BEJEWELED Spring Nails

26728A7D00000578-0-image-m-56_1425856190368Happy International Women’s Day!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 I am happy to be a woman because I get to wear a wide variety of wardrobe choices, I can be strong like a man but weak whenever I choose to without be judged :P, I can have many closed friends with good listening ears, I have the gift of giving birth ^^, I can wear heels to make me look taller, I can wear skirt to hide my fat thighs, I can wear makeup to make my skin look better and feel prettier~~ The list just go on and on… 😛  We should celebrate being a woman everyday!!!!!

Scroll below for BEJEWELED’s special treat for International Women’s Day!!! ^^

I visited BEJEWELED for my 4 set of nails!!!!! Chose something sweet for SPRING!!!! Love the blue circle and  rectangle glitters over the pink gradient base especially! They kinda look like kaleidoscope!!! So pretty!!!! The white base  with colourful spots look so much like Oreo cookies. LOL! Makes me feel hungry thinking about Oreo….. hahahaha!!


As per usual, I did normal pedicure for my feet since the previous set lasted until BEJEWELED removed for me. ^^ Love this Red-Violet (number 33) that looks so fashionable!!!!!!


As I mentioned above, let Bejeweled pamper you on International Women’s Day!!!!! <3



Bejeweled Nails
10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 2526
Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm Sat : 11am – 4.30pm
Close on Sunday & PH

30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013
Tel : 6443 9789
Mon – Fri : 11.30am – 8pm
Sat – Sun (including PH) : 10.30am – 7pm

SMS or WhatsApp @ 9622 9113

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Bejeweled Chocolate Valentine’s Nail & Eyelash Extension

So excited to share about my third trip to Bejeweled at Breadtalk IHQ that is just opposite Tai Seng Mrt!!

This time round, other than Gelish for my nails, I also did pedicure and Eyelash Extensions to prep myself for the Chinese New Year! ^^ I do not have to visit 2 places for these two beauty treatments! Other than eyelash and nails, Bejeweled also does Spa treatments! Therefore, I highly recommend you to visit Bejeweled for their brand new 3 concepts beauty store at BreadTalk IHQ (30 Tai Seng Street).

Since I have to soak off my previous pretty marble nails, my trusty manicurist Yucheng, did the soak off for me while Wen did my eyelash extension! Talk about saving time and doing 2 beauty treatments at one time! I love it! ^^

What to expect for eyelash extension? One thing to note is you cannot perm you eyelashes before eyelash extension!! 😛

In Bejeweled, you can choose the angle and length and type(shape of the eyelash) you want.

Angles: C, J and Q (curliest)


For me, I chose J for a more natural but still curled up lashes, then long and short lashes along the eyelid so that the extensions look natural like my own lashes. *shhhhh*


Yay!!!!!! Long, fuller and natural eyelash extensions for Chinese New Year! Also, there is no need for any eye makeup for a few weeks for me! *cheers* 😀



After about 1 hour for the eyelash extensions, I did my pedicure and gelish together! Save time, save time!

For my pedicure, I chose a pinky red for my feet just in time for Chinese New Year! *huat ah*


Since most people are doing red + gold + monkey Chinese New Year Nails, Kiyora is not so boring one!!! LOL LOL!!!!!! I chose to do Chocolate Nails for Valentine’s Day!!!


SUPER SUPER SUPER CUTE!!!!!!!!! Yucheng is soooooo talented!!!!! <3 My favourite is the Chocolate Bar with the wrapper!!!! I also like melting chocolate with colourful sprinkles!!! TOO CUTE!!!!!!!!  (*≧▽≦)


You see 3D chocolate bar VS the melting chocolate? They are done using two different techniques! The 3D chocolate bar was drawn using these special nail polishes from VANELA and the POPUP melting chocolate, sprinkles and hearts were done using Acrylic! The VANELA polishes are good if you want small and detailed 3D nail art while the Arcylic is for bigger designs!



Chocolate Valentine’s Day Nail and Eyelash extensions thanks to @bejeweled48!!! No need eyemakeup for now!!!  Also cut my hair shorter and dyed it Ash Green!!!



Bejeweled Nails
10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 2526
Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm Sat : 11am – 4.30pm
Close on Sunday & PH

30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013
Tel : 6443 9789
Mon – Fri : 11.30am – 8pm
Sat – Sun (including PH) : 10.30am – 7pm

SMS or WhatsApp @ 9622 9113

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Gorgeous Marble Nails by Bejeweled


I went over to Bejeweled again to do my second set of Gelish Nails with them! My Alice in Wonderland themed nail is really super loved and praised by many! ^^

This time round, instead of the usual cute type of nails, I decided to go for something more adult-like! Therefore, I decided to do Marble Nails, and the Nailist recommended Dark Maroon to match with the Black+White Marble Nails. Lol, we searched for some Marble Nails Colours and black on white still looks the prettiest! ^^ Thank you for pretty nails again!


Have you booked your Chinese New Year Nails already? If not, check out Bejeweled Chinese New Year Prom0tion! I will be trying out the Eyelash Extension for my next appointment! 🙂 Cant wait to have beautiful looking eyes tomorrow!


After my nail appointment, I went to Jumpin’ 23 Cafe (1 Irving Pl, #01-25 The Commerze, S369546) nearby for Teabreak! 😀

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at AM 12.11.06

Black Volcano

Screen shot 2016-01-04 at AM 12.15.00

Green Tea Latte and Latte!



Bejeweled Nails
10 Anson Road #02-48
International Plaza Singapore 079903
Tel: 6222 2526
Mon – Fri : 11am – 8pm Sat : 11am – 4.30pm
Close on Sunday & PH

30 Tai Seng Street #02-01
BreadTalk IHQ Singapore 534013
Tel : 6443 9789
Mon – Fri : 11.30am – 8pm
Sat – Sun (including PH) : 10.30am – 7pm

SMS or WhatsApp @ 9622 9113

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I am a Bejeweled Brand Envoy!


HELLO HELLO!!! I am very excited to share with you that I am now one of Bejeweled Brand Envoys!!! 😀

Bejeweled Nails is a Nail Spa nestled at International Plaza, just next to Tanjong Pagar MRT!

They expanded a new 3 concepts beauty store at BreadTalk IHQ in July this year! Besides having large and more beautiful space, their beauty services are further enhanced to Face Treatments, Hair Removal and of course Nails!


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Etude House Shopping Haul

It was great to meet up with my ex-colleague during a weekday for tea at Orchard Road! lol. Great catching up since I had not met her since June 2012. ^^

We went to Etude House as my friend wants to get some pastel color nail polishes! I ended up buying nail polishes as they are irresistible!!!!!

Received samples too!!! 😀 This is what I love about Korean cosmetics stores!!

The three new babies that got me hooked!!!!! BUY BUY BUY!

Not sure if what the sales person said is true but once the nail polishes you see got sold out in the store, the warehouse will not replenish from Korea anymore! Especially for the glitters nail polishes! HAHAHAHAHA. But we were already holding onto the nail polishes so she actually  no need to say so much right? 😛

Dear My Party Nails in Evening Dress at $6.90.

Just look at how “gao” (thick) the glitters are that comes in all sort of shapes and sizes!! *kira kira*

So awesome or what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must have the most outstanding nail with this!!!!!!!!! :DDDDD

Next is another glitter that I badly want to get since 2 years again when OPI released it!!!

Dear My Party Nails in Firework for $6.90!

Super cuteeeeeeeee and colorful!!!!!!! Makes me cheery just looking at it!!

Cuteness overload level = infinity!!

Nail Remover #2 at $4.90

Omg, why you want to remove my nail instead of my nail polish??? lol.

If you visit Etude house, you will know that they have different kinds of nail polishes. #1 is for normal nail polish $3.90, #2 (which I bought) $4.90 is to remove glitter faster! I highly appreciate and recommend this to remove glitter nails! Removing glitter nails can be a bitch!!!! We have to use countless cotton wool and nail polish remover and rub and rub and rub and rub… D:

Now we do not have to with #2!!! Another great thing is, the nail polish smells like raspberry or something!!! No pungent smell!! YEAH!!!!! The price is so cheap also!!!!!!!!!

One, just one cotton wool with suitable amount of #2~~~~~~~ the magic begins….

YEAH!! No more whining when I remove glitter nail polishes anymore. #2 You SAVED ME!!!!!!!!!!!

Shop at ETUDE HOUSE now~~~~~~~ hope you can get the nail polishes you want! 😛

Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day Nails


So I spent 10 minute to finish up my DIY nails for the Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day!

Used Sally Hansen “Heart to Heart” for the base and OPI “Gettin’ Miss Piggy With It” (mini red glitter and silver glitter) on one nail for each hand! 🙂 This is my style that for a quick and chic look!

What better  color can be more suitable for Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day than the prosperous RED!

Wish I have more time to do my nails, since I’ll be rocking with Luna Sea tomorrow, and will be busy on Saturday to do last minute spring cleaning and reunion dinner!

LOL, I edited some Chinese New Year photos of KingKing and Rara!! Will schedule to post them on the dot of Chinese New Year!!!! Hang on~~~~

May everyone have an AWESOMEEEEEEE Snake Year!! Huat Huat Huat!!!!! I will have the BEST life ever especially after 28 Feb~~~~~

Nail Parlor: InnisFree and Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat

Spot who is behind the two nail polishes I want to share about…. wow, its fantastic KingKing. lol. I should bombard an entry with his photos soon! Meanwhile, I do update his instagram and facebook daily! 😛 He is just too hilarioussssssssssss and crazy.

Secne Vite! I don’t understand WHY my nail polishes ALWAYS ALWAYS SMUDGE no matter if I DIY or went for a manicure. 🙁 It might be hours after my nails got painted but they are still not dry and there will be marks on my fresh manicure. Then the great day came when I was invited to a facebook group for Singapore Beauty Bloggers by drop dead gorgeous Clara aka Dblchin! SO SUPER SWEET of her to invite me into the group~~~

Then then then, I posted a question on what Top Coat will the ladies recommend as I ALWAYS smudge my nails and my dearest friends and other ladies all recommended Secne Vite! WOOHOO. Then I immediately surf G-market, found the cheapest and most reliable seller, and ordered mine immediately!!

YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Applied 1 layer after my nail polish and it dries up almost immediately!!!! SO SO SO SO AWESOME!!!! I should have asked earlier!!! Thank you ladies!!!! *muah muah muah*

Another nail polish color I want to share with you is Innis Free! Did you already gasped when you saw the sweet baby pink base + baby blue + baby pink glitter???

What other nail polish can be cuter than this?? CUTE!!!!!

My deardear gave this to me when she went to Korea last year, she brought 3 for us to choose and I ended up choose PINK base over the blue base as I guess blue is more difficult to match with my clothes. IT IS A GOOD CHOICE. lol. Very very very cute!!!!!!!!! Not sure if the brand came into Singapore already but yeahhh… I spent only 5min to complete this set including base and top coat. Satisfied.

Thank you everyone for the recommendation and deardear for the cutie!!

Have an awesome weekend!!!!!!!! Gonna be a crazy one for me again… I need to clean up my room (as always. tsk)

❤ Sponsored – BYS Color Change Orange

Last month I attended the BYS launch at Tara Apothecary in Bugis and tried out their very wide range of nail polishes which are very affordable, and easily available in Watsons!
I had been very very busy lately so very sorry for the late sharing! Like I mentioned in previous entry, I went to Taiwan (for the countless time :P) and I visited the Hello Kitty Cafe!! CUTENESS OVERLOADED! :DDDDDDDD
 Check out BYS’s super cute products for us when we attended the launch event!

 Wheeeeee~~~~~~! Receive 3 types of different colors which I really like! 😀
Mood Changer in Orange, Show Girl, and Plum Delight
I applied Mood Changer in Orange as it is something I’ll never get. hehehehe. I’m afraid that yellow/orange is not suitable for my skin tone!
Colour Change – S$9.90

This is the range that caught my attention! Colour Change Nail Enamel changes with your temperature!!! Definitely not like your nail can change from white to black, lol~~~ but it changes slightly when you are feeling warm or cold! What kind of magic is this?! Christmas is coming, so it is time to BUY, BUY, BUY for my friends!

One thing I super like about BYS is that the nail enamel dries VERY FAST. So I don’t have to worry when I always want to hurry up finish my nails, while watching TV and rushing to bathe or something! LOL. I always plan my time well, and watch TV while doing nails/ any other things I can do while so that it saves time, and I usually “book” the bathroom at 9.45pm after I finished my TVB drams.
So I took less that 20 minutes to paint my base coat, 2-3 layers of BYS Colour Change Orange, and TOP coat without any resting time for the nails to dry! :DDDDDDDDD
 Mood Changer in Orange without flash.

 Mood Changer in Orange with flash! Nice or not?
Haha, the color keeps changing and I think now is like jelly yellow!!!!! So fun!!!
UPDATE on 26 Nov 2012, I was typing furiously at my keyboard and I realized the color changes to an OBVIOUS Orange, Mango color. HAHA! VERY OBVIOUS right! Looks like ombre nail color just by using one tube of nail enamel! COOL!
Will try Show Girl, and Plum Delight and show you girls next time!! 
Christmas is coming, and I am so happy!!!! 😀 It is my favourite time of the year since there are a lot of beautiful Christmas Trees around Singapore! 

Woohoo! Keep Calm and Wait for my Hello Kitty Sweets post!

❤ BYS – Colorful Nail Polishes Launch

Even before the launch at Watsons Singapore, I was one of the lucky few to try out BYS (Join their Facebook to get updates) Nail Polishes at Tara Apothecary in Bugis last Wednesday! Everyone at Tara Apothecary were so friendly and hospitable towards us. Thank you! ^_^
Thank you dearie Herine for the invitataion! She is super nice to me, always invite me here and there. 😀 That day she even helped me paint my nails and fed me cookies. hahaha!
I just love the design of the poster so much! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ So much love and very colorful! Btw, do you know the meaning of BYS? Be Your Self! Yeah, definitely very important to Be Your Self! Everyone is unique and should not try to be a copycat! Find yourself, and you will find happiness! lol. 

Wow, fantastic baby!~~~~~~ Nail polishes paradise! The super wide range of very colorful nail polishes available by BYS!!!! With so many colors available, I can do like gradient nails for both hands. :DDDDD

 Lynn sharing with us about BYS Brand’s history and the many products they have!

Mimi the Brand Manager sharing with us more about the brand, some beauty & make up tips!

Basics – S$6.90
The BYS Basic range alone has a variant of RAINBOW shades ranging from nude hues, passionate reds & oranges, happy pink, and purples to grungy blue tones!

The most awesome thing about BYS nail polishes is that they are super quick dry!!! By the time you finish painting your fifth nail, the first nail is already dry! SUPER LIKE!!!

Neons – S$8.90
NEON colors is still very popular, and BYS brings it to the new level with sweet-candy brights!!! I already know some of my friends who will go crazy about the Neons!!!

Mirror Finish – S$8.90
Going for a party or simply wanna flaunt your nails, the Mirror Finish will let you stand out with its molten liquid metal look! You can start planning what colors you want to do for Christmas! *kira kira*

Colour Change – S$9.90
This is the range that caught my attention! Colour change Nail Enamel changes with your temperature!!! Definitely not like your nail can change from white to black, lol~~~ but it changes slightly when you are feeling warm or cold! What kind of magic is this?! BUY!

Then it was time for us to try the new BYS polishes! Yeah!!

Haha, can see Herine, Himeko, and me at the back taking selca!!!!!!! Did you realise that we are all dressed up colourfully? It was the theme for the event! Photo from BYS facebook!

Colourful rusty won the prize for wearing Most Colourful! Herine, why you so tall??! lol~~~

 The purple and pink Colour Change I picked! Pink can never go wrong!

Dearest Herine helping to paint my nails! Thank you babe! *muacks* Photo from BYS facebook!


Faster go and pick your colors in Watsons! I think I wanna get the two Colour Change nail polishes I tried!Photo from BYS facebook!

Look at the truckloads amount of nail polishes and cosmetics available by BYS! ❤_❤ The glitter eyeshadow caught my eyes! The other cosmetics will be available for retail around January/February! I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully I’ll be able to try them out too! 😀

Pacodis who carries BYS, also carries a number of brillant brands like PUPA! I actually shared about PUPA Crack last year. IT WAS THAT LONG ALREADY?!!!!! Time, WHY YOU NO WAIT FOR ME!
 Mavala is also under their belt! Marvelous!  
BeSave! So Colorful and makes me happy just looking at them!

It was also Jones’ birthday on that day! Happy Birthday Girl! Be very happy and blissful always! MEOW MEOW!!!!!!!!

Cannot miss out the food served! YUMS!
All of us were spazzing about the fantastic sushi!!! HEHHEHEHE!
Us happily eating the sushi! Look at how happy Rusty is! lol~ So cute!~~!!!!!! I look like I am super contented!
The goodies I went home with! Really colorful~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Will about later about the stuff I received! Yeah!

Group shot for all who attended! Don’t forget to join BYS facebook for more updates! Photo from BYS facebook!

Abruptly…..  King King says HELLO~~~~ Finally got him the leash I wanted to get for him! Super cuteeeeeeeee…. spazzzzzzzingggggg~ Happy Halloween to you~~ he dressed up as an angel!