PUCKER UP & PARTY with Benefit

MERRY MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYBODY!!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I hope that 2015 has been brilliant for you! It is a fabulous year for me and I hope that 2016 will be even better for both you and me!!!!! <3

I received some early Christmas Presents thanks to Benefit Cosmetics Singapore!



Pucker Up & Party set (SGD$46)!

The most kissable couple around! Wear hydrating tinted balms on bare lips for a sheer, moisturizing kiss of color or pair with lip stain for lasting, smooch-proof color.

  • benebalm hydrating tinted lip balm
  • benetint rose-tinted lip & cheek stain
  • posiebalm hydrating tinted lip balm
  • posietint poppy-pink tinted lip & cheek stain

Screen shot 2015-12-20 at PM 10.23.55

Been using the BeneBalm I received and I like how the creamy formula hydrates and conditions my lips while providing a rose-tinted red as if it was my natural lip colour!!! Will share the other balms  and tints when I use them! 😛


Limited Edition  They’re real! mascara Swarovski limited edition!

Benefit famous jet-black lengthening mascara is sexier than ever! For the first time ever, Benefit has created a collectible, limited edition they’re real! mascara embellished with crystals from Swarovski®. Featuring a sophisticated matte-black tube and cap encrusted with Swarovski® crystals, it’s the season’s glitziest accessory!


SUCH A BEAUTIFUL PACKAGING!!!! <3 I am definitely thrilled to have received it! <3 Thank you Alethia and Benefit Cosmetics for giving me long and bolder eyelashes!!!!!!!!!


You can now shop at www.beneholiday.sg and receive FREE same day shipping!

Have a great time Christmas Shopping without squeezing with people! XD

THEFACESHOP Ink Lipquid – Lip stick , Lip Gloss and Lip Tint all in one.

I received this season’s best lip products- “Ink Lipquid” from THEFACESHOP Singapore!!!! Thank you Alethia babe! INKLIQUID THEFACESHOP brings on a whole new level of lip colour formation “Ink Lipquid“, a super nourishing lip collection with 12 gorgeous shades! Combining the rich colours of a lipstick, the long-lasting effects of a lip tint and the moisturization from a lip gloss, the new “Ink Lipquid” combines the wonders of all lip products, giving you a full lip palette! Its name is derived from a combination of two words: lip + liquid. Hence, bringing you an extremely moisturizing fluid lip colour product. With the colours extracted from flower ingredients, the “Ink Lipquid” promises full concentrated colour formation. Screen shot 2015-06-17 at AM 12.23.16 3 Key Points of “Ink Lipquid“: – Lasts for 12 hours with serum base moisture Maintains moisture on lips with 70% water base (*Clinical test complete) – Color stain maintained for 12 hours Vivid colours that are long lasting on lips for up to 12 hours (*Clinical test complete) – A light touch with the pen’s tip completes fully colored lips An ink pen tip like brush helps in application of colour, presenting a clear lip shape The new Ink Lipquid is equipped with THEFACESHOP’s very own makeup technology- “Moisture Holding System”. This makeup technology helps maintain moisture with its water-holding ingredient. In addition, the “Ink Staying Polymer” technology helps maintain fresh and clean make up through creating a light and transparent film layer that holds moisture and color.

I received 3 shades from the 12 colours!!!


thefaceshop1 pink thefaceshop4 From the Pink series, I received the PK03 SHAH PINK and it is such a cute colour! It looks really kissable as if I had just been kiss! 😛 If you are looking for a sweet look, you should definitely get this! *MUAHS* pink2 For the Red series, I received RD02 RED SING!! This red is the stronger and more vivid among the 2 reds and I absolutely love how strikingly and alive it transformed my dark lips into! 😀 I would wear this when I want to dress something more mature!!! thefaceshop2 red sing 1 red sing 2 Last but not least, my most favourite pick of the 3 “Ink Lipquid” is OR02 ORANGE SOME from the orange range! This colour is definitely AWESOME and totally I will wear this if I want to look more lively and playful! thefaceshop3 orange 2 orange These newly launched Ink Lipquid are now retailing THEFACESHOP stores and are priced at $17.90 each. <3

Current Obession – ❤ 3CE Cosmetics ❤

Hello! I hope you have a lovely day and February ahead!!! <3 This time round,  I want to share with you my current makeup obsession – none other than 3 Concept Eyes (3CE) cosmetics from Korea!!!!! So many people around me had been raving to me about 3CE and I was really skeptical!!! How can it be sooooooooo good that everyone is crazy about it!


THEN… .I WAS TOTALLY SOLD when I tried the first 3CE lipstick Bella and it changed my life entirely. LOL LOL LOL!!!!!!!! So I am slowly in the journey to buy more 3CE cosmetics!!

❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour Bella #501❤

Here it is, the true love of my life for lipstick. This Vampire Burgundy Colour transform dull makeup into a unique and chic make up.


I’ve shared about BELLA in December and this is definitely one colour that I use very frequently since it is so unique and gives me a mature and sexy look. *MUAHAHAH* This is the sexiest I can be~~~~ lol!! I highly highly recommend this since it is definitely one in a million kind of colour!!! <3


❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour CREAMY LIP COLOR #12 Me Me❤

Extreme moisture lip colour that melts as soon as it touches the lips . With the essence ingredients, transparent and rich colours are rendered at the same time creating a very smooth lip color.

A candy pink you want to use even by just looking at it. A shiny pink that goes well on one of those lovely days, to help create that precious and lovely image.


This colour is just so cute and sweet!! I just love the range of 3CE lip colours available!! Every single is so pretty and I really have a difficult time choosing!! Here you go, a sweet and lovely pink! It indeed makes me happy looking at this beautiful colour! 😀

3ce lipstick meme2

❤ 3CE Dot Lip Colour Air Balloon #801 ❤

Creamy Textured Pinkish Coral that brings to mind the image of balloons floating on clear, blue sky! This pinkish base mixed in with coral that blends into Asian skin tones makes it even more wearable.


This coral colour is so bright and cheery! It totally brings out the bubbly, energectic and positive side of me! This colour totally pops and I love this colour so so much too! I am totally in love with 3CE~~~ ^^


❤ 3CE Highlighter #Pink ❤

A natural gloss, this pink beam highlighter gives you a vibrant and moist skin.



The texture is creamy and adhere to my cheek easily! 😀 It may not be obvious on the picture (even though I already used flash) but my friends commented that it makes have glossy/glowing looking cheeks! HAHA, I said maybe I should apply to my whole face so that I can look super glowing!!!!! 😛 I will also highly recommend this!!!!!

3ce highlighter 2

Do you know where you can get 3CE in Singapore?? I am pleased to share with you that 3CE is available exclusively in SaSa!!!! You no longer have to buy from online stores like Stylenanda, Luxola or 65emall anymore! 😛 You can now try all the beautiful 3ce products and lip colours and not just buy based on internet pictures or Bloggers’ swatches. *GOES GAGA at SASA*

Being like super internet-shopping savy, I always try to compare items in various sites so that I can have the best deals! This is also the reason why I know 3CE cosmetics is available at so many websites. ^^ However, they are all priced differently and shipping rates also vary.

Since my motto in life to “Enjoy shopping while saving money“, of course I want to get the best deals! I was then introduced to Cuponation that provides the best coupons and offers for many brands! I am not sure if you heard about Lazada.sg before, but I spent many hours browsing through this site that sells everything from fashion, cosmetics, to electronics at a very crazily cheap price. I saw some clothes that are going as low as S$3.80!! CRAZY MUCH?!!

My cousin just ordered something and I’ll see how is the quality!! You can also find Lazada.sg e-coupons at Cuponation!! I am so happily shopping online for my Chinese New Year stuff!! Enjoy shopping while saving money~~ 😀

Naturally Organic. Vegetarian. Cruelty Free – LippyGirl Review + Giveaway!

Look what I received a few weeks ago from Skin Society Singapore!!! So many LippyGirl products!!! 😀


LippyGirl MakeUp is a professional quality cosmetic for the earth hugging, animal loving, organic philanthropist at the heart of every fashionista! They have their fingers on the pulse of fashion, their products and ingredients are not tested on animals and are natural, vegocentric and will never contain chemical preservatives, animal by products, GMOs or pesticides. They are 100% paraben and butylene free. LippyGirl is a PETA, PETA2 & HSI recognized brand.

LippyGirl uses Shea Butter, jojoba oil, canauba as firmer and lotsa wholesome ingredients for that lip nourishing feel and natural orange peel oil with no artificial fragrance. The colors follows the lastest in the fashion industry based on New York Fashion Week and the shades are never out-dated.


Extra Virgin Lip Gloss

So pure that LippyGirl calls it Virgin! Made with nourishing organic oils and waxes, to moisturize and nourish while they shinify your lips!  Your lips will look, feel and taste great with organic shea butter, organic carnauba wax, and organic essential oils from Tamanu, Orange and Rosehip.  Trade in your petroleum pumped, polybutene filled gloss for an amazing organic experience which is 100% vegan and bee free to boot.

ShaZam Lip Shimmer

This 100% natural lip shimmer made with organic oils and waxes and mineral pigments has a light nude tint and a gorgeous gold glow.  This lip shimmer adds the power of high quality oils like organic Coconut, and Spelt.  Plus fabulous organic lime oil for a yummy flavor kick and scent. Great on its own, or with your favorite lipstick to add some kick.

Pro-tip: Designed for your lips, but feel free to use as a highlighter on your brow or cheek bones.

Power Pom

A powerful healing punch for your lips! Moisturize, condition and smooth your lips, and feel the difference immediately. Bee-free and vegan friendly, 100% GMO Free and made with certified organic and wild-crafted ingredients.  Plus a sweet pomengranate flavor will have you loving your soft lips.  Peta Approved Cruelty Free and Vegan Lip rejuvenation service. Infused with organic cocoa butter, coconut and rosemary oil with wildcrafted candelilla wax. I use it before the LippyGirl Lipsticks!


Top lip without Power Pom, lower lip looking all moisturized and kissable! 😛

Last but not least, let me show you the 4 amazing colors from Vegocentric! (I won one of it from LippyGirl Facebook contest ^^) I received Snog Me, Rosie Posie, Son of a Brick (LOL!!), and Abraca~BAM!


This premium line of amazing lipsticks are made with organic and wildcrafted, natural oils and waxes and only natural mineral pigments.  100% vegan, bee-free, gluten free and chemical free!  These lippies are made with certified organic Castor Seed Oil, Jojoba seed oil, Carnauba Wax, and Shea Butter for the smoothest, creamiest finish, and super pigmented with natural minerals.  Vegocentrics are moisturing and long lasting, and will not bleed!

Plus, Vegocentric Lippies come in a bigger and better size of 5grams, and 100% recyclable aluminum tubes!

Vegocentric lipsticks are simply the best vegan lipsticks available with no bees products or polybutene/petroleum.  LippyGirl recommends that you only raise the bullet in the tube minimally when applying, as they are very soft and creamy.

I am not really a fan of lipsticks but with Power Pom +Vegocentric Lippy, I am totally a convertor now!!! 😀 Let me show you the 4 looks I created with the 4 LippyGirl Vegocentric Lipsticks I received.

#1 Snog Me

Anybody wants to Snog Me? LOL!! Snog-Me is a gorgeous rich plummy color which will look fabulous on every girl! Love how it gives attention to my lips even though it is a soft color~~~~~~~ Really brings out the idea of Snog Me totally~~ #^_^# I think this lippy is great as a daily color as well as wearing it on a date! <3



#2 Rosie Posie * Limited Edition

Reddish sweet pinky tone. This is what I will describe Rosie Posie thus I went all out for a pink makeup from eyeshadow, blusher and even pink cardigan! 😉 Even though I am pink all over but still not too overly sweet! Love this sweet ladylike lip color too!



#3 Abraca~ BAM * Limited Edition

PURPLE~~ LIPS IS SO SWAG~~~~~ Abraca~ BAM looks really good on the LippyGirl model but actually not that nice on me! *cries* However, I still want to try this Radiant Orchid lippy which is now officially Color of the Year by New York Fashion Week!! I managed to work it out with my retro looking yellow sunglasses! I do look super swag and cool in it! 😛 Love it too! But I have to be like super confident when I wear it out in case I get weird stares. But who cares~~~ I am who I am! A lady has to be confident no matter what! 😀



#4 Son of a Brick!! 😀

Son of a brick is a vibrant orange brown that indeed looks like the color of the brick!! I will say this colour is all about letting you look lively and full of energy!! Super love how the color pops and gives my lips a life of its own!! 😀 My current favourite Lip make for a sunkissed look~



Do you like the LippyGirl Vegocentric Lipsticks you see? Since I like the Vegocentric Lippy so much, I’ve decided to do a giveaway!  You can stand a chance to win 1 of the 4 Vegocentric Lipsticks from above! 😀


♔ LippyGirl Review + Giveway up at www.xkiyora.com ♕ LippyGirl is a professional quality cosmetic for the earth hugging, animal loving, organic philanthropist at the heart of every fashionista! I am totally in love with POWER BOM and the Vegocentric Lipsticks! I am also doing a giveaway for the Vegocentric Lipsticks I reviewed since I really love them so much! Find out more about how to win SNOG ME, Rosie Posie, Abraca~BAM or Son of a Brick (LOL) Giveaway is opened for Singapore address and ends 22 June 2014. GOOD LUCK! Have a great week ahead! ♥ I've not done video editing for many years and I actually wanted to be a video editor 10 years back. Haha! Had fun playing with imovie and the music is Phresh out the Runway by Rihanna. *^▁^*

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I hope you like the video I did too!! Muhaha~~ Did quite a bit of brainstorming and even went through so many songs to find one that is suitable. I miss the days in Polytechnic when I can spent hours just glued to the seat to edit videos!!!! Maybe I’ll try to do more short videos for future blog reviews. Giveaway details as below~ <3

1) Follow my instagram @xkiyora
2) Fill up the form here so that I can have your details and send the lipstick to you! 😀

Contest ends 22 June 2014. Good luck! ^^ Winner will be announced in my blog and contacted via their emails.

Find out more about LippyGirl at LippyGirl Singapore Facebook! ^^

♡ Cute Eyelash Extension by Eye Studio Tokyo ♡

Hello! Back as promised about my first eyelash extension done by Kayo-san from Eye Studio Tokyo! ^^  Eye Studio Tokyo is located at Level 3 (next to Kinokuniya) at Liang Court. Other than Eyelash Extension, Eye Studio Tokyo also offers nail services! My gelish is still looking perfect after a week! <3

The lashes and glue used in EYE STUDIO are all manufactured in Japan. The staff are all Japanese with knowledge and skill putting lashes one by one for customers! The whole procedure is entirely safe, hygienic and not painful at all! 😉

I was given this eyelash extension menu, to choose the kind of curl, thickness and design for my new lashes!!


I’ve indicated what I did with the <3 ~ I did eyelash perming 2-3 weeks ago, and Kayo-san said that they normally don’t do extension for permed eyelash. 🙁 This is also the reason why I can only do J-curl! Kayo-san said I can try C-curl next time! 😛

Oh yah, when going through the menu with me, at the design part, Kayo-san looked at me and immediately said “Kawaii”~ LOL! I think I can only be cute… 😛 I want to do SEXY next time~~~ I can be SEXY too~~~~ lol Continue reading