TOUS Floral Touch at SaSa Singapore

Back in August, I attended SaSa Singapore‘s TOUS FLORAL TOUCH launch at d’Good Cafe! Thank you Stephanie and team!!!

Super sorry for the late update about the launch, but I did share in my instagram that TOUS FLORAL TOUCH is already available in Sasa Singapore. *BLUSH*


d’Good Cafe was transformed completely into a pink and feminine TOUS theme! :))))) Gold and pink – pink flowers, gold leaves and TOUS bears everywhere~~ <3 which is in my favourite colour, PINK, too! ^^ Continue reading

theBalm Mr. Write (Now)™ Eyeliner Pencils

Did you read my previous entry about my current favourite eyeshadow theBalm Nude Dude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette?

This time round, I want to share with you Mr. Write (Now)™ Eyeliner Pencils from theBalm!! 😀 THE COLOURS ARE SO GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!! There are a total of 8 colours~~~ Thank you SaSa Singapore and Stephanie! 😀

theBalm Mr. Write (Now)™ Eyeliner Pencils

We have a Mr. Write (Now) for every day of the week… and then some! Meet this new collection of attractive eyeliners that are truly easy on the eyes. These pencils deliver the long-lasting color you’ve been looking for, and have built-in sharpeners so they are always ready when you are. With high payoff, eight wearable shades, and a satin smooth texture, we understand why your eyes wander- but rest assured, your eyeliner won’t!


I was really shocked but feeling ultra super duper happy because I have 8 different Eyeliners to try! I really don’t have to spend money on any cosmetics!! 😀 😀 <3 <3 <3 Check out the 8 gorgeous colours and swatch below! Continue reading

theBalm Nude Dude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Hello Beautifuls!! I am back finally to share with you my current favourite makeup from theBalm Nude Dude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette! Thank you SaSa Singapore once again!!!

Sasa is soooooooo generous to send me 8 guys (eyeliners) and 12 types of characteristics (eyeshadow) I can play with. ((´^ω^))♡♡ This time I want to share with you  theBalm Nude Dude® Nude Eyeshadow Palette!

Let me share with you theBalm’s latest addition to the Nude series… Nude Dude! Get a quick look using any combination of these triple-milled shadows or dress up your look by adding water to transform your favorite shades into loyal liners. This total package includes 12 full-bodied shadows that can be worn alone or layered for added intensity, so go ahead and cover (or uncover) your eyes. Continue reading

Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask

Sasa-bugisI was invited to SaSa Bugis last Monday for Annie’s Way Workshop! Thank you SaSa Team, Stephanie+Avery+Lisa~~~ The founder of Annie’s Way and Team flew down to Singapore from Taiwan! I miss Taiwan, Taiwanese Mandarin and their 親切感 (friendliness)! Taiwanese are the ones who can pronounced my Chinese Name perfectly! 😛 It has been a year 2 months since I went to Taipei (thanks to SaSa! :P)~ I hear my second home calling me~~ haha!!!!!!!! Okay, back to the event!!


Yep, it was only written as Annie’s Way Miracle Jelly Mask, but I HAVE TO RENAME it to Annie’s Way SUPER MIRACLE Jelly Mask because the results is insane!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR INTRODUCING SUCH A MIRACULOUS PRODUCT!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE MY PHOTOS BELOW!!!!!!!!! (SORRY FOR SHOUTING BUT I KEPT ON WOAHHHHH when I see the result on a Sasa Customer and also after I used 2 of the Jelly Masks). I meet my true loves again~~~ <3 😛 Continue reading

CYBER COLORS x FIFI LAPIN Limited Collection!

Dare to be you and never follow the crowd. 😀


Look at these cuties that I got from SaSa Singapore this time! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 It is the CYBER COLORS x FIFI LAPIN Limited Edition!!!! 😀


Fifi Lapin is the world’s most stylish Bunny! She not only writes a blog and books on fashion, but has also set up an online store selling her own fashion label. Fifi Lapin has collaborated with famous fashion houses like Dior, Anna Sui and Juicy Couture.

This year, she works with CYBER COLORS and launches the limited edition CYBER COLORS x Fifi Lapin Limited Collection, as her first exciting venture into fusing fashion elements with the make-up world.


This series includes various best sellers such as Gentle Eye Make-up Remover, Purifying Cleansing Oil and Eye Cosmetic Set, each featuring a stylish catwalk model bunny wearing glamourous dresses inspired by cosmetics, Fifi Lapin welcomes you to her fashion world with festive make-up.


I received the Gentle Eye Makeup Remover $24.90 and Purifying  Cleansing Oil in Grapefruit $49.90! Not to forget, I also received the super cute tote bag that has all the 3 Fifi Lapin designs for CYBER COLORS. This is a gift with purchase with minimum $80 CYBER COLORS product purchase.

CYBER COLORS fifi lapin 6
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover gently melts away eye make-up in seconds, including water-proof eyeliner and mascara, without causing irritation and conditions skin around the eye area.

Directions: Shake well before use. Sweep over eyes with a cotton pad to gently melt away make-up. To remove mascara, pat the cotton pad onto eye area for a while before sweeping. Repeat if necessary.

cyber colors fifi lapin 5

The eye makeup really feels gentle on the eye and removes super hard to remove mascara easily! (Think Heroine Make and Majolica Majorca) It took me 5 seconds with cotton pad on my eye + 2 swipes to fully remove the mascara. Love how easily it was done!

This is currently my favorite eye makeup remover as it is also super worth the price due to its size!! Fifi Lapin on the bottle just gives us more reasons to buy since she is super cute and is limited edition!! Woman just can’t say no to limited edition. *wink*

cyber colors fifi lapin 8

Purifying Cleansing Oil is a lightweight cleansing oil that melts away even waterproof make-up and clears pores, and at the same time it hydrates, brightens and smoothes out fine lines, leaving skin perfectly clear and supple.

cyber colors fifi lapin 7

Haha, Bimbotic + Lazy Kiyora is strikes again!!! I happily thought that the directions of use for the oil cleansing makeup remover is the same as the eye makeup remover… So I made a mess as the oil just splashed out when I pumped it … Ahaha, I was in a shock and quickly wipe away the mess I made onto the floor. Then, I finally read through the instructions as below… Lol.

Directions: Put 3-4 pumps of Purifying Cleansing Oil onto dry hands and smooth over dry face; massage with fingertips in circular motion. Wet hands and emulsify the cleansing oil, massage to help dissolve impurities and make-up. Rinse well with water.


My face feels super clean and smooth after using the cleansing oil! It feels weird that after washing off, my skin actually do look brighter and smoother!! I usually feel like an ugly duckling after removing my full makeup since I have dull and tired looking skin. I appreciate the hydrating and brightening benefits of what… a makeup remover!!!!!!!!! Another super plus point is that it is so HUGE, i think it can lasts me a few months!!!!!

Once again, Thank you SaSa Singapore, Stephanie, Avery, and Lisa! <3

CYBER COLORS x FIFI LAPIN is now available exclusively at all SaSa stores except JCube. <3

La Colline Cellular Night Elixir for Mature Skin

Hello beautifuls, I attended SaSa’s Bloggers last year (lol, actually 2 months back!) and received the MOST EXPENSIVE skincare I ever have!! It is the La Colline Cellular Night Elixir that is worth S$549!!!!!! WOW!!!!!

During the event, we were introduced to the La Colline range that is currently available only in SaSa. It is recommended mainly for mature skin but if you have dry skin, you can use it too!

P1190190 P1190191

  • For skin in need of comfort and vitality, Cellular Night Elixir is a sublime revitalizer
    • Skin is nourished : 90%*
    • Thickness of the epidermis is improved by 23%**
      4 times more concentrated

* Self-evaluation test conducted on 33 women after application of Cellular Night Elixir for 28 days. Percentage of positive responses.
** Clinical test conducted on ex-vivo skin explants after application of Cellular Night Elixir.


Recommended for: Mature Skin

  • Mature skin not only shows wrinkles, dullness, loss of firmness and density but also has a deficiency in epidermal lipids.This lack leads to a weakening of the skin barrier, making it lose its integrity.
  • In consequence, the epidermis reacts easily to stress and its regeneration is significantly longer than the young skin’s. That’s why mature skin can feel itchy, dry and is prone to inflammation.
Nourishing comfort of precious oils

1) Regenerates and repairs

Power of revitalizing and soothing active ingredients

2) Reduces irritations

3) Fortifies

4) Firms


The Night Elixir comes in a droplet bottle which you can easily control how much you want to use. DSCN0862

The Night Elixir may look like super oily but it is easily absorbed into my skin!!! There is no sticky feeling at all, and leaves my skin feeling moisturized and supple. Even though I do not have dry skin (more like oily skin), but I do use it whenever I feel that my skin feels dry. My skin feels smoother immediately and still feeling soft when I wake up the next day.


You can use it every night if you skin is dry. If your skin is very dry, you can use it twice a day, morning and night. 🙂


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