool laid back feeling! 😀


If you are looking for a bag that is really easy to match any style, be it that you are still a student or working adult!  You can get Allure bag from at Rakuten.com.sg! Free shipping to Singapore with minimum spending of S$30!!

Another AWESOME NEWS!! You can now get Allure at 10%OFF!! Only S$63.48 (UP: $70.53) from now till end of February!

If you are guy, it will be a good gift to get for your girlfriend of wife too!! I am sure they will like Allure or the other bags from Embellir Bag Shop~

But you have to make up your mind faster since many colours are already out of stock!

Meanwhile, I hope you have a great long weekend!! Work harder when you are back to work or school this week! Everybody, HUAT AH!! 😀

☆ 白い恋人 = 幸せだ!

I can’t remember when I first know of Shiroi Koibito nor whom did I heard it from. But 99% of the people around me know what Shiroi Koibito is! It is this super oishii (delicious) white chocolate cookie from dreamy Hokkaido! *Blissful face* You can get it from Tokyo Narita Airport too. People will normally ask for Shiroi Koibito as a souvenir or people who went Japan will buy it as souvenir! IT IS REALLY DELICIOUS! 
My sis bought a BIG BOX in the fridge. MUHAHA! There are two kinds of chocolate inside the box, white chocolate and black chocolate. HMM…. I like both as much!
So the other day I went home when sis was back from Japan, and she exclaimed “Go and eat the Shiroi Koibito cake!!!” :OOOOOOO How come they have cake!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD It taste exactly the same just that it is in cake form! OISHII!!!!!!!! Super expensive!!!!!!!! DDDDDDD:
AND THEN AND THEN… not only do they have cake… they have…
Shiroi Koibito Chocolate Drink
 *SHRIEEEEEEEEEKS* ~~~~~~ I can’t describe how the taste is so let me show you……
Words can’t describe how awesome it taste so let my expression after drinking do the talking! LOL!

Haha, this picture looks very very in love right! Any body want to engage me to shoot advertisement for delicious food? lol.


Meowy Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 This time is my little princess Rara to wish you a Merry Christmas! ;DDDDDDDD