❤ Of manicure and feet care

I can hab Cath Kidson nails!
Pretty as they are, but the acrylic ribbon is badly done for my liking…. -___-
They are also not gelish nails…. HAIZ. All four acrylic dropped while washing my hair in less than 5 days. SO LOUSY. I think the manicurist should have warned me and not do artnail since they dropped so easily? I even applied top coat daily! I will not go back there again ~~~ :X
ANYWAY, i miss those crystal nails I did in Taiwan years back! Floral again. LOL. Lasted  2 months!
SUPER PRETTY RIGHT! I think I should do pretty nails for Tokyo Trip if not I will look really like a loser! :((((( Can’t wait for Tokyo Trip during my Birthday!! WOOOOOHOOOO!!!
Actually my nail is considered healthy and the shape is pretty (as quoted by all manicurist who did manicure for me), but my toe nails are REALLY DRY. Trying my best to do pedicure once a month… (though it is usually once per 2 months.. ~_~) and TRYING my best to remember to use my nail moisturizer as often as I remember.

SolVit is really awesome! It is the best heel balm I tried. The result is INSTANTLY. If you have those obvious white skin, you apply it once and they simply disappear! My feet also feel smooth the whole night and day. 😀 Got them from Watsons at about $17.80? 
The packet on the left is actually from DAISO at $2 for a pair and I have dozens of them! Paste them on your feet at night before you sleep, wake up tomorrow with your feet feeling lighter! ALWAYS WORK if you walked a lot that day! *THUMBS UP* Pleasant grapefruit scent! PLUS slimming effect? HAHA
Cuticle oil recommend by my friends to simply put in office and apply them onto your cuticle anytime in the office. I love the scent!!!!! AVOCADO!! I usually use it when I’m reading emails. I MUST multi-task as life is too short ya? LOL. $10 from the *scape flea market over the weekends.
Do share if you have any nail products which worked for you with me!!!!!!!


Got PUPA’s crack though I haven’t really been a fan of CRACK nails actually. 😛 Saw this selling at a set of 2, S$19.90 in Watsons and decided to get it since the color is cute!
With super easy instruction given. Step 1: Apply the base coat – white. Then I waited for 4 minutes..

PS: I applied my own Sally Hansen’s Base Coat too. ^^ Base coat is important!

After 4 minutes or so… apply the deco crack of 1 layer! TADAH!! It appeared in less than 2 second and the crack appears. Mom is amused when i showed her. HAHA

SUPER FAST AND EASY. Took less than 10 minutes to finish my nails with base and top coat. Best thing about crack is…. I don’t even have to apply the first color layer nicely. HAHAHA.
Spent a bomb on them!! Wanted to collect all 6 but after getting 5 different ones i kept getting repeated ones. :((((

Kiyo-chan taking a walk…. heeheheheeh

New hair color! Copper + Orange this time!! Bleached my bangs so now duo color!! hehehe!